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South Korea Internationally
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Players/Coaches Movement in South Korea in 2018-2019
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Updated on: April 22, 2019


Players Joined
 Byeonghun Bae  (188-F-90)  from LG Sakers (KBL)  
 Justin Edwards  Canadian (190-G-92)  from Nahariya (Israel)  
 Seung-Ho Ki  (194-F-85)  from LG Sakers (KBL)  
 Min-Jae Lee  (189-G-87)  from KT Sonicboom (KBL)  
 Hyung-Chul Park  (192-G-87)  from SK Knights (KBL)  
Players Stayed
 Park Jae Han  (174-PG-94)
 Seung-Won Kim  (202-C-89)
 Hui-Won Han  (195-F-93)
 Cheol-Uk Kim  (204-C-92)
 Seong-Gon Moon  (193-F-93)
 Giyun Kim  (184-G-92)
 Hyun-Min Choi  (196-F-90)
 Sek-Eun Oh  (200-C-87)
 Hee-Jong Yang  (194-F-84)
Players Left
 Min-Seok Cha  (194-F-88)  to Samsung Th. (KBL)  
 Byung-Hyun Kang  (193-G/F-85)  to LG Sakers (KBL)  
 Won-Dae Lee  (184-G-90)  to LG Sakers (KBL)  
 Mikyle McIntosh  Canadian (201-F-94)  to Raptors 905 (NBA G League)  
 Yong-Jun Oh  (193-F-80)  to Mobis Phoebus (KBL)  
 QJ Peterson  USA (183-PG-94)  to Apoel (Cyprus)  
Free Agents
 Gang-ho Jeong
 Jae-Do Lee  (180-PG-91)
 Tae-Kim Yoon
 Kyung-Soo Kim  (185-G-89)
 Seong-Jong Tae  (193-F-92)
 Seong Hyen Jeon  (190-G-91)

Players Joined
 Joshia Gray  (185-PG-93)  from Minnesota T. (NBA)  
 Byung-Hyun Kang  (193-G/F-85)  from Anyang KGC (KBL)  
 Won-Dae Lee  (184-G-90)  from Anyang KGC (KBL)  
 James Mays  Central African USA (205-F/C-86)  from SK Knights (KBL)  
Players Stayed
 Sung-Min Cho  (197-F-83)
 Hae-won Jeong
 Jun-won Jeong
 Intae Park  (203-C-95)
 Indeok Jeong  (196-G-94)
 Ju-Ji Hoon  (200-F-91)
 Jong-Kyu Kim  (207-C-91)
 Si-Rae Kim  (179-PG-89)
 Rae-Hun Park  (192-F-89)
 Woo-Sub Yaung  (185-G-85)
 Byeonghun Yoo  (190-G-90)
 Chang Young Jung  (192-G-88)
Players Left
 Byeonghun Bae  (188-F-90)  to Anyang KGC (KBL)  
 Seung-Wook Choi  (194-F-93)  to Goyang Orions (KBL)  
 Seung-Ho Ki  (194-F-85)  to Anyang KGC (KBL)  
 Sang-Yeol Yoo  (188-G-89)  to KT Sonicboom (KBL)  
Free Agents
 Eric Wise  USA (198-F-90)
 Seong-Woo Jeong  (178-G)
 Jong-Hyun Ryu  (205-C-86)
 Ahn Jung-Hwan  (191-F-88)

Players Joined
 Heewon Jeong  (193-F-94)  from KT Sonicboom (KBL)  
 Kwang-Jae Lee  (188-G/F-84)  from KT Sonicboom (KBL)  
 Wan-Wan Wang  (192-F-90)  from Mobis Phoebus (KBL)  
Players Stayed
 Yu-Seong Ho  (199-C-88)
 Woojung Lee  (185-F-95)
 Seung-Jun Roh  (196-F/C-88)
 Tae-Hong Kim  (193-F-88)
 Ji-Woon Lee  (191-F-85)
 Hoon Sang  (181-G-94)
 Rodrique Benson  USA (207-F/C-84)
 Jung-Won Han  (198-C-84)
 Ung Heo  (183-G-93)
 Ho-Young Yoon  (198-F-84)
 Chang-Mo Kim  (180-G-91)
 Byoungwoo Park  (186-G-89)
 Seo-Min Su  (197-C-93)
 Hyun-Ho Kim  (184-G-88)
 Young-Soo Kim  (176-G-84)
 Ji-Hyon Park  (183-G-79)
 Joo-Sung Kim  (205-F/C-79)
Players Left
 Seong-Mo Choi  (183-G-94)  to KT Sonicboom (KBL)  
 Se-Yong Hong  (183-G-88)  to ET Land (KBL)  
Free Agents
 Jeong Kim  (191-G/F-92)
 Kyung-Min Doo  (184-G-91)

