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CBA Standings
 1 Guangdong ST 42-4 
 2 Liaoning FL 38-8 
 3 Shenzhen L. 34-12 
 4 Xinjiang FT 33-13 
 5 Guangsha L. 31-15 
 6 Beijing Ducks 30-16 
 7 Shandong GS 26-20 
 8 Fujian S. 26-20 
 9 Jilin NE T. 24-22 
 10 Shanghai S. 24-22 
 11 Guangzhou LL 24-22 
 12 Zhejiang Ch. 23-23 
 13 Jiangsu D. 23-23 
 14 Shanxi Z. 17-29 
 15 Qingdao E. 13-33 
 16 Tianjin GL 12-34 
 17 Bayi R. 12-34 
 18 Sichuan BW 11-35 
 19 Nanjing TX MK 11-35 
 20 Beijing Dragons 8-38 
NBL Standings
 1 Guangxi 12-0 
 2 Shaanxi X. 10-2 
 3 Anhui W. 8-4 
 4 Chongqing 8-4 
 5 Hunan 8-4 
 6 Henan 8-4 
 7 Guizhou 6-6 
 8 Hefei 4-8 
 9 Wuhan 4-8 
 10 Beijing 4-8 
 11 Hebei X. 3-9 
 12 Anhui P. 3-9 
 13 Luoyang 0-12 
Full Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 39.8
 1. P.Jackson Beijing39.8 
 2. D.Adams Xinjiang36.6 
 3. J.Young Na36.1 
 4. J.Fredette Shanghai35.5 
 5. K.Fogg Guangzhou LL34.4 
 6. M.Denmon Zhejiang33.5 
 7. T.Rochestie Tianj33.5 
 8. J.Gibson Qingdao E.33.1 
 9. J.Franklin Sichu32.3 
 10. S.Muhammad Shanxi Z29.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 14.9
 1. D.Johnson Qingd14.9 
 2. J.Thompson Sichu14.8 
 3. D.Motiejunas Shandong14.0 
 4. C.Aldrich Tianj13.8 
 5. Z.Wang Fujian S.13.8 
 6. T.Robinson Beijing13.6 
 7. M.Lampe Jilin N13.3 
 8. J.Stokes Xinjiang12.4 
 9. S.Muhammad Shanxi Z11.2 
 10. A.Blatche Tianj11.0 
Assists Per Game
 Courtney FORTSON
  Avg: 11
 1. C.Fortson Guangsha11.0 
 2. P.Jackson Beijing9.3 
 3. T.Rochestie Tianj9.1 
 4. T.Lawson Shandong8.7 
 5. D.Adams Xinjiang8.3 
 6. D.Jones Jilin N8.0 
 7. J.Franklin Sichu7.9 
 8. K.Fogg Guangzhou LL7.6 
 9. A.Jackson Beijing7.5 
 10. E.Jeter Fujian S.7.3 
Steals Per Game
 Brandon PAUL
  Zhejiang Ch.
  Avg: 2.8
 1. B.Paul Zhejiang Ch.2.8 
 2. D.Adams Xinjiang2.7 
 3. J.Fredette Shanghai2.5 
 4. C.Fortson Guangsha2.4 
 5. J.Franklin Sichu2.4 
 6. P.Jackson Beijing2.3 
 7. M.Delaney Guangdon2.3 
 8. D.Buycks Shenzhen2.2 
 9. S.Minghui Guangsha2.1 
 10. K.Fogg Guangzhou LL2.1 
Blocks Per Game
 Zhang MAX
  Shanghai S.
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Z.Max Shanghai S.2.6 
 2. J.Hamilton Beijing2.3 
 3. I.Austin Nanjing2.1 
 4. Q.Wu Jiangsu D.1.9 
 5. J.Franklin Sichu1.8 
 6. D.Johnson Qingd1.8 
 7. A.Blatche Tianj1.8 
 8. Z.Xu Bayi R.1.7 
 9. H.Haddadi Xinjiang1.6 
 10. Z.Wang Fujian S.1.4 


Next Round Schedule

Round 14 (Regular Season)

