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CBA Standings
 1. Xinjiang FT 32-6 
 2. Guangdong ST 30-8 
 3. Shanghai S. 30-8 
 4. Guangsha L. 30-8 
 5. Liaoning FL 29-9 
 6. Shenzhen L. 26-12 
 7. Sichuan BW 23-15 
 8. Shandong GS 22-16 
 9. Beijing D. 21-17 
 10. Jiangsu D. 20-18 
 11. Tianjin GL 18-20 
 12. Qingdao E. 16-22 
 13. Shanxi BD 16-22 
 14. Jilin NE T. 14-24 
 15. Fujian S. 12-26 
 16. Zhejiang GB 10-28 
 17. Beikong FD 9-29 
 18. Jiangsu TX MK 8-30 
 19. Guangzhou LL 8-30 
 20. Bayi R. 7-31 
Season 2016-2017
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Points Per Game
  Avg: 37.6
 1. Fredette, Shanghai.37.6 
 2. McCollum, Beiko.37.5 
 3. Brooks, Jiangsu D.36.2 
 4. Cunningham, Jiangsu.34.0 
 5. Brown, Jilin NE T.33.9 
 6. Franklin, Shanxi BD33.6 
 7. Hudson, Liaoning FL31.7 
 8. Adams, Xinjiang FT31.0 
 9. Jones, Qingdao E.30.5 
 10. Warren, Zhejiang.29.4 
Rebounds Per Game
 Malcolm THOMAS
  Jilin N.
  Avg: 16.4
 1. Thomas, Jilin N.16.4 
 2. Haddadi, Sichu.16.0 
 3. Thompson, Shandong.13.9 
 4. Hickson, Fujian S.13.4 
 5. Sakakini, Tianj.13.3 
 6. Batista, Beikong FD12.8 
 7. Lampe, Shenzhen L.12.6 
 8. Han, Liaoning FL12.3 
 9. Dalembert, Shanxi B.12.1 
 10. Wang, Fujian S.11.1 
Assists Per Game
  Shanxi BD
  Avg: 8.8
 1. Franklin, Shanxi BD8.8 
 2. Fortson, Guangsha.8.5 
 3. Jeter, Tianjin GL7.9 
 4. Pargo, Shenzhen L.6.6 
 5. Sloan, Guangdong ST6.5 
 6. Buycks, Fujian S.6.4 
 7. Jones, Qingdao E.6.2 
 8. Adams, Xinjiang FT5.9 
 9. Warren, Zhejiang.5.8 
 10. Marbury, Beiji.5.5 
Steals Per Game
  Shanxi BD
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Franklin, Shanxi BD3.3 
 2. Sui, Shandong GS2.8 
 3. Brown, Zhejiang GB2.7 
 4. Fortson, Guangsha.2.6 
 5. Hudson, Liaoning FL2.6 
 6. Kamrani, Jilin N.2.4 
 7. Kennedy, Guangzho.2.3 
 8. Blatche, Xinjiang.2.3 
 9. McCollum, Beiko.2.3 
 10. Adams, Xinjiang FT2.2 
Blocks Per Game
 Yuchen ZOU
  Bayi R.
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Zou, Bayi R.2.6 
 2. Zhou, Xinjiang FT2.3 
 3. Haddadi, Sichu.2.0 
 4. Smith, Sichuan BW2.0 
 5. Dalembert, Shanxi B.1.9 
 6. Sun, Beijing D.1.6 
 7. Thomas, Jilin N.1.6 
 8. Benimon, Qingd.1.5 
 9. Zhang, Shanghai S.1.5 
 10. Blatche, Xinjiang.1.5 
Player of the week

     Lester Hudson
      Liaoning H.

    North grab 149-147 win in All Star Game (Photo: CBA)

    Xinjiang Flying Tigers earn CBA title (Photo: CBA)

    Xinjiang Flying Tigers 2016-17
    Qiuping Liu Qiuping Liu Liu
    Darius Adams
    Qi Zhou
    Gen Li
    Makan Kelanbaike
    Xirelijiang Muhtar
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    4  Adams Darius 188 (6'2'') PG 89 USA Bulgaria
    15  Zhou Qi 217 (7'2'') C 96 China
    1  Li Gen 196 (6'5'') F 88 China
    13  Kelanbaike Makan 197 (6'6'') F 92 China
    20  Muhtar Xirelijiang 191 (6'3'') G 91 China
    0  Blatche Andray 211 (6'11'') F/C 86 USA Philippines
    6  Luo Xudong 188 (6'2'') G 88 China
    30  Wang Zirui 190 (6'3'') G 93 China
    55  Sun TongLin 208 (6'10'') F/C 92 China
    7  Yu Changdong 206 (6'9'') C 91 China
    14  Abudurexiti Abudushalamu 203 (6'8'') SF 96 China
    18  Tang Caiyu 198 (6'6'') F 97 China
    2  Jiang Sidike 0 (0'0'') 95 China
    21  Sun MingYang 210 (6'11'') C 94 China
    11  Wang Zhengbo 187 (6'2'') G 96 China
    Head Coach: Qiuping Liu
    Coach Assistant: Zhi Qiang Lu All-Chinese CBA Awards 2017 - Apr 9, 2017 All-Chinese CBA 1st Team 2017
    Darius Adams
    Jimmer Fredette
    Yanyuhang Ding
    Jianlian Yi
    Andray Blatche

