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Players/Coaches Movement in Lebanon in 2018-2019
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Updated on: April 20, 2019

Select League in Lebanon:

Players Joined
 Brandon Mobley  USA (206-F/C-91)  from Puente Alto (Chile)  
 Isaiah Sykes  USA (198-G-91)  from Al Shurtah (Iraq)  
 Edward Bechara  (200-PF-92)  from Louaize (LBL)  
 Hassan Dandach  (187-PG-91)  from Louaize (LBL)  
 Travis Franklin  (200-F-88)  from Brothers DB (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Marquez Letcher-Ellis  (201-F-97)
 Jimmy Salem  (190-G-95)  from Louaize (LBL)  
Players Stayed
 Ibrahim Haddad  (98)
 Malek Hijazi  (190-G-94)
 Thiago Makhlouf  Brazilian Lebanese (210-C-87)
 Omar El Ayoubi  (196-G/F-91)
Players Left
 Ralph Akl  (178-PG-90)  to Beirut Club (LBL)  
 Ramel Curry  USA (191-G-80)  to Sagesse (LBL)  
 Mile Ilic  Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbian (215-C-84)  to Al-Ittihad (Bahrain)  
 Jad Khalil  (186-PG-96)  to Champville (LBL)  
 Mark Korjian  (SG)  to Sagesse (LBL)  
 Bilal Tabbara  (198-PF-93)  to Hoops (LBL)  
Free Agents
 Bachir Ammoury  (198-F-83)
Coaches Joined
 Marwan Khalil  from Louaize (LBL)  

  ATLAS FERZOL  (Promoted)  
Players Joined
 Orlando Sanchez  Spanish Dominican Rep. (206-SF-88)  from Rafael Barias (Dominican Rep.)  
 Corey Spence  USA (175-PG-92)  from Skrljevo (Croatia)  
 Alex Abou-Akl  Canadian (186-G-92)  from CS Antonine (LBL)  
 Joseph Aby Khers  (204-F-92)  from Byblos (LBL)  
 Jad Bitar  (204-C/F-88)  from Louaize (LBL)  
 Ali Farhat  USA (183-PG)  from Champville (LBL)  
 Ghassan Nehme  USA (190-G)  from Sagesse (LBL)  
 Darian Townes  USA (208-F/C-84)  from Reales LV (Dominican Rep.)  
 Joseph Zaloum  (180-PG-90)  from Tadamon (LBL)  
Players Left
 Milo Abou Jaoudeh  (185-PG-91)  to Racing (Luxembourg)  
 Mickel Sadaka  (207-C-92)  to Sagesse (LBL)  
Free Agents
 Dashonte Riley  USA (213-C-91)
Coaches Joined
 Elie Nasr  from Al Riyadi (WLBL)  

Players Joined
 Justin Dentmon  USA (183-PG-85)  from KT Sonicboom (South Korea)  
 Quincy Douby  USA (190-G-84)  from Luoyang (China)  
 Reginald Holmes  USA (193-G-87)  from Al Ahly (Egypt)  
 Nikoloz Tskitishvili  (213-C/F-83)  from Abkhazeti (Georgia)  
 Ralph Akl  (178-PG-90)  from Moutahed (LBL)  
 Tarek Ammoury  USA Lebanese (198-G-90)  from Byblos (LBL)  
 John Assi  (193-F-94)  from Champville (LBL)  
 Tre Bowman  USA (196-G-91)  from Plymouth R. (United Kingdom)  
 Elie Chamoun  (193-SG-94)  from Homentmen (LBL)  
 Chris Crawford  (193-G-92)  from Memphis State (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Ali Haidar  (201-F-90)  from Al Riyadi (LBL)  
 Karam Mechref  (187-G-92)  from Homentmen (LBL)  
 Charles Tabet  USA Lebanese (205-C/F-87)  from Al Riyadi (LBL)  
 Mitchell Tabet  (178-PG-0)  from Chabibeh SC (Div.B)  
Players Stayed
 Robert Bou Dagher  (203-C/F-84)
 Rony Fahed  (184-G-81)
 Miguel Martinez  (188-PG-88)
 Jad Abdel Massih  (F)
Players Left
 Thomas Ammar  Lebanese Australian (199-G/F-87)  to Logan T. (Australia)  
 Bassel Bawji  (203-F-89)  to Al Riyadi (LBL)  
 Michael Efevberha  Nigerian USA (193-G-84)  to Homentmen (LBL)  
 Joseph Nickerson  (193-G)  to Reach 1 Teach 1 (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Bernard Saliba  (195-G-92)  to Team 2 (Eurobasket S.League)  
 Harry Savaya  (197-PF-88)  to Erebuni (Armenia)  
 Terrell Stoglin  USA (185-G-91)  to Zamalek (Egypt)  
Free Agents
 Ribal Bechara  (196-G/F-88)
 Anis Feghali  (182-PG)
 Maroun Keyrouz  (204-C-90)