Players Joined
 Josh-Emmanuel Akognon  Nigerian USA (180-PG-86)  from Fuenlabrada (Spain)  
 Jun-Hoo Ham  (196-F-88)  from SK Knights (KBL)  
 Jason Siggers  USA (191-SF-85)  from Rishon (Israel)  
 Seung-Wook Choi  (194-F-93)  from LG Sakers (KBL)  
 Sang-Oh Park  (196-F-81)  from KT Sonicboom (KBL)  
Players Stayed
 Moonho Jang  (196-C-93)
 Seong-Ju Min  (201-F-87)
 Jin-Yu Kim  (188-G-94)
 Do-Soo Kim  (193-F-81)
 Seung-Hyun Lee  (201-C-92)
 Ho-Bin Han  (181-PG-91)
 Jaejun Seong  (188-G-90)
 Jin-Soo Choi  (202-C/F-89)
 Jung-Kyu Chun  (188-G-83)
 Il-Young Heo  (197-F-85)
 Kang-Sun Kim  (190-G-86)
Players Left
 Jasper Johnson  (203-F-83)  to Brothers DB (The Basketball Tournament)  
 JeQuan Lewis  USA (185-PG-94)  to Kymis (Greece)  
 Tae-Jong Moon  USA South Korean (198-F-75)  to Mobis Phoebus (KBL)  
 Chang-Moo Song  (205-C-82)  to SK Knights (KBL)  
Free Agents
 Hyo-Hyun Cho
 Jin-wook Lee
 Youi Tae  (194-F-92)
 Hyogo-Pref Cho  (178-PG-88)

Players Joined
 Ira Clark  USA (203-C/F-75)  from KCC Egis (KBL)  
 D.J. Johnson  (206-F-93)  from Purple & Black (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Tae-Jong Moon  USA South Korean (198-F-75)  from Goyang Orions (KBL)  
 Yong-Jun Oh  (193-F-80)  from Anyang KGC (KBL)  
 Ricardo Ratliffe  USA South Korean (203-F-89)  from Hotshots (Philippines)  
 Shannon Shorter  (193-G-89)  from Tri-State Titans (The Basketball Tournament)  
Players Stayed
 Eunjung Jo
 Dae-Sung Lee  (192-F-90)
 Kyung-Sang Park  (187-G-91)
 Gwang-Cheon Kim  (185-G-94)
 Jong-Hyun Lee  (206-C-94)
 Su-Yong Bae  (196-F-92)
 Dong-Ryang Kim  (198-PF-87)
 Ji-Hoon Ham  (198-C/F-84)
 Dong-Geun Yang  (181-G-81)
Players Left
 Wan-Wan Wang  (192-F-90)  to DB Promy (KBL)  
Free Agents
 Dong-Hee Kim  (185-G)
 Jung-Suk Lee  (183-G-82)
 Young-Hwan Ryu
 Jun-Beom Yang  (195-F-91)
 Ji-Woon Lee  (190-SG-88)
 Goo-Young Park  (185-G-84)

Players Joined
 Tu Holloway  USA (183-G-89)  from Istanbul BBSK (Turkey)  
 Murphy Holloway  (201-F-90)  from Armored Athlete (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Se-Yong Hong  (183-G-88)  from DB Promy (KBL)  
 Giddy Potts  (188-G-95)
 Charles Rhodes  USA (203-F/C-85)  from KCC Egis (KBL)  
Players Stayed
 Jong-Geun Kim  (181-G-86)
 Nak-Hyun Kim  (180-G-95)
 Bong-Jin Park  (193-F)
 Sang-Jae Kang  (202-F-94)
 Dae Heon Lee  (198-F-92)
 Chan-Hee Park  (190-G-87)
 Hyo-Geun Jeong  (200-F-93)
 Bawee Cha  (191-F-89)
 Sang-Yu Kim  (198-F-89)
 Byung-Kook Chung  (185-G-84)
 Sung-Jin Park  (182-G-86)
 Young-Sam Jung  (188-G/F-84)
Players Left
 Brandon Brown  USA (201-PF-85)  to KCC Egis (KBL)  
 Jung-Jae Lee  (203-C-90)  to KT Sonicboom (KBL)  
 Nate Miller  USA (193-G-87)  to Samsung Th. (KBL)  
Free Agents
 Gyeong-Gi Hong

Players Joined
 Marcus Keene  (180-PG-95)  from Memphis H. (NBA G League)  
 Brandon Brown  USA (201-PF-85)  from ET Land (KBL)  
 Marquis Teague  (188-PG-93)  from Toronto R. (NBA)  
Players Stayed
 Jung-Hyun Lee  (191-F-87)
 Chang-Yong Song  (192-SF-87)
 Seung-Uk Choi  (187-G-94)
 Hyun-Min Lee  (177-G-83)
 Jun-Yong Park  (192-G-77)
 Tony Akins  USA South Korean (180-G-80)
 Kyo-Chang Song  (200-F-96)
 Min-Goo Kim  (189-G-91)
 Hee-Jae Jeong  (195-F-89)
 Seung-Jin Ha  (221-C-85)
 Myong-Ho Sin  (184-G-83)
Players Left
 Charles Rhodes  USA (203-F/C-85)  to ET Land (KBL)  
Free Agents
 Jin-yong Kim
 Se-Jin Park
 Hyun-Jun Yoon
 Ji-Hoo Kim  (188-G-92)
Coaches Joined
 Stacey Augmon  from Milwaukee B. (NBA)  

