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Alex Yam
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CBA Standings
 1. Liaoning H. 31-7 
 2. Sichuan BW 30-8 
 3. Xinjiang FT 30-8 
 4. Guangdong ST 28-10 
 5. Shandong FB 28-10 
 6. Guangsha L. 27-11 
 7. Beijing Ducks 23-15 
 8. Zhejiang CB 22-16 
 9. DongGuan L. 19-19 
 10. Shanxi Zh. 18-20 
 11. Shanghai S. 18-20 
 12. Jiangsu D. 18-20 
 13. Fujian QB 16-22 
 14. Qingdao E. 16-22 
 15. North Control B. 13-25 
 16. Jiangsu TX 12-26 
 17. Jilin NE T. 10-28 
 18. TianJin S. 8-30 
 19. Bayi R. 7-31 
 20. Foshan LL 6-32 
Points Per Game
  Avg: 43.1
 1. Crawford, TianJ.43.1 
 2. Gibson, Qingdao E.42.0 
 3. Brooks, Jiangsu D.35.0 
 4. Franklin, Shanxi Z.33.9 
 5. Warren, Zhejiang.33.1 
 6. Jones, Shanxi Zh.32.8 
 7. Akognon, Banco d.32.5 
 8. Brown, Los A.32.4 
 9. Beasley, Houston31.9 
 10. Harris, Sichuan BW30.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 15.8
 1. Haddadi, Sichu.15.8 
 2. Williams, Phoenix15.4 
 3. Sakakini, Champvil.14.7 
 4. Beasley, Houston13.4 
 5. Batista, EA7 A.12.6 
 6. Oden, Jiangsu D.12.6 
 7. Holman, Hapoel J-M12.5 
 8. Gaines, Zhejiang CB11.7 
 9. Maxiell, TianJ.11.7 
 10. Harris, Sichuan BW11.5 
Assists Per Game
  Shanxi Zh.
  Avg: 10.3
 1. Franklin, Shanxi Z.10.3 
 2. Pargo, Guangsha L.8.4 
 3. Jones, Shanxi Zh.7.4 
 4. Bynum, Guangdon.6.5 
 5. Kamrani, North C.6.5 
 6. Brown, DongGuan L.6.3 
 7. Guo, Liaoning H.5.8 
 8. Buycks, Oklahoma.5.7 
 9. Hudson, Liaoning H.5.7 
 10. Marbury, Beijing5.6 
Steals Per Game
  Shanxi Zh.
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Franklin, Shanxi Z.3.3 
 2. Hu, Jiangsu D.3.2 
 3. Jones, Shanxi Zh.3.0 
 4. Kamrani, North C.2.8 
 5. Hudson, Liaoning H.2.6 
 6. Bynum, Guangdon.2.3 
 7. Brooks, Jiangsu D.2.3 
 8. Buycks, Oklahoma.2.2 
 9. Jeter, Shandong FB2.2 
 10. Blatche, Xinjiang.2.2 
Blocks Per Game
  Xinjiang FT
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Zhou, Xinjiang FT3.2 
 2. Zou, Bayi R.2.5 
 3. Dalembert, Shanxi2.2 
 4. Oden, Jiangsu D.2.0 
 5. Jordan, Sevilla1.9 
 6. Haddadi, Sichu.1.9 
 7. McGuire, Ponce1.8 
 8. Holman, Hapoel J-M1.7 
 9. Zhang, Shanghai S.1.7 
 10. Williams, Phoenix1.6 
Season 2015-2016
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

MVP Beasley scores record 63 points to lead North to win CBA All-Star game (Photo: Facebook)

Sichuan Blue Whales capture CBA title (Photo:

Sichuan Blue Whales 2015-16
XueZeng Yang XueZeng Yang Yang
Mike Harris
Justin Dentmon
Hamed Haddadi
Da Meng
Nan Wu
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
33  Harris Mike 198 (6'6'') SF 83 USA
23  Jia Cheng 207 (6'10'') C 91 China
55  Dentmon Justin 183 (6'0'') PG 85 USA
15  Haddadi Hamed 218 (7'2'') C 85 Iran
12  Meng Da 196 (6'5'') F/G 82 China
10  Wu Nan 196 (6'5'') G/F 89 China
24  Wang Ruheng 191 (6'3'') G 90 China
9  Xu Tao 211 (6'11'') C 93 China
21  He XiaoBin 198 (6'6'') F 86 China
30  Chan Hiu-Tung 207 (6'10'') C 86 China
18  Zuo Zhennian 199 (6'7'') F 96 China
11  Yu Shulong 185 (6'1'') PG 90 China
20  Zhang ChunJun 197 (6'6'') C 87 China
19  Yao KaiFu 196 (6'5'') G 83 China
13  Yu Heng 210 (6'11'') C 91 China
8  Zheng Zhao 190 (6'3'') SG 90 China
7  Tsai Chen 203 (6'8'') C 93 China
17  Fang Weijian China
32  Chen Chen 197 (6'6'') F 86 China
Head Coach: XueZeng Yang All-Chinese CBA Awards 2016 - Mar 22, 2016 All-Chinese CBA 1st Team 2016
Willie Warren
Lester Hudson
Mike Harris
Jianlian Yi
Hamed Haddadi