    Finals MVP: Darius Adams (188-PG-89) of Xinjiang FT
    Player of the Year: Jimmer Fredette (188-PG-89) of Shanghai S.
    Guard of the Year: Jimmer Fredette (188-PG-89) of Shanghai S.
    Forward of the Year: Yanyuhang Ding (200-F-93) of Shandong GS
    Center of the Year: Andray Blatche (211-F/C-86) of Xinjiang FT
    Defensive Player of the Year: Qi Zhou (217-C-96) of Xinjiang FT
    Import Player of the Year: Jimmer Fredette (188-PG-89) of Shanghai S.
    Domestic Player of the Year: Yanyuhang Ding (200-F-93) of Shandong GS
    Coach of the Year: Qiuping Liu of Xinjiang FT

    1st Team
    PG: Darius Adams (188-PG-89) of Xinjiang FT
    PG: Jimmer Fredette (188-PG-89) of Shanghai S.
    F: Yanyuhang Ding (200-F-93) of Shandong GS
    PF: Jianlian Yi (212-PF-87) of Guangdong ST
    F/C: Andray Blatche (211-F/C-86) of Xinjiang FT

    2nd Team
    F: Gen Li (196-F-88) of Xinjiang FT
    SF: Ailun Guo (192-SF-93) of Liaoning FL
    F: Peng Zhou (210-F-89) of Guangdong ST
    C/F: Maciej Lampe (211-C/F-85) of Shenzhen L.
    C: Qi Zhou (217-C-96) of Xinjiang FT

    3rd Team
    PG: Jeremy Pargo (188-PG-86) of Shenzhen L.
    SG: Jamaal Franklin (196-SG-91) of Shanxi BD
    G/F: MarShon Brooks (196-G/F-89) of Jiangsu D.
    F: Yuchen Zou (203-F-96) of Bayi R.
    C: Hamed Haddadi (218-C-85) of Sichuan BW

    Honorable Mention
    Donald Sloan (190-G-88) of Guangdong ST
    Guerschon Yabusele (6'7''-PF-95) of Shanghai S.
    Jinqiu Hu (208-C-97) of Guangsha L.
    Lester Hudson (190-SG-84) of Liaoning FL
    Wei Liu (190-PG-80) of Sichuan BW
    Xiaochuan Zhai (205-F-93) of Beijing D.
    Eugene Jeter (180-PG-83) of Tianjin GL
    Sani Sakakini (204-C-88) of Tianjin GL
    Dominique Jones (193-G-88) of Qingdao E.
    Malcolm Thomas (206-F-88) of Jilin NE T.
    Zhelin Wang (215-PF-94) of Fujian S.
    Errick McCollum (185-PG-88) of Beikong FD
    Yuchen Zou (203-F-96) of Bayi R.

    Xinjiang Flying Tigers earn CBA title - Apr 7, 2017

    Guangdong ST - Xinjiang FT 109-117

    Xinjiang Flying Tigers conquered CBA title. They beat Guangdong on the road to complete the sweep of the championship series. The guests trailed by 10 points after first quarter, but they rallied back to get the 4-point lead at the halftime and eventually won the game 117-109. Xinjiang Flying Tigers shot 31 for 44 from the free-throw line, while Guandong Tigers only scored eleven points from the stripe. Xinjiang Flying Tigers forced 21 Guandong Tigers turnovers. Strangely Guandong Tigers outrebounded Xinjiang Flying Tigers 51-26 including a 23-5 advantage in offensive rebounds. Great defensive blocking was one of the keys in this match when Xinjiang Flying Tigers made 8 blocks. 34 personal fouls committed by Guandong Tigers helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. Worth to mention a great performance of American-Bulgarian point guard Darius Adams (188-89, college: Indianapolis) who helped to win the game recording 37 points (!!!), 6 assists and 7 steals. American-Filipino power forward Andray Blatche (211-86) contributed with 22 points, 5 rebounds and 4 blocks for the winners. American power forward Carlos Boozer (206-80, college: Duke) replied with a double-double by scoring 28 points and 17 rebounds and his fellow American import guard Donald Sloan (190-88, college: Texas A&M) added 26 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in the effort for Guandong Tigers. Both teams had four players each who scored in double figures. Guandong Tigers' coach rotated ten players in this game, but that didn't help.
    Top scorers:
    Guangdong ST: B.Carlos 28+17reb, S.Donald 26+6reb+4ast, Z.Peng 22+7reb+4ast, Y.Jianlian 13+6reb+1ast, Z.Zhandong 11+1reb+1ast, R.JunFei 6+8reb+4ast
    Xinjiang FT: A.Darius 37+3reb+6ast, B.Andray 22+5reb+2ast, Z.Qi 18+10reb+1ast, L.Gen 11+2reb+3ast, M.Xirelijiang 9+1reb+2ast, K.Makan 8+2reb+1ast
    gschID: 542737

