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SEABA Standings
 1. Malaysia 2-1 
 2. Thailand 2-1 
 3. Indonesia 1-2 
 4. Singapore 1-2 

Points Per Game
 Ban Sin OOI
  KL Dragons
  Avg: 17.3
 1. Ooi, KL Dragons17.3 
 2. Prawiro, Dell Aspac15.0 
 3. Ardiansyah, Bogor12.3 
 4. Wong, Singapore S.12.3 
 5. Wattana, Thailand.12.0 
 6. Apiromvilaic., Tha.10.8 
 7. Lertmalaipor., Tha.10.3 
 8. John Ng, KL Drago.10.3 
 9. Ramadhani, Dell As.10.0 
 10. Ferdiansyah, Stad.10.0 
Rebounds Per Game
 Yeo Seng JOHN NG
  KL Dragons
  Avg: 8.3
 1. John Ng, KL Drago.8.3 
 2. Ghogar, Thailand S.7.8 
 3. Ng, Singapore S.5.3 
 4. Kuek, KL Dragons5.0 
 5. Steven Khoo, Sing.4.0 
 6. Apiromvilaic., Tha.4.0 
 7. Yeo, MAS N.3.8 
 8. Tong, Johor Tigers3.5 
 9. Chiang, Singapor.3.3 
 10. Wong, Singapore S.3.3 
Assists Per Game
 Wei Long WONG
  Singapore S.
  Avg: 3.7
 1. Wong, Singapore S.3.7 
 2. Tong, Johor Tigers3.5 
 3. Ramadhani, Dell As.3.0 
 4. Ardiansyah, Bogor2.3 
 5. Hua Sen, SIN N.2.0 
 6. Supachai, Thailand2.0 
 7. Jantuma, Thailand.1.8 
 8. Gan, MAS N.1.7 
 9. Prawiro, Dell Aspac1.7 
 10. Sing Tee, Bintu.1.5 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Apiromvilaic., Tha.2.8 
 2. John Ng, KL Drago.2.3 
 3. Tong, Johor Tigers1.8 
 4. Jantuma, Thailand.1.8 
 5. Desmond, Singapor.1.7 
 6. Gerungan, Dell A.1.7 
 7. Wong, Singapore S.1.7 
 8. Apiromvilaic., Ban.1.0 
 9. Gan, MAS N.1.0 
 10. Ardiansyah, Bogor1.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Yeo Seng JOHN NG
  KL Dragons
  Avg: 0.8
 1. John Ng, KL Drago.0.8 
 2. Lim, Singapore S.0.3 
 3. Ooi, KL Dragons0.3 
 4. Chiang, Singapor.0.3 
 5. Ramadhani, Dell As.0.3 
 6. Ferdiansyah, Stadi.0.3 
 7. Thoyib, Dell Aspac0.3 
 8. Kuek, KL Dragons0.3 
 9. Wong, Singapore S.0.3 
 10. Desmond, Singapor.0.3 
Thailand 2013 ROSTER
Starting Five in BOLD letters
5 Mana Jantuma 185-G-80 Thailand S. Thailand
6 Darongpan Apiromvilaichai 185-G-85 Thailand S. Thailand
7 Lakhan Bandit
Thailand S. Thailand
8 Sangthong Supachai
Thailand S. Thailand
9 Suttisin Wattana
Thailand S. Thailand
10 Attaporn Lertmalaiporn
Thailand S. Thailand
11 Wutipong Dasom

12 Darunpong Apiromvilaichai 185-G-85 Bangkok C. Thailand
14 Danai Kongkum
Thailand S. Thailand
15 Sukhdave Ghogar
Thailand S. Thailand

Piyapong Piroon 189-F-81 Thailand S. Thailand

Chanachon Klahan 190-F-84 Thailand S. Thailand All-SEABA Games Awards 2013 - Jul 4, 2013 All-SEABA Games 1st Team 2013
Darongpan Apiromvilaichai
Ban Sin Ooi
Xaverius Prawiro
Yeo Seng John Ng
John Ng
Sukhdave Ghogar

Best Player: Darongpan Apiromvilaichai (185-G-85) of Thailand S.
Best Guard: Darongpan Apiromvilaichai (185-G-85) of Thailand S.
Best Forward: Yeo Seng John Ng (190-F-81) of KL Dragons
Best Center: Sukhdave Ghogar (F/C) of Thailand S.

1st Team
G: Darongpan Apiromvilaichai (185-G-85) of Thailand S.
G/F: Ban Sin Ooi (180-G/F-83) of KL Dragons
G/F: Xaverius Prawiro (184-G/F-86) of Dell Aspac
F: Yeo Seng John Ng (190-F-81) of KL Dragons
F/C: Sukhdave Ghogar (F/C) of Thailand S.

