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CBA Standings
 1 Guangdong ST 42-4 
 2 Liaoning FL 38-8 
 3 Shenzhen L. 34-12 
 4 Xinjiang FT 33-13 
 5 Guangsha L. 31-15 
 6 Beijing Ducks 30-16 
 7 Shandong GS 26-20 
 8 Fujian S. 26-20 
 9 Jilin NE T. 24-22 
 10 Shanghai S. 24-22 
 11 Guangzhou LL 24-22 
 12 Zhejiang Ch. 23-23 
 13 Jiangsu D. 23-23 
 14 Shanxi Z. 17-29 
 15 Qingdao E. 13-33 
 16 Tianjin GL 12-34 
 17 Bayi R. 12-34 
 18 Sichuan BW 11-35 
 19 Nanjing TX MK 11-35 
 20 Beijing Dragons 8-38 
Season 2018-2019
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Points Per Game
  Avg: 39.8
 1. P.Jackson Beijing39.8 
 2. D.Adams Xinjiang36.6 
 3. J.Young Na36.1 
 4. J.Fredette Shanghai35.5 
 5. K.Fogg Guangzhou LL34.4 
 6. M.Denmon Zhejiang33.5 
 7. T.Rochestie Tianj33.5 
 8. J.Gibson Qingdao E.33.1 
 9. J.Franklin Sichu32.3 
 10. S.Muhammad Shanxi Z29.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 14.9
 1. D.Johnson Qingd14.9 
 2. J.Thompson Sichu14.8 
 3. D.Motiejunas Shandong14.0 
 4. C.Aldrich Tianj13.8 
 5. Z.Wang Fujian S.13.8 
 6. T.Robinson Beijing13.6 
 7. M.Lampe Jilin N13.3 
 8. J.Stokes Xinjiang12.4 
 9. S.Muhammad Shanxi Z11.2 
 10. A.Blatche Tianj11.0 
Assists Per Game
 Courtney FORTSON
  Avg: 11
 1. C.Fortson Guangsha11.0 
 2. P.Jackson Beijing9.3 
 3. T.Rochestie Tianj9.1 
 4. T.Lawson Shandong8.7 
 5. D.Adams Xinjiang8.3 
 6. D.Jones Jilin N8.0 
 7. J.Franklin Sichu7.9 
 8. K.Fogg Guangzhou LL7.6 
 9. A.Jackson Beijing7.5 
 10. E.Jeter Fujian S.7.3 
Steals Per Game
 Brandon PAUL
  Zhejiang Ch.
  Avg: 2.8
 1. B.Paul Zhejiang Ch.2.8 
 2. D.Adams Xinjiang2.7 
 3. J.Fredette Shanghai2.5 
 4. C.Fortson Guangsha2.4 
 5. J.Franklin Sichu2.4 
 6. P.Jackson Beijing2.3 
 7. M.Delaney Guangdon2.3 
 8. D.Buycks Shenzhen2.2 
 9. S.Minghui Guangsha2.1 
 10. K.Fogg Guangzhou LL2.1 
Blocks Per Game
 Zhang MAX
  Shanghai S.
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Z.Max Shanghai S.2.6 
 2. J.Hamilton Beijing2.3 
 3. I.Austin Nanjing2.1 
 4. Q.Wu Jiangsu D.1.9 
 5. J.Franklin Sichu1.8 
 6. D.Johnson Qingd1.8 
 7. A.Blatche Tianj1.8 
 8. Z.Xu Bayi R.1.7 
 9. H.Haddadi Xinjiang1.6 
 10. Z.Wang Fujian S.1.4 
Player of the week

     Jason Thompson
      Sichuan BW

    The curtain falls for 2019 CBA All-Star Weekend in Qingdao (Photo:

    Guangdond Souther Tigers clinch CBA title (Photo:

    Guangdong Southern Tigers 2018-19
    Sonny Weems
    Jianlian Yi
    Peng Zhou
    JunFei Ren
    Rui Zhao
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    13  Weems Sonny 198 (6'6'') G/F 86 USA
    9  Yi Jianlian 212 (7'0'') PF 87 China
    11  Zhou Peng 210 (6'11'') F 89 China
    20  Ren JunFei 203 (6'8'') F/C 90 China
    0  Zhao Rui 193 (6'4'') F 96 China
    6  Brooks MarShon 196 (6'5'') G/F 89 USA
    3  Meng Duo 192 (6'4'') G/F 90 China
    5  Wang Xinkai 196 (6'5'') F 83 China
    12  Su Wei 212 (7'0'') C 89 China
    34  Zeng Fanri 205 (6'9'') C 96 China
    51  Wan Shengwei 201 (6'7'') F 94 China
    5  Xu Jie 177 (5'10'') G 0 China
    3  Hu Mingxuan 191 (6'3'') G/F 98 China
    18  Du Runwang 201 (6'7'') F 99 China
    27  Diao Chenhao 203 (6'8'') F/C 0 China

    Guangdond Souther Tigers clinch CBA title - May 3, 2019

    Xinjiang FT - Guangdong ST 98-103

    Guangdong Southern Tigers claimed CBA title. They edged Xinjiang Flying Tigers on the road tonight to complete the sweep of the championship series. Xinjiang Flying Tigers was trailing by 3 points at halftime but managed to get 3-point lead after three quarters before a 29-21 charge of Guandong Tigers, which allowed them to win the game. They made 17-of-19 free shots (89.5 percent) during the game. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 26 assists. Worth to mention a great performance of the former international Jianlian Yi (212-87) who helped to win the game recording a double-double by scoring 37 points (!!!) and 16 rebounds and American swingman Sonny Weems (198-86, college: Arkansas) who added 17 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists during the contest. At the losing side American forward Jarnell Stokes (201-94, college: Tennessee) responded with a double-double by scoring 21 points and 20 rebounds and his fellow American import point guard Kay Felder (175-95, college: Oakland) scored 27 points and 5 assists. Both teams had four players each who scored in double figures. Both coaches used bench players in such tough game.
    Top scorers:
    Xinjiang FT: F.Kay 27+4reb+5ast, S.Jarnell 21+20reb+3ast, A.Abudushalamu 18+6reb+3ast, K.Makam 14+6reb+2ast, L.Gen 6+2reb+1ast, Y.Changdong 4+3reb
    Guangdong ST: Y.Jianlian 37+16reb+3ast, Z.Rui 19+5reb+4ast, B.MarShon 17+5reb+4ast, W.Sonny 17+7reb+7ast, Z.Peng 6+3reb+2ast, R.JunFei 4+7reb+3ast
    gschID: 724229

