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PBBA Standings
 1. Sariya 20-2 
 2. Orthodox BTHL 19-3 
 3. Beit Sahour 15-7 
 4. Kalendia 15-7 
 5. Birzaet 12-10 
 6. Orthodox RML 11-11 
 7. De La Salle 9-13 
 8. Hateen 8-14 
 9. Ibdaa 8-14 
 10. Bethlehem 7-15 
 11. Al Ahli 5-17 
 12. Aebal 3-19 
D1 Standings
 1. AlAroob YC 0-0 
 2. AlZawyeh 0-0 
 3. Beit Sahour 0-0 
 4. Berzeit Club 0-0 
 5. Hiteen 0-0 
 6. Huwara 0-0 
 7. Khadamat AM 0-0 
 8. Khamadat AB 0-0 
 9. Orthodox R. 0-0 
 10. Qalandia 0-0 
 11. RaI AlSaleh 0-0 
 12. Toubas 0-0 

Palestinian men teams in Asian cups 2018-2019
 Arab Cl.Cham:

Ibdaa Snatch the 2010 Title, De La Salle in 2nd place & League Recap - May 19, 2010

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Mahdi Eid

What a season!! Now you can catch your breath and look back on what happened, its a bit long but bear with me and let me know your thoughts.

Ibdaa (2009 champ) played 14 games and lost 1 against Eibal with one game left against AlAroob (99% win).
Ibdaa took part in the Arab clubs Championship, which reflected a major gap in comparison to the others but it was a good game experience for their players. Yahia Al Khatib (190-G-77) (thought injured in 2nd game) stood out with his great experience along with Iyad Yousef Abdalla (205-C-80), Mahdi Eid (194-F-81) also had a good perfomance while the young players Husam Obeid, Thaer Jaffal, Khaled Khamees and Firas Sha'lan gained good game experience that will give them a boost to work harder. Jimmy Williams (196-G-86, college: Alders.-Broad.) on the other hand did good but realized the different game level he needs to work on while it was a fair game for the other two imports George David & a good one for Cherad Gersolny Results were as follows: against Muthahed (Lebanon) 90 58, Sharjah (UAE) 100 62
Ibdaa players are known for their great fighting spirit in the court who appeared more organized this season with a good inside & outside game , they're a mixture of experienced players such as Yahia Al Khatib and Iyad Yousef Abdalla who give their team a boost along with the new addition to the team Mahdi Eid who fit quite well in the team giving a good performance as known (previously playing on AlAhli Team), while Nader Yousef and Kamal AlAzraq along with the young players Husam Obeid, Thaer Jaffal, Khaled Khamees, Firas Sha'lan added their touches with good playing have a bright future ahead of them if they continue working hard. Coach Terry Hill had a great effect on the team, keeping their stats to learn where they went wrong and building on it, while Jimmy Williams having played for the 2nd year with Ibdaa built better chemistry with his team mates especially Iyad Yousef Abdalla with their basic screen & role game pulling through most of the games.

De La Salle played 14 games and lost one against Ibdaa with one tough left Thursday against Sarriyeh.
De La Salle this year have played with a whole set of new young players who are full of passion for the game, energetic and organized. One of the few teams playing full court press, man-to-man defense, set plays, communication, great all around shooters giving them an edge in an outside game, and good inside game. Coach Derrick Crayton (202-F-75, college: UALR) surely had a role in putting them into action while Justin Bourne (198-F, college: Alaska-Fairb.) kept the team together in the court, motivated, with great outside and inside game.
Each and every one on the team had a role in getting the team where it is today: Tawfiq Richard, Telly Rafidi, Sari Amer, Hasan Awad, Hazem Khattab, Wisam Bitar, Murad Bakri, Kassissieh Issa (186-F-78),Johnny Ishaq, Jihad Yaghmour and Elie Nassrawi.

Sarriyet Ramallah played 14 games and lost 2 of them against Terrasanta and Ibdaa putting them in 3rd place with one game left against De La Salle which would be exciting to watch. Sarriyet Ramallah went throughout several changes during the season that surely affected their playing, having lost their coach Ozell Wells & player Michael Harrington beginning season then changing two other coaches, their main point guard Saleem Hussary injured sat out all the league. Sarriyeh mainly depended on their experienced player Ibrahim Al Habash (194-F-75) who was all around the court keeping his team together assisted by a good inside game through Saleem Sakakini, good experience & defense from Murad Abu Laban & Ibrahim Hussary, led by John Sa'deh, Jack Tannous, Hassan Jadeh who gave good performance with Safwat AlGhara a great addition to the team, while B.J. Benning (203-F-85, college: Lee) helped his team snatching several rebounds, great assists & good shots.

