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Final Standings
1. Taiwan 7-0
2. South Korea 6-1
3. Lok.Novosyb. (RUS) 5-2
4. Philippines 4-3
5. Honduras 3-4
6. Victoria Univ. (CAN) 2-5
7. Mongolia 1-6
8. South Africa 0-7
 Chen Chih-chung Named Tourney MVP
 Taiwan NT starting PG Chen Chih-chung, who has 16 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in the final game, was named the tournament MVP after helping Taiwan to its first Jones Cup title. Chen averages 9.6 points, 3.5 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 1.1 steals in the tournament.
 Philippines' Christopher Clay, the most popular player in the tournament, averages 24.7 points and leads all scorers in Jones Cup for the second consecutive year. Jeffrey Flowers, also from Philippines, lead the rebounding with 9.3 per game.
 All-Star team is not selected in this year's Jones Cup.

 Final Day: Taiwan Wins First Ever Jones Cup Title
 After a 24-year wait, Taiwan finally wins its first ever Jones Cup title when they defeat South Korea 69-58 in the final game yesterday. Lin Jia-huang, who has been a backup SG before starting in the game, again surprised everyone with an 18-point performance.
 In a game that drew almost 10,000 fans - I guess it's the best single-game attendance record in 15 years - and the deafening sound flying all game long, Taiwan NT successfully defended Korea's three-point shooting and pulled ahead after a slow start, leading 34-24 in halftime.
 South Korea tried to rally in the second half, but after the third consecutive offensive foul calls, Koreans realized they had no hope against the home court advantage. Korean coach Choo Il-seung pulled his starters out of the game in the last 6 minutes and had virtually given up the game.
 Ditto the wild celebration after the game, officiating that favors the home team drew criticism. In fact, it's been the talk of the tournament.
 In the third-place game, Russia put five players in double-digit while making 14 three-pointers in the game and defeated Philippines 81-71. Andrei Endropov led Russia with 16 points on four three-pointers. Philippines totally relied on its two imports Christopher Clay and Jeffrey Flowers, who scored 33 and 18 points respectively.
 Honduras edged Canada 70-67 in the fifth-place game. Francisco Trochez, who scored 23 points, secured the win when he sinked a game-clinching three-pointer and was fouled.
 Taiwan's previous best finish in the Jones Cup is runner-up, when they lost to - guess who - South Korea NT in 1999 Jones Cup final.
 Notable Player Stats
 Taiwan Player Stats (7 games)
 Yang Yu-min 15.7p, 2.3rb, 2.6a
 Lin Jia-huang 11.6p, 42.8% 3PT
 Tien Lei 11.3p, 4.0rb, 1.6s
 Chen Hsin-an 11.0p, 1.7rb, 2.3a
 Chen Chih-chung 9.6p, 3.5rb, 4.0a, 1.1s
 Chou Hong-yu 7.0p, 4.0rb
 Yen Shin-shu 2.3p, 3.0a
 Notable player stats (7 games)
 Yoon Young-pil (KOR) 14.1p
 Jin Yeung-suk (KOR) 13.3p, 41% 3PT
 Son Gyu-wan (KOR) 14.7p, 43.5% 3PT
 Chris Clay (PHI) 24.7p, 4.6rb, 4.5a, 42% 3PT
 Jeffrey Flowers (PHI) 19.3p, 9.3rb, 1.4blk
 Ranidel De Ocampo (PHI) 10.4p, 9.1rb
 Pedro Ferron (HON) 21.7p, 9rb
 Francisco Trochez (HON) 16.0p, 3.7rb, 2.6a
 Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa (MGL) 22.7p, 9.0rb, 3.9a, 2.1s
 Thuso Moiloa (S.Africa) 13p, 7.9rb
 Sandy Bisaro (CAN) 12.6p, 7.1rb
 Keith Bustard (CAN) 12.1p, 5.3rb
   Aug.25, 2001
 Taiwan - South Korea 69-58 (Lin Jia-huang 18p (4-10 3PT) ; Chen Chih-chung 13p, 6rb, 3a ; Tien Lei 9p, 6rb ; Chou Hong-yu 8p, 7rb ; Shan Wei-fan 8p, 7rb ; Chen Hsin-an 2p, 6a - Son Gyu-wan 10p ; Yoon Young-pil 10p)
 Lok.Novosybirsk (RUS) - Philippines 81-71 (Andrei Endropov 16p (4-10 3PT), 4a, 4s ; Alexandre Chernov 10p, 5a ; Vladimir Pevnev 12p ; Evgeni Shatokhin 11p, 7rb - Christopher Clay 33p, 6rb, 4a ; Jeffrey Flowers 18p, 9rb ; Ranidel De Ocampo 4p, 14rb)
 Honduras - Victoria Univ. (CAN) 70-67 (Francisco Trochez 23p ; Pedro Ferron 20p, 8rb ; William Waterhouse 11p, 10rb - Keith Bustard 18p ; Josh Payne 12p)

   Aug.24, 2001
 South Korea - Lok.Novosybirsk (RUS) 83-80 (Jin Kyung-suk 20p ; Yoon Young-pil 19p ; Kim Kyung-rok 16p - Andrei Olbreht 18p, 4a ; Alexandre Chernov 16p, 4a ; Evgeni Shatokhin 16p)
 Philippines - Honduras 90-85 (Christopher Clay 24p ; Jeffrey Flowers 29p, 12rb - Pedro Ferron 27p, 17rb)
 Mongolia - South Africa 93-87 (Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 29p, 14rb ; Dorjgotov Purevdorj 20p - Thuso Moiloa 24p, 11rb ; Mariusz Mlodzinski 13p)