    The curtain falls for 2019 CBA All-Star Weekend in Qingdao - Jan 13, 2019

    The 2019 CBA AL-Star Weekend came to an end in Qingdao, capital city of east China's Shandong Province on Sunday. The South beat the North 160-145 while champions of the single events-skill challenges, dunk contest and 3-pt contest-were determined. Weize Jiang (182-PG-00) from the Jilin Northeast Tigers claimed the title of the skill challenges by finishing the final with a record-breaking 26.5 seconds. He passed the bounce-pass part, the chest-pass part and the 3-pt part both by one shot, breaking the previous record of 26.7 seconds by Wang Zirui in 2014. Thanks to his incredible performance, Jiang not only won the 10,000 yuan (1,478 U.S. dollars) prize for the champion title, but also another 30,000 yuan (4,436 dollars) as a record-breaking bonus. Chen LinJian (198-F-93) from the Fujian Sturgeons won the 3-pt shooting contest after competing against Du Runwang from the Guangdong Southern Tigers. The defending champion Yu Changchun from the Jiangsu Dragons played in the match before Chen and Du eliminated Yu 21-20. Then in the 30-second OT, Chen shot first and scored 11 points, beating Du's nine points to claim the championship of the 3-pt contest. Zhang Jianhao from Guangdong University of Technology took the title of the dunk contest with a total of 79 points, defeating Huang Rongqi from the Sichuan Blue Whales who scored 72 points. Since the biggest champion candidate, Wang Tong from the Shanghai Sharks had to miss the final because of an injury, Zhang and Huang had only each other to defeat. In the two rounds of the contest, both Zhang and Huang failed to finish one of their moves so each had 30-points. Zhang failed the first round while Huang failed the second. With a two-handed dunk, Zhang got 49 points in the second round which beat Huang's 42 in the first round, making Zhang the dunking champion of 2019.
    In the grand-finale All-Star Game between the South of the North, the South made as many as 24 three-pointers, 18 more than the North. Though there were no foreign players in the first-lineups of the two teams, foreign players became the biggest highlights on the court. Joseph Young (188-G-92, college: Oregon) (South) from the Jiangsu Dragons became the All-Star MVP with a remarkable 40 points and six assists. Meanwhile, Jimmer Fredette (188-PG-89, college: BYU) (South) from the Shanghai Sharks made 11 three-pointers, breaking Wang Shipeng's record of making 10 in the 2007 CBA All-Star Game. By contrast, no Chinese player from the South scored over 20 points. In the North team, Shabazz Muhammad (198-SF-92, college: UCLA) from the Shanxi Loongs scored the highest 28 points followed by 26 points from Chinese guard Guo Ailun from the Liaoning Flying Leopards. Guo also delivered the court's highest 15 assists. The South established a solid leading advantage in the first quarter (40-29) and once led by 17 points. Though the North kept chasing in the rest of the game, they never managed to lead in any the following three quarters and had to watch the South claim the victory again after 2018.
    Courtesy of:

    Chinese CBA All-Star Game 2019 Participants - Jan 14, 2019

    Northern All-Star Team
    Dejun Han
    Ailun Guo
    Abudushalamu Abudurexiti
    Xiaochuan Zhai
    Shuo Fang

    Han Dejun (215-C-89) of Liaoning
    Ailun Guo (192-SF-93) of Liaoning
    Abudushalamu Abudurexiti (203-SF-96) of Xinjiang
    Xiaochuan Zhai (205-F-93) of Beijing
    Fang Shuo of Beijing
    Dakari Johnson (213-C/F-95) of Qingd
    Zhang ChengYu (193-G/F-89) of Qingdao
    Tao HanLin (208-C-91) of Shandong
    Gen Li (197-F-88) of Xinjiang
    Pierre Jackson (180-PG-91) of Beijing
    Shabazz Muhammad (198-SF-92) of Shanxi

    Southern All-Star Team
    Jianlian Yi
    Rui Zhao
    Zhelin Wang
    Jinqiu Hu
    Qian Wu

    Jianlian Yi (212-PF-87) of Guangdong
    Rui Zhao (193-F-96) of Guangdong
    Zhelin Wang (214-PF-94) of Fujian
    Jinqiu Hu (208-C-97) of Zhejiang
    Qian Wu (190-G-94) of Zhejiang
    Hao Fu (206-C-97) of Bayi
    Shen Zijie (205-C-97) of Shenzhen
    Quanxi Wu (210-C-94) of Jiangsu
    Jimmer Fredette (188-PG-89 of Shanghai
    Zhou Peng (210-F-89) of Guangdong
    Chen LinJian (198-F-93) of Fujian
    Joseph Young (188-G-92) of Nanjing (MVP)

    3-Point Shootout Participants
    ZhangYi Chai
    Muxtar Shirelijian
    Runwang Du
    LinJian Chen
    ChangChun Yu

    ZhangYi Chai (192-G/F-92) of Jilin
    Muxtar Shirelijian (191-G-91) of Guangzhou
    Runwang Du (99) of Guangdong
    Chen LinJian (198-F-93) of Fujian (WINNER)
    Yu ChangChun (200-F-91) of Nanjing
    Jinmeng Yang (190-G-95) of Qingda

    Star Slam Dunk Contest Participants
    Yuxing Jiang
    Tong Wang
    Joseph Young
    Rongqi Huang
    Xin Sun

    by Greg
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