Orthodox Ramallah played 15 games and lost 4 of them against Sarriyeh, Catholic Action, Ibdaa and De La Salle. Orthodox Ramallah are known for their quickness giving them an edge in good defense and fastbreaks with a good outside game & fair inside game. The team mainly depends on Ahmad Deeb with his 3pointers and penetrations, Ahmad Amin & Ammar Halayqa also had a major role in scoring, with a great addition to the team Ahmad Qandeel ( Previously in De La Salle) who put his touches in each game, along with Ghazi Njoom and Nadeem Mousa with great potential playing under basket.
While their import (badly injured early in the league) continued playing & gave them a push in several of the games with great shots & penetrations.

Catholic Action played 16 games and lost 5 of them. Catholic Action players are known for their young players with good basics & skills playing fast and with their heart, not letting Coach Basil May'yah down (R.I.P.) playing their first league without him. Shadi Bahnan (180-G-87) kept his team going with penetrations & shots, along with young Ibrahim Habash, a 17 year old playing in the superleague showing talent and great skill, while Samer Hadad (192-F-82), Issa Qara'a, Riccardo Jiacaman, Osama Khaliliyeh, Yassin Sharabati and Elias Hosh added up to their team, while Ty Brunson (203-F/C-80, college: Mass.-Lowell) had a major effect in getting them there grabbing most of the rebounds and good inside moves.

Qalandia played 15 games and lost 5 of them, they're known for their outside game.
Jon Sheets (185-G-85, college: Maine) was their main player hitting several 3pointers every game great penetrations & assists along with Nizar Shehadeh's game experience, 3 pointers and shots. Adham Abdel Qader, Omar Jassar and Ismael Hamad all had a great role in scoring for their team as well as Ahmad AlOmari who has great potential, the other players are all young and gained good game experience.

Ebal played 15 games and lost 8 of them, one of the well known teams with great experienced players beating the champ of 2009 Ibdaa but major issues at the start of the league within the team put them in a critical situation, losing their renowned experienced coach Kareem Schahin and the tough situation in Nablus. Ebal led by Basheer Abdelazeez (178-G-78) one of the best point guards in Palestine had a major role scoring for his team along with the experienced players Raed Amouri (185-F-76), Anan Farhoud (188-F-79), Naeem Turabi (185-F-81) and Tamer Qanadeelo (192-F/C-80) (injured beg. League), with great potential for the younger players Qasem Turabi (194-F/C-90), Adli Schahin, Saleh Dwakat and Tareq AlTamimi. Jamal Walker (193-G/F-81, college: Briar Cliff) had a better outside game then inside game, with great 3pointers.

Orthodoxi Thaqafi Beit Sahour played 14 games and lost 8 of them with one tough game left against AlAhli. Beit Sahour a new comer to the superleague managed to prove their game and stay in the league even with all the obstacles. Its a merged team (Orthodox Beit Sahour & Thaqafi Beit Sahour) chemistry amongst the players was an issue, their well known coach Issa Sleibi had to leave, their import Andre Moss (201-F/C-84, college: Eckerd) got injured early in the league and had to sit out a couple of games but came back strong with great inside game and grabbing several rebounds. Paul Guerrero (ORC Beit Sahour last year's player) stepped in to help the team and had a major role in getting them together to where they are today. Mohammed Watad was also a great addition to the team.Oday Hilal, Maher Kassis, Rami Salsa' had a great outside game with their 3pointers, along with Husam Kokali's inside game, Ra'fat Banoura, Ward Qumsieh, Hanna Minnoli, Fares Kokali also had their share in scoring.

Orthodox Bethlehem played 15 games and lost 9 of them. Orthodox Bethlehem the new comer to the superleague also proved their skills & abilities to stay in the league with good inside outside game coached by Ibrahim AlBandak. Having Ibrahim AlBandak under basket, along with Tavaris Watts (203-F-85, college: UTEP) inside outside game snatching rebounds & shooting 3pointers, while Osama Abu Jaber had great penetrations and assists, led by Firas Freii the new addition to the team (Catholic Action Previously) with good assists & 3pointers, Emad Abu Hamameh, Khader Jiacaman, Bassem Freii and George Canawati (Catholic Action previously) also had a role in scoring for their team. The team was also affected by the loss of their main player Raed Barakat due to traveling.