Anhui W. 72%  Jun.19  Hefei
Hunan 86%  Jun.19  Anhui P.
Luoyang  Jun.19  Henan 92%
Guangxi 93%  Jun.19  Hebei X.
Chongqing 60%  Jun.19  Shaanxi
Beijing  Jun.19  Guizhou
Review of CBA Round 1 of Quarter-Finals - Mar 27, 2019

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Jiangsu D. - Guangdong ST 108-137

Guangdong outgunned Jiangsu in Game 1 of the series. Guandong Tigers dominated down low during the game scoring 80 of its points in the paint compared to Jiangsu Dragons' 44. They outrebounded Jiangsu Dragons 53-36 including a 39-27 advantage in defensive rebounds. Guandong Tigers looked well-organized offensively handing out 32 assists comparing to just 16 passes made by Jiangsu Dragons' players. American swingman MarShon Brooks (196-89, college: Providence) fired a double-double by scoring 27 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists for the winners. His fellow American import swingman Sonny Weems (198-86, college: Arkansas) chipped in 25 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists. American guard Donald Sloan (190-88, college: Texas A&M) produced 31 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists and Serbian center Miroslav Raduljica (213-88) added 30 points and 10 rebounds respectively for lost side. Five Guandong Tigers and four Jiangsu Dragons players scored in double figures. The winner was already known earlier in the game, so both coaches allowed to play the bench players saving starting five for next games.
Top scorers:
Jiangsu D.: S.Donald 31+6reb+6ast, R.Miroslav 30+10reb+2ast, Z.Zhao 20+3reb+1ast, W.Quanxi 13+3reb+2ast, S.Xin 4+2reb+1ast, Z.Youwei 3
Guangdong ST: B.MarShon 27+11reb+9ast, W.Sonny 25+6reb+7ast, Y.Jianlian 21+12reb, Z.Peng 21+1reb+3ast, R.JunFei 14+4reb+3ast, Z.Rui 13+6reb+3ast
gschID: 720550

Beijing Ducks - Shenzhen L. 106-96

Beijing overcame Shenzhen in the opener. Beijing Ducks shot the lights out from three sinking 21 long-distance shots on high 52.5 percentage. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 25 assists. International guard Shuo Fang (188-90) stepped up and scored 24 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists for the winners and Croatian-American center Justin Hamilton (213-90, college: LSU) chipped in 22 points and 11 rebounds. At the losing side the former international forward QuAn Gu (202-92) responded with 14 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists and American point guard Kenny Boynton (188-91, college: Florida, agency: Higher Vision Sports) scored 16 points. Five Leopards players scored in double figures. Both coaches used bench players which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games.
Top scorers:
Shenzhen L.: B.Kenny 16+4reb+3ast, L.MuHao 15+6reb+1ast, Y.Dehao 14+3reb+3ast, G.QuAn 14+6reb+4ast, S.Zijie 12+6reb+1ast, A.Quincy 11+7reb+1ast
Beijing Ducks: Z.YanXi 24+2reb, F.Shuo 24+6reb+6ast, H.Justin 22+11reb+1ast, T.Jianiyou 10+1reb, J.Aaron 8+1reb+5ast, W.Xiaohui 7+3reb
gschID: 720551

Fujian S. - Liaoning FL 118-124

Liaoning topped Fujian to surge ahead in the series. Flying Leopards dominated down low during the game scoring 78 of its points in the paint compared to Sturgeons' 56. Flying Leopards forced 19 Sturgeons turnovers. Their players were unselfish on offense dishing 24 assists. Sturgeons were plagued by 27 personal fouls down the stretch. The former international Ailun Guo (192-93) nailed a double-double by scoring 46 points (!!!), 12 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals for the winning side and American Lester Hudson (190-84, college: Tenn-Martin) accounted for 33 points (!!!), 10 rebounds and 8 assists. International Zhelin Wang (214-94) came up with a double-double by scoring 31 points, 23 rebounds and 5 assists and American-Ukrainian point guard Eugene Jeter (180-83, college: Portland) added 23 points, 14 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals respectively for Sturgeons in the defeat. Five Sturgeons players scored in double figures. Both coaches tested many bench players and allowed the starting five to rest.
Top scorers:
Fujian S.: W.Zhelin 31+23reb+5ast, J.Eugene 23+14reb+7ast, C.LinJian 20+8reb+1ast, Z.TaiLong 19+4reb+1ast, N.Andrew 11+3reb+3ast, H.Long-Mao 10+2reb+2ast
Liaoning FL: G.Ailun 46+12reb+5ast, H.Lester 33+10reb+8ast, B.Brandon 30+15reb+1ast, Z.JiWei 5+2reb+4ast, L.XiaoXu 5+3reb, C.Minchen 3+1reb+1ast
gschID: 720552