2nd Team
: Suttisin Wattana of Thailand S.
: Attaporn Lertmalaiporn of Thailand S.
G: Bima Risky Ardiansyah (174-G-81) of Bogor Raya
SF: Fandi Andika Ramadhani (184-SF-85) of Dell Aspac
G: Wei Long Wong (172-G-88) of Singapore S.

Thailand edge Malaysia to claim the trophy - Jun 23, 2013

Thailand - Malaysia 73:63

The Thai National Team celebrated victory at the 2013 SEABA Championship. They overcame Malaysia in Medan to clinch the trophy. Both teams also achieve the goal of qualifying for the FIBA Asia Championship. Darongpan Apiromvilaichai (185-G-85) scored 13 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to pace Thailand in the final.
Malaysia got to the better start to the game. They recorded a 24:18 lead after ten minutes. But Thailand stiffened defensively in the second period. They held Malaysia to 10 points in the next quarter and pulled ahead for a narrow 35:34 halftime lead. Thailand dropped 22 points in the third period and ensured a 6-point lead heading into the fourth stanza. Thailand kept Malaysia at bay throughout the fourth frame. The Malaysian team nailed just 12 points and had to surrender at the end. Sukhdave Ghogar produced 12 points and 10 rebounds, while Attaporn Lertmalaiporn finished with 10 points for Thailand. Ban Sin Ooi (180-G/F-83) answered with 16 points for Malaysia. Hong Hoong Gan (186-G-90) had 14 points in the loss.

Thailand: Darongpan Apiromvilaichai 13+10 boards, Sukhdave Ghogar 12+10 boards, Attaporn Lertmalaiporn 10
Malaysia: Ban Sin Ooi 16, Hong Hoong Gan 14

Day 3 in Medan. Thailand and Malaysia enter Final - Jun 22, 2013

Thailand - Malaysia 63:47
Thailand gained a crucial win on the final day of the preliminary action at the 2013 SEABA Championship. They fired past Malaysia to gain 2-1 record and occupied the top position in the ladder. Malaysia finished second as both teams punched their FIBA Asia Championship tickets. They will now face off again tomorrow to decide on the tournaments winner.
Thailand set the tone early in the game. They went on an 18:10 run in the first quarter. Thailand extended their advantage in the second frame. They ignited a 24:8 run to take a 42:18 halftime advantage. Malaysia came back to life in the third term. They held their opponents to 13 points to cut the deficit at 19-point mark at the final break. Malaysia outgunned Thailand 11:8 in the fourth frame but it was too little to save the game. Wutipong Dasom notched 18 points to lead the winners. Darongpan Apiromvilaichai (185-G-85) delivered 13 points in the victory. Ban Sin Ooi (180-G/F-83) responded with 26 points for Malaysia. Chin Yong Wong and Tian Yuan Kuek (200-C-91) had 7 points apiece in the loss.

Thailand: Wutipong Dasom 18, Darongpan Apiromvilaichai 13, Darunpong Apiromvilaichai 12
Malaysia: Ban Sin Ooi 26, Chin Yong Wong 7, Tian Yuan Kuek 7

Indonesia - Singapore 64:74
Singapore recorded their first win at the 2013 SEABA Championship. They held off hosting Indonesia on the final day of the preliminary round in Medan. The loss did not allow Indonesia to qualify for the FIBA Asia Championship. Wong Wei Long (172-G-88) posted 14 points, 5 boards and 5 assists to lead the winners.
Singapore fired 24 points in the opening quarter to take a 3-point lead. They stretched the lead in the second frame. Singapore stayed red hot offensively pouring in 27 points. They established a 51:34 halftime lead. Indonesia tried to comeback into the game in the third term. The hosts went on a 20:8 rally to narrow the deficit. But Singapore reacted with a 15:10 surge in the fourth quarter and sealed the win at the end. Quingde Wu notched 12 points, while Liew Larry (189-G-93) and Goh Delvin had 10 points each in the victory. Bima Risky Ardiansyah (174-G-81) responded with 14 points for Indonesia. Xaverius Prawiro (184-G/F-86) chipped in 12 points in the defeat.