Players Joined
 Obij Aget  South Sudanese (216-C-92)  from Iowa W. (NBA G League)  
 Rodrigue Akl  (187-PG-88)  from Al Riyadi (LBL)  
 Raymond Dagher  (196-G/F-86)  from Sagesse (LBL)  
 Mohamad El Khatib  (175-PG-1)  from Team 2 (Eurobasket S.League)  
 Mazen Mneimneh  (192-G/F-86)  from CS Antonine (LBL)  
 Aaron Nelson  USA (205-F-91)  from CDU Catolica (Chile)  
 Malcolm Riley  USA (196-F-93)  from Cheshire P. (United Kingdom)  
 William Sawan  (201-F-98)  from Champville (LBL)  
 Albert Zeinoun  (176-PG-95)  from Champville (LBL)  
Players Stayed
 Mark Khoury  (196-F/G-98)
 Toufic Saker  (182-F-99)
 Ali Kanaan  Canadian Lebanese (207-C/F-85)
Players Left
 Joseph Aby Khers  (204-F-92)  to Atlas F. (LBL)  
 Tarek Ammoury  USA Lebanese (198-G-90)  to Beirut Club (LBL)  
 Wayne Blackshear  USA (196-G/F-92)  to Seagulls (Finland)  
 Elie Stephan  (193-SG-86)  to Homentmen (LBL)  
Free Agents
 Michael Adams  USA (211-C-81)
 Georges Beyrouthy  (188-G-99)
 Carl Sarkis  French Lebanese (184-G-86)

Players Joined
 Demarius Bolds  USA (193-G-84)  from Al Arabi (Qatar)  
 Karim Ezzeddine  French Lebanese (207-F-97)  from N.Mexico (NCAA)  
 Marcus Foster  (190-G-95)
 Hamed Haddadi  Iranian (218-C-85)  from Xinjiang FT (China)  
 Dewayne Jackson  (203-F-90)  from HBC Sicklerville (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Jad Khalil  (186-PG-96)  from Moutahed (LBL)  
 Ater Majok  South Sudanese Lebanese (208-C-87)  from Shaanxi X. (China)  
 Ali Mezher  (182-PG-94)  from Sagesse (LBL)  
 Gabriel Salibi  (198-G)
 Nadim Souaid  (192-G/F-86)  from Sagesse (LBL)  
Players Stayed
 Fadi El Khatib  (198-F-79)
 Daniel Faris  USA Lebanese (206-C/F-87)
 Nadim Hawi  (205-C/F-83)
 Ahmad Ibrahim  (198-G/F-92)
Players Left
 John Assi  (193-F-94)  to Beirut Club (LBL)  
 Ali Farhat  USA (183-PG)  to Atlas F. (LBL)  
 Elias Rustom  (197-G/F-87)  to Homentmen (LBL)  
 William Sawan  (201-F-98)  to Byblos (LBL)  
 Ahmad Sbeity  (181-SG)  to Sagesse (LBL)  
 Albert Zeinoun  (176-PG-95)  to Byblos (LBL)  
Free Agents
 Justin Hawkins  USA Syrian (203-SF-85)
 J.J. Hickson  USA (206-F-88)
Coaches Joined
 Fuad Abou Chakra  Lebanese Italian  from Sagesse (LBL)  

  HOMENTMEN BEIRUT  (Champion)  
Players Joined
 Brian Bridgeforth  USA (208-C-94)  from Uppsala (Sweden)  
 Olaseni Lawal  Nigerian USA (208-F/C-86)  from Sidigas AV (Italy)  
 Norvel Pelle  USA Lebanese (208-F-93)  from Delaware BC (NBA G League)  
 Patrick Bou Abboud  (199-F-87)  from CS Antonine (LBL)  
 Michael Efevberha  Nigerian USA (193-G-84)  from Beirut Club (LBL)  
 Gerard Hadidian  (201-F-95)  from Tadamon (LBL)  
 Walter Hodge  U.S. Virgin Islands Puerto Rican (183-PG-86)  from Arecibo (Puerto Rico)  
 Elias Rustom  (197-G/F-87)  from Champville (LBL)  
 Elie Stephan  (193-SG-86)  from Byblos (LBL)  
 Marwan Ziadeh  (202-C/F-87)  from Al Riyadi (LBL)  
Players Stayed
 Varant Keledjian  (SF)
 Karim Zeinoun  (188-G-99)
 Paolo Bedikian  (180-PG-0)
 Sevag Ketenjian  (178-PG-91)
Players Left
 Daniel Baghdadian  to Hoops (LBL)  
 Makram Ben Romdhane  Tunisian (205-PF-89)  to Saint-Chamond (France)  
 Elie Chamoun  (193-SG-94)  to Beirut Club (LBL)  
 Hayk Gyokchyan  (203-F-90)  to Al Riyadi (LBL)  
 Ahmad Ismail  Egyptian Lebanese (205-F/C-76)  to Al Riyadi (LBL)  
 Karam Mechref  (187-G-92)  to Beirut Club (LBL)  
Free Agents
 Nate Robinson  USA (175-PG-84)
 Marc Abi Kheres  (197-F-94)