Guangsha L. - Xinjiang FT 100-134

Xinjiang upset Guangsha in the first game of the series. Xinjiang Flying Tige made 25-of-33 free shots (75.8 percent) during the game, while Zhejiang Guangsha Lions only scored seven points from the stripe. They outrebounded Zhejiang Guangsha Lions 42-28 including a 32-21 advantage in defensive rebounds. Xinjiang Flying Tige shot the lights out from three sinking 17 long-distance shots on high 53.1 percentage. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 21 assists. American forward Jarnell Stokes (201-94, college: Tennessee) fired a double-double by scoring 31 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists (on 10-of-13 shooting from the field) for the winners. International Abudushalamu Abudurexiti (203-96) chipped in 33 points (!!!) and 8 rebounds (on 12-of-14 shooting from the field). American point guard Courtney Fortson (180-88, college: Arkansas) produced a double-double by scoring 18 points and 10 assists and Greek center Ioannis Bourousis (214-83) added 17 points and 4 assists respectively for lost side. Four Xinjiang Flying Tige and five Zhejiang Guangsha Lions players scored in double figures. The winner was already known earlier in the game, so both coaches allowed to play the bench players saving starting five for next games.
Top scorers:
Guangsha L.: F.Courtney 18+4reb+10ast, B.Ioannis 17+4reb+4ast, M.Sun 15+4reb+2ast, S.MingHui 12+1reb+3ast, Z.Tianyi 12+1reb, H.Jinqiu 12+9reb
Xinjiang FT: A.Abudushalamu 33+8reb+3ast, S.Jarnell 31+12reb+5ast, F.Kay 21+3reb+3ast, Y.Changdong 17+8reb, L.Gen 8+2reb+5ast, K.Makam 7+2reb
gschID: 720553

NBL Round 13: Henan loses to Anhui W. - 10 hours ago
NBL is at the halfway of the Regular Season and there are still another 13 rounds left. Here is the last round review presented by ESL. The game between third ranked Henan (8-4) and sixth ranked Anhui W. (8-4) was the most important one in the last round on Sunday night. Henan was defeated by Anhui W. in a tough game in Anhui 112-121. It ended at the same time the two-game winning streak of Henan. The hosts took control from the first minutes by winning first half. But Henan won third...   [read more]

Michael Holyfield claims Chinese NBL weekly honour - 1 day ago
MICHAEL HOLYFIELD American Michael Holyfield (211-C-92) put on an amazing game in the last round for Beijing and that's him to receive a Interperformances NBL Player of the Week award for round 12. The 26-year old center had a double-double of 54 points and twenty six rebounds, while his team beat Anhui P. (#10, 3-8) 124-112. The game was not the highest importance and did not have significant influence on top of the standings. Beijing is placed at 9th position in Chinese NBL. Beiji...   [read more]

NBL Round 12: Anhui W. is upset by Chongqing - 2 days ago
Here is the last round review presented by ESL. The most important game in the last round took place in Lanling between third ranked Anhui W. (7-4) and sixth ranked Chongqing (7-4) on Friday night. Anhui W. was defeated by Chongqing in a tough game on the road 100-104. The hosts trailed by 4 points at the halftime before their 33-23 charge in the third quarter, which allowed them to win the game. 27 personal fouls committed by Anhui W. helped opponents get some easy free throw opportun...   [read more]

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