Hiteen played 15 games and lost 9 of them. Hiteen known for the quickness, experienced players, good chemistry and teamwork. They had their ups and downs in the league this year as we all know the situation in Nablus clubs is tough but Coach Alaa Amer and Ammar Jeitem kept them together. Shadi Takruri (183-G-78), Mohammed AlHilu (185-G-77), Maisar Atmeh (184-G-79), Saed Darwazeh (191-F/C-79) Haitham Qanaaeer (186-F/C-81), Asad Afouri (192-C-87) and Ahmad Abdelhaq (175-G-84) played several years together giving them an edge with their teamwork along with their good individual skills. Radwan Wanni (169-G-87), Ameed Mbaslat (175-G-86) and Mahdi Shiko (186-F-87) also had their share in scoring for the team with their shots and penetrations. Malcolm Thomas (196-F/G-85, college: Widener) fit quite perfectly with the team, with strong drives, great shots snatching several rebounds.

Islami Bethlehem played 15 games and lost 9 of them with a very close call going down a division. Although everyone had their eye on this team since they got 8 new players, they barely stayed in the league, which makes one think at a point what went wrong! From the 8 players, very early in the league their main point guard Luis Sudah (De La Salle Jerusalem) got injured & sat out the rest of the league, their shooting guard Basheer Shatara (Orthodox Bethlehem) got injured & sat out several games, Ali AlAraj (De La Salle Bethlehem) played well the first few games then had to travel, Ameer Schahin (De La Salle Jerusalem) a very good player who didnt get his chance to play, which leaves us with 4 players Jamal Ward (198-F-79, college: Chattanooga) the most experienced player in the league who played with Ibdaa in the cup tournament & won, had a great game with Islami pulling them out several times with his 3pointers & assists along with Hanna Sahwani (De La Salle previously) who also had a major role in keeping Islami in the league with his quickness & 3pointers, Fares Sweiti (Ra'I Saleh) with his great under basket moves snatching several rebounds while Awad Hreimi (Orthodox Bethlehem) and Motaz Jawareesh gained good game experience and had a great role also in scoring for their team along with Husam Afaghani and Khaled Haj Meer.
I think that bringing out good new players needs to have a good all around base from the club to be able to make the best of their skills.

AlAhli played 14 games and lost 9 with one tough one to go against Orthodoxi Thaqafi Beit Sahour. AlAhli the only team who played without an import in the league managed to keep strong and stay in the league with their great team experience, individual skills and coach Ahmad AlShurafa.
Raed Diyab (184-G-74), Ammar Baghdadi (177-G-81) had a great role in leading their team with their 3pointers and assists, along with Ismael Sweiti (181-G-81), Rami Al Bakri (185-G-77), Samir Abdelatif (180-G-74) playing on the outside, while Sameh Hdeib (191-C-81), Nabeel Nasser (192-C-81) and Samer Dweik had a good inside game and a good experienced play for Ibrahim Alami and Muhammed Muheisen while Ayman AlHawa and Ali Sarraj gained good game experience.

Terrasanta played 15 games and lost 10 taking the team back to division I when it recently got raised to superleague. Terrasanta started off real strong beating Sarriyet Ramallah one of the leading teams in the league, however, a few obstacles also came their way that took them down, especially the loss of their main player Matia Nassar (203-C-87) due to injury sitting out the rest of the league who helped them a lot with his height snatching several rebounds and fast back on defense but mainly the loss of the teams confidence after a few losses in the beginning even with their coach Daud Maliha joining them to play it was a late wake up call. Terrasanata players have good skilled players, such as Peter Qandalt (188-G-85) who stood out in most of the games with great 3pointers and shots, along with Rafiq Nassrallah (193-C-87) stable game under basket grabbing several rebounds & shots, Maurice Salman (182-G-88), Vicken Deldelian (168-G-78) also had a huge role in their team with their shots along with Suheil Stiban under basket. Mark Aboudi and Tony Abu Ali (182-F-83) also had their share.
Their import Jeremy Schreiber (185-G-83, college: Webber) had a major role last year in getting them to the superleague, got better this year and put great effort scoring from all over the court.