Players Joined
 Tae-Yun Kim  (180-G-90)  from Anyang KGC (KBL)  
 Seong-Mo Choi  (183-G-94)  from DB Promy (KBL)  
 Hoon Heo  (181-G-95)  from Yonsei University (University League)  
 Marcus Landry  USA (201-F-85)  from Germani BR (Italy)  
 Jung-Jae Lee  (203-C-90)  from ET Land (KBL)  
 Sang-Yeol Yoo  (188-G-89)  from LG Sakers (KBL)  
Players Stayed
 Hyun-Soo Kim
 Min-Wook Kim  (203-C-90)
 Young-Hwan Kim  (195-F-84)
 Ji-Hoon Park  (95)
 Hongseok Yang  (199-F-97)
 Myung-Jin Kim  (177-G-89)
 Hyeon-Min Kim  (200-F-87)
 Jin-Sung Heo  (183-G-86)
Players Left
 Matt Bouldin  (196-G-88)  to Few Good Men (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Hyun-Soo Kim  (185-G-90)  to Samsung Th. (KBL)  
 Kwang-Jae Lee  (188-G/F-84)  to DB Promy (KBL)  
 Min-Jae Lee  (189-G-87)  to Anyang KGC (KBL)  
 Sang-Oh Park  (196-F-81)  to Goyang Orions (KBL)  
Free Agents
 Joel Hernandez  Dominican Rep. (190-G-95)
 Ki-Yoon Kim
 Dae-Hyun Chun  (193-G-84)
 Gwang-Jae Lee  (185-G-91)
 Bak-Cheol Ho  (197-C-92)
 Woo-Ram Kim  (184-G-88)
 Yeo-Kwon Yoon  (186-F-84)
Coaches Joined
 Dong-Chul Seo  from KB Stars (WKBL)  

Players Joined
 Min-Seok Cha  (194-F-88)  from Anyang KGC (KBL)  
 Hyun-Soo Kim  (185-G-90)  from KT Sonicboom (KBL)  
 Nate Miller  USA (193-G-87)  from ET Land (KBL)  
Players Stayed
 Gi-Beom Cheon  (187-G-94)
 Min-Gug Jang  (199-F-89)
 Dong-Uk Kim  (194-F-81)
 Cha-Min Seok  (193-F-88)
 Yun-Ho Choi  (187-G/F-86)
 Tae-Sool Kim  (180-PG-84)
 Tae-Young Moon  USA South Korean (197-F-78)
 Kang-Ryul Bae  (201-F-92)
 Jun-Yl Kim  (202-C-92)
 Dongseop Lim  (198-F-90)
 Gwan-Hee Lee  (190-G-88)
Free Agents
 Sung-Hun Hong  (195-F-83)
 Jong-Goo Lee  (188-G-94)
 Tae-Hyeong Kim  (185-G-88)
 Dong-Yeop Lee  (194-F-94)
 Myung-Hoon Kim  (200-C-85)
 Hoh-Yeon Yi  (182-G-92)
Coaches Joined
 Daniel Lutz  from Cibona (Croatia)  

  SEOUL SK KNIGHTS  (Champion)  
Players Joined
 Ivan Aska  U.S. Virgin Islands Puerto Rican (201-F-90)  from Kolossos HH (Greece)  
 Chris Lofton  USA (188-G-86)  from Le Mans (France)  
 Chang-Moo Song  (205-C-82)  from Goyang Orions (KBL)  
 DaJuan Summers  USA (203-PF-88)  from Galatasaray (Turkey)  
Players Stayed
 Yeong-jun An
 Sung-Won Choi
 Aaron Haynes  USA (201-F-81)
 Jaihong Jung  (182-G-86)
 Joon-Young Choi  (200-SG-94)
 Dong-Wook Kim  (196-F/C-90)
 Minsoo Kim  (195-F-88)
 Hyeonseok Lee  (189-G-92)
 Wonhyuk Choi  (183-F-92)
 Bukyung Choi  (200-F-89)
 Gyeong Eon Kim  (185-G-89)
 Sunhyung Kim  (187-G-88)
 Kihun Byun  (187-G/F-89)
 Woo-Kyum Kim  (196-F-86)
Players Left
 James Mays  Central African USA (205-F/C-86)  to LG Sakers (KBL)  
 Hyung-Chul Park  (192-G-87)  to Anyang KGC (KBL)  
Free Agents
 Woo Gun  (194-G-89)
 Min-Soo Kim  South Korean Argentinian (200-C-82)

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