  HOOPS CLUB  (Promoted)  
Players Joined
 Salim Alaaeddine  (188-SG-99)  from Tadamon (LBL)  
 Khalil Aoun  (195-F/G-90)  from Louaize (LBL)  
 Daniel Baghdadian  from Homentmen (LBL)  
 Karim Jadayel  (191-F-92)  from Tadamon (LBL)  
 Ali Mansour  (98)  from Louaize (LBL)  
 J'Mison Morgan  USA (211-F/C-89)  from Santos (Mexico)  
 Bilal Tabbara  (198-PF-93)  from Moutahed (LBL)  
 Ibrahima Thomas  Senegalese (213-F-87)  from ES Rades (Tunisia)  
 Willie Warren  (193-PG-89)  from Texas L. (NBA G League)  
Players Stayed
 Charbel Saad  (196-PF-99)
 Habib Abdallah
Players Left
 Kelsey Barlow  USA (196-G-91)  to Sakarya BSB (Turkey)  
 Ezzat El Kaissi  (192-G/F-95)  to Al Riyadi (LBL)  
 Geron Johnson  USA Lebanese (190-G-92)  to Al Rayyan (Qatar)  

Players Joined
 Aaron Williams  USA (198-G)  from Goga (Albania)  
 Alaaddine Arnaout  (198-F-85)  from Tadamon (LBL)  
 Karl Assi  (187-G-98)  from Louaize (LBL)  
 Ramel Curry  USA (191-G-80)  from Moutahed (LBL)  
 Youssef Ghantous  (188-G)  from Louaize (LBL)  
 Haakim Johnson  (201-G/F-87)  from Seminole CC (JUCO)  
 Mark Korjian  (SG)  from Moutahed (LBL)  
 Mickel Sadaka  (207-C-92)  from Atlas F. (LBL)  
 Ahmad Sbeity  (181-SG)  from Champville (LBL)  
Players Stayed
 Aziz Abdel Massih  (96)
 Sabah Khoury  (196-G-82)
 George Yves-Daaboul  (178-G-95)
Players Left
 Raymond Dagher  (196-G/F-86)  to Byblos (LBL)  
 Ali Mezher  (182-PG-94)  to Champville (LBL)  
 Ghassan Nehme  USA (190-G)  to Atlas F. (LBL)  
 Nadim Souaid  (192-G/F-86)  to Champville (LBL)  
Free Agents
 Marven Akoury  (F)
 N Bekhazi
 Ali Fakhereldine  (204-C/F-83)
 Elio Ghosn  (G)
 Joe Ghattas  (185-G-82)
Coaches Joined
 Ghassan Sarkis  from Champville (LBL)  

Players Joined
 Justin Brownlee  USA (197-F-88)  from Ginebra Kings (Philippines)  
 Dominique Johnson  USA (192-SG-87)  from Pistoia Basket (Italy)  
 Randolph Morris  USA (211-F/C-86)  from Guangdong ST (China)  
 Wael Arakji  (194-PG-94)  from Beijing Dragons (China)  
 Bassel Bawji  (203-F-89)  from Beirut Club (LBL)  
 Ezzat El Kaissi  (192-G/F-95)  from Hoops (LBL)  
 Hayk Gyokchyan  (203-F-90)  from Homentmen (LBL)  
 Ahmad Ismail  Egyptian Lebanese (205-F/C-76)  from Homentmen (LBL)  
 Christopher Obekpa  Nigerian (208-F/C-93)  from Trabzonspor (Turkey)  
Players Stayed
 Cheikh Hussein El Khatib  (186-SG-86)
 A Kassab
 Constantin Kodsi  (177-PG-92)
 Amir Saoud  (186-G-91)
 Jean Abdel Nour  (198-G/F-83)
Players Left
 Rodrigue Akl  (187-PG-88)  to Byblos (LBL)  
 Donte Greene  USA (206-F-88)  to Leones SD (Dominican Rep.)  
 Ali Haidar  (201-F-90)  to Beirut Club (LBL)  
 Charles Tabet  USA Lebanese (205-C/F-87)  to Beirut Club (LBL)  
 Marwan Ziadeh  (202-C/F-87)  to Homentmen (LBL)  
Free Agents
 Chris Daniels  USA (205-C-84)
 Ali Mahmoud  Canadian Lebanese (184-PG-83)

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