Indonesia: Bima Risky Ardiansyah 14, Xaverius Prawiro 12
Singapore: Wong Wei Long 14, Quingde Wu 12, Liew Larry 10, Goh Delvin 10

Day 2 in Medan - Jun 21, 2013

Malaysia - Singapore 64:58
Malaysia registered the second straight win at the 2013 SEABA Championship. They held off Singapore to lead the standings at 2-0 record in Medan. Ban Sin Ooi (180-G/F-83) and Yeo Seng John Ng (190-F-81) accounted for 12 points each to pace Malaysia. Singapore fell at 0-2 record after the loss.
Malaysia gained a 22:19 lead after ten minutes. Singapore slowed their opponents down in the second frame. They got within two points at halftime 34:32. But Malaysia triggered a 15:10 rally in the third term to get some breathing room. Singapore outscored their opponents in the fourth frame but just cut the deficit at the end. Sing Tee Ng netted 9 points for the winners. Wong Wei Long (172-G-88) and Ng Hanbin (192-G/F-89) had 12 points each in the loss.

Malaysia: Ban Sin Ooi 12, Yeo Seng John Ng 12+10 boards, Sing Tee Ng 9
Singapore: Wong Wei Long 12, Ng Hanbin 12

Indonesia Thailand 89:88
Indonesia earned a crucial win in the second round of the SEABA Championship. The hosts held off Thailand to remain hopeful of FIBA Asia Championship qualification. Indonesia entered the game having suffered a bitter loss against Malaysia in the opener. They had to win here to stay in the race for the top two finish.
The hosts started strong as they gained a 22:18 lead after ten minutes. Thailand cut the deficit in the second frame. The visitors got within three points at halftime 35:38. Indonesia kept their opponents at distance throughout the third term. The home team entered the fourth frame up by 6 points. Thailand managed to erased the deficit late in the game. Ramadhani put Indonesia in front 77:75 with just over a minute remaining. Ghogar tied things up at 77 but Ferdinand (194-C-88) sank two free throws to give the hosts a 79:77 lead. Suttisin however converted a jumper and sent the game into overtime. Thailand jumped to an 85:81 lead midway through the extra period. However Bima Risky Ardiansyah (174-G-81) sank two free throws and Widayat Jati drained a jumper to level things up at 88. Bima Risky Ardiansyah followed with a free throw with 24 seconds remaining to seal with victory for Indonesia. Bima Risky Ardiansyah fired 16 points to lead the hosts. Xaverius Prawiro (184-G/F-86) added 15 points for Indonesia. Suttisin Wattana answered with 20 points for Thailand. Attaporn Lertmalaiporn chipped in 16 points in the loss.

Thailand: Suttisin Wattana 20, Attaporn Lertmalaiporn 16
Indonesia: Bima Risky Ardiansyah 16, Xaverius Prawiro 15, Ferdinand 12, Rizky Effendi (187-SF-88) 12

Day 1 in Medan - Jun 20, 2013

Thailand - Singapore 67:49
Thailand victoriously opened their SEABA Championship campaign. They knocked down Singapore in the opener. Sukhdavb Ghogar nailed 17 points and grabbed 8 rebounds to pace the winners.
Thailand led by a single point after ten minutes of action 17:16. They went on a 14:7 run in the second period to build a 31:23 halftime lead. Thailand controlled the tempo in the third period. They ensured a 13-point lead heading into the fourth quarter. Singapore scored just 9 points in the final period and had to surrender at the end. Suttisin Wattana provided 15 points for Thailand. Darongpan Apiromvilaichai (185-G-85) added 8 points for the winners. Wong Wei Long (172-G-88) responded with 11 points for Singapore. Folkoff Mitchell had 9 points in the loss.

Thailand: Sukhdavb Ghogar 17, Suttisin Wattana 15, Darongpan Apiromvilaichai 8
Singapore: Wong Wei Long 11, Folkoff Mitchell 9

Indonesia - Malaysia 64:67
Malaysia registered the initial win at the SEABA Championship in Medan. They upset the hosts today to gain 1-0 record. Tian Yuan Kuek (200-C-91) notched 16 points to lead the visitors.
Indonesia jumped to a 23:21 lead after ten minutes of action. Malaysia adjusted defensively in the second frame. The visitors limited Indonesia to 12 points in the quarter and eked out a 36:35 halftime lead. Malaysia maintained the lead throughout the intense third quarter. The visitors entered the fourth period by 5 points 56:51. Indonesia held their opponents to just 11 points in the fourth frame but failed to capitalize stopping short of victory at the end. Ban Sin Ooi (180-G/F-83) connected for 15 points, while Yeo Seng John Ng (190-F-81) had 14 points and 9 rebounds for Malaysia. Xaverius Prawiro (184-G/F-86) responded with 18 points for Indonesia. Fandi Andika Ramadhani (184-SF-85) and Ferdinand (194-C-88) chipped in 8 points each in the loss.

Indonesia: Xaverius Prawiro 18, Fandi Andika Ramadhani 8, Ferdinand 8
Malaysia: Tian Yuan Kuek 16, Ban Sin Ooi 15, Yeo Seng John Ng 14

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