Finals MVP: Hamed Haddadi (218-C-85) of Sichuan BW
Player of the Year: Mike Harris (198-SF-83) of Sichuan BW
Guard of the Year: Lester Hudson (190-SG-84) of Liaoning H.
Forward of the Year: Mike Harris (198-SF-83) of Sichuan BW
Center of the Year: Hamed Haddadi (218-C-85) of Sichuan BW
Defensive Player of the Year: Qi Zhou (217-C-96) of Xinjiang FT
Import Player of the Year: Mike Harris (198-SF-83) of Sichuan BW
Domestic Player of the Year: Jianlian Yi (212-PF-87) of Guangdong ST
Coach of the Year: XueZeng Yang of Sichuan BW

1st Team
PG: Willie Warren (193-PG-89) of Zhejiang CB
SG: Lester Hudson (190-SG-84) of Liaoning H.
SF: Mike Harris (198-SF-83) of Sichuan BW
PF: Jianlian Yi (212-PF-87) of Guangdong ST
C: Hamed Haddadi (218-C-85) of Sichuan BW

2nd Team
PG: Jeremy Pargo (188-PG-86) of Guangsha L.
G: Jordan Crawford (193-G-88) of TianJin S.
F: Michael Beasley (6'10''-F-89) of Houston R.
F/C: Andray Blatche (211-F/C-86) of Xinjiang FT
C: Qi Zhou (217-C-96) of Xinjiang FT

3rd Team
G/F: MarShon Brooks (196-G/F-89) of Jiangsu D.
PG: Jonathan Gibson (188-PG-87) of Qingdao E.
SF: Ailun Guo (192-SF-93) of Liaoning H.
F: Shavlik Randolph (208-F-83) of Liaoning H.
F/C: Randolph Morris (211-F/C-86) of Beijing Ducks

Honorable Mention
Jamaal Franklin (196-SG-91) of Shanxi Zh.
Justin Dentmon (183-PG-85) of Sichuan BW
Da Meng (196-F/G-82) of Sichuan BW
Andrew Goudelock (6'3''-G-88) of Houston R.
Will Bynum (183-PG-83) of Guangdong ST
Ikechukwu Diogu (204-C/F-83) of Guangdong ST
Peng Zhou (210-F-89) of Guangdong ST
Elijah Holman (208-F/C-89) of Hapoel J-M
Stephon Marbury (188-G-77) of Beijing Ducks
Xiaochuan Zhai (205-F-93) of Beijing Ducks
Charles Gaines (201-F-81) of Zhejiang CB
A.J. Price (188-PG-86) of Shanghai S.
Eugene Jeter (180-PG-83) of Shandong FB
XueFeng Hu (185-PG-80) of Jiangsu D.
Bobby Brown (188-PG-84) of DongGuan L.
Alan Williams (6'8''-C-93) of Phoenix Suns
Esteban Batista (208-C/F-83) of EA7 Armani
Fadi Khatib (199-F/G-79) of Al Riyadi
Sani Sakakini (204-C-88) of Champville
Von Wafer (196-G-85) of Ponce
Jinming Cui (193-G-92) of Jilin NE T.