   Aug.23, 2001
 Taiwan - Lok.Novosybirsk (RUS) 87-77 (Lin Jia-huang 17p ; Chen Hsin-an 17p ; Tien Lei 14p ; Yang Yu-min 10p - Alexandre Chernov 16p, 5rb, 5a ; Vladimir Pevnev 15p, 11rb ; Andrei Olbreht 11p ; Konstantin Guerassimov 12p)
 Honduras - Mongolia 92-81 (Carlos Ruiz 10p, 13rb(9 ORB) ; Francisco Trochez 19p ; Harry Milson 13p ; Selvin Connor 13p - Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 27p, 6rb, 8a, 4s)
 Vicotria Univ. (CAN) - S.Africa 85-60 (Sandy Bisaro 21p, 13rb, 3blk ; Orlando Ferguson 16p ; Etienne Orr-Ewing 14p, 11rb ; Josh Payne 16p - Thuso Moiloa 12p, 5rb)

   Day 6 - Aug.22, 2001
 Victoria Univ. (CAN) - Mongolia 97-64 (Nathan Ashmead 19p, 8rb ; Shaun Doherty 13p, 4a ; Sandy Bisaro 12p, 6rb - Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 31p, 7rb ; Otgonbayar Maghaidorj 15p)
 South Korea - Philippines 97-88 (Jin Kyung-suk 27p(7-12 3PT) ; Yoon Young-pil 27p ; Son Gyu-wan 10p ; Hwang Sung-in 9p, 7a - Jeffrey Flowers 27p, 8rb ; Christopher Clay 21p, 7a ; Ranidel De Ocampo 10p, 6rb)
 Taiwan - Honduras 90-77 (Yang Yu-min 30p(7-14 3PT), 4a ; Chen Hsin-an 28p(6-8 3PT), 4a ; Chen Chih-chung 12p, 8a, 3s ; Yen Shin-shu 5a - Francisco Trochez 19p ; Pedro Ferron 19p, 11rb ; Cesar Estlign 16p, 5rb, 3a, 5s)

   Day 5 - Aug.21, 2001
 Lok.Novosybirsk (RUS) - Mongolia 103-73 (Konstantin Guerassimov 21p ; Vladimir Pevnev 14p ; Maxim Pertsev 13p, 6a - Orgil Undarmaa 15p ; Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 13p, 10rb, 6a)
 Philippines - South Africa 95-67 (Christopher Clay 22p, 10rb, 4a, 4s ; Jeffrey Flowers 18p, 9rb ; Oscar Simon 13p - Thuso Moiloa 19p, 8rb ; Florshein Ngwenya 10p)
 South Korea - Victoria Univ. (CAN) 92-65 (Son Gyu-wan 39p (11-13 3PT) -)

   Day 4, Aug.20, 2001
 Taiwan - Univ. of Victoria (CAN)
(Tien Lei 18p, 7rb, 3s, 4blk ; Yang Yu-min 15p ; Chen Hsin-an 14p ; Lee Chi-yi 11p, 7rb - Keith Bustard 21p, 8rb ; Etienne Orr-Ewing 10p, 15rb ; Sandy Bisaro 14p, 10rb)
 Philippines - Mongolia 97-70 (Jeffrey Flowers 22p, 11rb ; Christopher Clay 12p, 5a ; Oscar Simon 11p ; Michael Garcia 10 -)
 Lokomotiva Novosybirsk (RUS) - Honduras 86-84
Alexander Chernov's basket with 15 seconds left lifted Russia past Honduras.

 South Korea - South Africa 88-66
  Day 3 - Aug.19, 2001 
 Taiwan - Philippines 84-79
(Yang Yu-min 19p ; Chen Chih-chung 15p ; Lee Chi-yi 11p, 6rb ; Tien Lei 11p ; Wu Chih-wei 10p, 7rb ; Lin Jia-huang 10 - Christopher Clay 34p (5-6 3PT) ; Ranidel De Ocampo 21p, 14rb ; Jeffrey Flowers 2p, 1rb)
 South Korea - Honduras 76-71 (Son Gyu-won 18 - Pedro Ferron 31)
 Lokomotiv Novosybirsk (RUS) - South Africa 82-45

  Day 2 - Aug.18, 2001 
 Taiwan - Mongolia 109-78
(Lin Jia-huang 19p ; Shan Wei-fan 14p(6-7 FG in 12 minutes) ; Yang Yu-min 13p ; Wu Chih-wei 12p, Tsun Wen-din 11p ; Chen Hsin-an 10p ; Lee Chi-yi 10p ; Tien Lei 9p ; Yen Shin-shu 7p, 8a -)
 Honduras - South Africa 82-61 (Jane Trochez 22p ; Cesar Estligh 19p -)
 Philippines - Victoria Univ. (CAN) 82-72 (Christopher Clay 27p, 6a ; Jefferey Flowers 19p, 14rb, 6blk, Oscar Simon 10 - Sandy Bisaro 15 ; Keith Bustard 14p, 12rb)

   Day 1 - Aug.17, 2001 
 Taiwan - South Africa 100-57
(Yang Yu-min 19; Tien Lei 16; Tsun Wen-din 15 -)
 South Korea - Mongolia 118-70 (Jin Kyung-suk 19 - Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 17)
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