AlAroob played 14 games and lost 11 the new comer to the league going back to division I with one game left against Ibdaa the champ. AlAroob has several good players who for sure gained good game experience in this league, however, also went through an issue with their import Tim Nelson (186-G-86, college: Oklahoma S&A) having to leave in the last couple of games due to family circumstances but had a major role in scoring for the team with his unstoppable 3pointers. Ghaleb AlHreimi's game experience surely played a role in keeping the team together also scoring for his team, Jamal Ashour, Bassem Qanam, Adham AlManwi, Mohammed AlJanazra and Ismael Isaa played well scoring for their team, while it was great game experience for the young players Mahmoud Jaber, Nathem Sha'lan and Ramzi Jaffal. A great addition to the team was Muhanned Attari who showed great skill & talent and added a flavor to the teams game.

Orthodox Beit Jala played 15 games and lost 12, the greatest shock in this league, from 2nd place in 2009 going back to division I in 2010 if that doesnt make you think what happened!!! The team is almost the same team that played last year with great well known experienced players. Led by Khalil Harb & Kamal Mukarker along with Charlie Qattan playing on the outside, while Raed Abu Rumman (188-F-81) & Rimon Zreineh played on the inside, along with the young 18 year old player Abdallah Adawi with great potential added up to the team. On the other hand, their import Mike Grinder (191-G/F-80, college: Simpson (CA)) played great last season with Orthodox Bethlehem however it wasnt his best this season especially with the continuous team losses but had several great 3pointers and penetrations.

Ra'I Saleh played 15 games and lost 13, going down to division I, after losing three main players from last season who went to Islami and Qalandia. However, the team consists of young players with great potential which could be a good base for an under 20 team, who showed good skill, organized and playing with their hearts every game throughout. Their American Coach surely had a role in their set plays keeping them motivated along with Nick Tuggle (198-G/F-84, college: E.Tenn.St.) who had showed great skill & talent, shooting from all over the court, penetrations, rebounds and assists to his teammates. Samer Hadad, Rami Majruh (180-C-75) and Bshara Michael (180-F-80) with their game experience, Abdel Qader Hijazi (180-G-90), Saif Barahmeh (192-F-89), Michael Michael (170-G-91), Qusai AlAnani (195-C-90), Mustafa Zghari (175-G-92) and Ahmad Nofal (176-G-90) all had a major role in scoring for their team playing for the love of the game showing great skill.

All in all, I think there have been up and down sides for this league and things to improve.
Finishing the league is a success, having imports on almost all the teams was a plus this year, as they raise the level of the game, I know some of you are against it, but it depends on how your team utilizes their presence is what counts, i.e. imports should raise the level of the practices making it tougher for the skilled players and transferring basic skills of the game to the ones who want to learn, as well as working on teamwork, different offenses, different defenses (not 2009 zone defense, 2010 3-2 zone and hardly/few man defense or anything). Another positive thing is that some teams gave the opportunity for the new young players (u20) to take part giving them good game experience since an under 20, under 18, under 16, under 14 leagues are non-existent. On the downside of the league, games were packed in one week especially towards the end of the league which was definite physical/financial stress on the club, coach, players and referees, as well as not knowing the game schedule except a few days before of every week. The number of qualified referees is very low making it very difficult for them to keep up with all the games. Games are not recorded by officials, some are by players, Statistics committee are non-existent, only few clubs do that for their players. I can go on and on, but as long as we are on the track of realizing the importance of these issues and solving them we are good. Im not trying to criticize anyone, on the contrary, its just pointing out a few things that we need to work on as a basketball community to raise Palestinian Basketball to be able to compete and not just take part in tournaments. Taking stats and recording games shows were the team went wrong, what they did good and work on it, motivates the players to do better, revealing great players, helps in choosing the national team I also think we have a problem reading the game, using different defenses against certain teams and which offenses to useWe have several qualified coaches that know all these things. There are two courses by WABA and FIBA in June to distinguish the coaches, work on their skills and update their knowledge. Another thing to point out is that Palestinian players play basketball because they love the game as 99% of them are not paid, it revives their spirit, giving them hope in life. Again, this only reflects my thoughts, no offense to anyone, Im just cursed with basketball passion, feel free to comment as Im all ears to any advise/ comment.
Together lets make Basketball in Palestine better.

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