All-Imports Team
PG: Willie Warren (193-PG-89) of Zhejiang CB
SG: Lester Hudson (190-SG-84) of Liaoning H.
SF: Mike Harris (198-SF-83) of Sichuan BW
F: Michael Beasley (6'10''-F-89) of Houston R.
C: Hamed Haddadi (218-C-85) of Sichuan BW

All-Domestic Players Team
PG: XueFeng Hu (185-PG-80) of Jiangsu D.
SF: Ailun Guo (192-SF-93) of Liaoning H.
F: Peng Zhou (210-F-89) of Guangdong ST
PF: Jianlian Yi (212-PF-87) of Guangdong ST
C: Qi Zhou (217-C-96) of Xinjiang FT

Sichuan Blue Whales capture CBA title - Mar 20, 2016

Liaoning H. - Sichuan BW 91-94

Sichuan Blue Whales are the new CBA champions. They handed the fourth straight defeat to Liaoning in the championship series to capture the trophy. The Blue Whales were on the right track from start to finish. They dominated in the first half building a comfortable 17-point lead. Liaoning Hunters cut the deficit to three at the end of the game. The best player for the winners was American Mike Harris (198-83, college: Rice, agency: Stealth Sport) who had a double-double by scoring 25 points, 15 rebounds and 4 assists. Iranian center Hamed Haddadi (218-85) chipped in a double-double by scoring 22 points and 16 rebounds. He was named the Finals MVP. Five Sichuan BW players scored in double figures. American Lester Hudson (190-84, college: Tenn-Martin, agency: Priority Sports) produced a double-double by scoring 39 points (!!!) and 11 rebounds (was perfect 10-for-10 from the free throw line !!!) and the other American import forward Shavlik Randolph (208-83, college: Duke) added 15 points and 12 rebounds respectively for the hosts.
Top scorers:
Liaoning H.: H.Lester 39+11reb+1ast, G.Ailun 17+7reb+1ast, R.Shavlik 15+12reb+3ast, L.XiaoXu 6+14reb+1ast, H.Dejun 5+2reb, L.Zhixuan 3+5reb+1ast
Sichuan BW: H.Mike 25+15reb+4ast, H.Hamed 22+16reb+2ast, W.Ruheng 18+3reb, Z.ChunJun 12+7reb+2ast, D.Justin 11+2reb+4ast, M.Da 6+3reb+2ast
gschID: 465648

MVP Beasley scores record 63 points to lead North to win CBA All-Star game - Jan 17, 2016

Former NBA player Beasley Michael (208-F-89, college: Kansas St.) had his second MVP in two years, set the new record by scoring 63 points in CBA All-Star game to lead the North edge the South 172-145. In the defence-free match tonight, the Former Miami Heat forward had 45 points already after the third quarter. As the other team is led by home favorite Yi Jianlian (212-PF-87), Beasley still managed to had his second All-Star MVP in a row by refreshing the 59-point record set by himself in last year's match. His triple-double performance was also impressive with 19 rebounds and 13 assists. "My teammate helped me a lot on the court," said Beasley. "I really enjoyed the game tonight." Both teams shone in attacking the rim, the home audiences cheered for Yi Jianlian's alley-oops assisted by Bynum Will (183-PG-83, college: Georgia Tech, agency: Priority Sports), his teammate in Guangdong. The six-feet-tall point guard also finished an alley-oop himself with the help of the floor. He had 19 points and 14 assists while Willie Warren topping the South with 34 points. Yi contributed 22 points. Apart from Beasley, Guo Ailun (192-SF-93) led the North with 28 points and 8 assists with some unusual performance over the rim in the late fourth quarter. Guo's national teammate Zhao TaiLong (193-G/F-90) had 14 in an added round of three point shooting contest to win the champion. Zhou Zhandong (182-G-90) beat Fangshuo in technics challenge final. With a cross-leg dunk to salute Vince Cater, Wang Tong (183-PG-82) from Shanghai rocked the stadium to become the dunk contest champion.
Courtesy of:

Chinese CBA All-Star Game 2016 Rosters - Jan 18, 2016

Northern All-Star Team

Michael Beasley

HanLin Tao

TianJu He

Ailun Guo

Lester Hudson

Tao HanLin (208-C-91) of Shandong
Beasley Michael (208-F-89) of Shandong
He TianJu (206-F-90) of Liaoning
Guo Ailun (192-SF-93) of Liaoning
Hudson Lester (190-SG-84) of Liaoning

Southern All-Star Team

Jianlian Yi

FangYu Zhu

Peng Zhou

Chih-Chieh Lin

XiaoYu Liu

Yi Jianlian (212-PF-87) of Guangdong
Zhu FangYu (201-SF-83) of Guangdong
Zhou Peng (210-F-89) of Guangdong
Lin Chih-Chieh (192-G-82) of Zhejiang
Liu XiaoYu (191-G-89) of Shanghai

Skills Challenge Winner - Zhou Zhandong (182-G-90) of Guangdon
3-Point Shootout Winner - Zhao TaiLong (193-G/F-90) of Fujian
Slam Dunk Contest Winner - Wang Tong (183-PG-82) of Shangai

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