    North grab 149-147 win in All Star Game - Jan 8, 2017

    North-South 149-147

    North grab 149-147 win in All Star Game against South tonight. In a fascinating show North took a narrow 2-point win. They started the game with a 39-35 lead at the end of the first period and had a 3-point advantage at the halftime. Moreover North added a 40-36 rally in the third quarter, while South replied with a 45-40 in the last stanza.
    Ding Yanyuhang (200-F-93) top-scored for the winners with 31 points. He was named the MVP. While Guo Ailun (192-SF-93) notched 25. Hudson Lester (190-SG-84, college: Tenn-Martin) followed them with 21 points in the winning effort. Fredette Jimmer (188-PG-89, college: BYU) replied with 32 points for the South team.

    Chinese CBA All-Star Game 2017 Participants - Jan 18, 2017

    North All-Star Team

    Dejun Han

    Stephon Marbury

    Ailun Guo

    Yanyuhang Ding

    Xiaochuan Zhai

    8 Liu Wei (190-PG-80) of Sichuan
    9 Sun Yue (206-SF-85) of Shougang
    55 Han Dejun (215-C-89) of Liaoning
    6 Zhang Chengyu (193-G/F-89) of Qingdao
    3 Marbury Stephon (188-G-77) of Shougang
    13 Guo Ailun (192-SF-93) of Liaoning

    14 Hudson Lester (190-SG-84) of Liaoning
    2 Ding Yanyuhang (200-F-93) of Shandong MVP
    20 Zhai Xiaochuan (205-F-93) of Shoungang
    5 Cui Jinming (193-G-92) of Jilin
    99 Zhou Qi (217-C-96) of Xinjiang
    0 Blatche Andray (211-F/C-86) of Xinjiang

    Head Coach: Liu Qiuping of Xinjiang
    Coach Assistant: Guo Shiqiang of Liaoning

    South All-Star Team

    XiaoYu Liu

    Chih-Chieh Lin

    QuAn Gu

    Zhelin Wang

    Jimmer Fredette

    10 Liu XiaoYu (191-G-89) of Shanghai

    11 Zhou Peng (210-F-89) of Guangdong
    8 Yi Li (203-SF-85) of Jiangsu
    27 Lin Chih-Chieh (192-G-82) of Zhejiang
    12 Gu QuAn (202-F-92) of Shenzhen

    33 Wu Qian (190-G-94) of Zhejiang
    31 Wang Zhelin (215-PF-94) of Fujian
    90 Zou Yuchen (203-F-96) of Bayi
    21 Hu Jinqiu (208-C-97) of Zhejiang
    2 Brooks MarShon (196-G/F-89) of Jiangsu
    16 Lai Junhao (204-C-95) of Zhejiang
    32 Fredette Jimmer (188-PG-89) of Shanghai

    Head Coach: Liu Peng of Shanghai
    Coach Assistant: Du Feng of Guangdong

    Skills Challenge Participants

    Zirui Wang

    Hong Wang

    TaiLong Zhao

    Zhandong Zhou

    Wang Zirui (190-G-93) of Xinjiang Winner
    Wang Hong (183-PG) of Shanxi 2nd Place
    Zhao TaiLong (193-G/F-90) of Fujian 3rd Place
    Zhou Zhandong (182-G-90) of Guangdong

    3-Point Shootout Participants

    Jimmer Fredette

    Shuai Yuan

    JiaFu Tian

    TaiLong Zhao

    Jinglong Li

    Fredette Jimmer (188-PG-89) of Shanghai Winner
    Yuan Shuai (190-PG-94) of Shanxi 2nd Place
    Tian JiaFu (208-C-91) of Qingdao 3rd Place
    Zhao TaiLong (193-G/F-90) of Fujian
    Li Jinglong (195-F-95) of Zhejiang
    Guo Ailun (192-SF-93) of Liaoning

    Slam Dunk Contest Participants

    MingHui Sun

    Junhao Lai

    Yuezhuo Gu

    Liu Guancen

    Sun MingHui (192-SG-96) of Zhejiang Winner
    Zhenduo Leng (191-G/F-97) of Jiangsu 2nd Place
    Lai Junhao (204-C-95) of Zhejiang 3rd Place
    Liu Tianyi (190-G-94) of Jilin
    Gu Yuezhuo (190-G-93) of Guangzhou
    Guancen Liu (198-F-95) of Shandong

    by Greg
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