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Points Per Game
  Avg: 39.6
 1. McCollum, Zhejiang.39.6 
 2. Warren, Chongqin.38.9 
 3. Jones, Manati36.8 
 4. Wafer, Shanxi Zh.32.5 
 5. Akognon, Partizan31.9 
 6. Brown, DongGuan L.31.3 
 7. Hudson, Liaoning H.31.2 
 8. Blatche, Xinjiang.31.1 
 9. Douby, TianJin S.30.9 
 10. Dentmon, Texas L.30.4 
Rebounds Per Game
 Charles GAINES
  Zhejiang CB
  Avg: 16.5
 1. Gaines, Zhejiang CB16.5 
 2. Blatche, Xinjiang.14.6 
 3. Holman, Al Riyadi14.5 
 4. Haddadi, Mahram13.9 
 5. Kazemi, Chongqin.13.7 
 6. Williams, TianJ.13.2 
 7. Singleton, Oklaho.12.6 
 8. Moultrie, Jiangsu12.1 
 9. Wang, Fujian QB11.5 
 10. James, Dallas M.11.2 
Assists Per Game
 Dominique JONES
  Avg: 8.4
 1. Jones, Manati8.4 
 2. Bynum, Guangdon.7.1 
 3. Lucas III, De.7.0 
 4. Hudson, Liaoning H.6.9 
 5. Warren, Chongqin.6.5 
 6. Brown, DongGuan L.6.3 
 7. Mudiay, Guangdon.5.9 
 8. Marbury, Beijing5.9 
 9. Wafer, Shanxi Zh.5.7 
 10. McCollum, Zhejian.5.5 
Steals Per Game
 Lester HUDSON
  Liaoning H.
  Avg: 3.1
 1. Hudson, Liaoning H.3.1 
 2. Kazemi, Chongqin.3.1 
 3. Singleton, Oklaho.3.0 
 4. Kamrani, Jiang.2.8 
 5. Blatche, Xinjiang.2.8 
 6. Jones, Manati2.7 
 7. Hu, Jiangsu D.2.4 
 8. Madanly, Jilin N.2.1 
 9. Buycks, Oklahoma.2.1 
 10. McCollum, Zhejian.2.1 
Blocks Per Game
  Xinjiang FT
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Zhou, Xinjiang FT3.3 
 2. Haddadi, Mahram2.3 
 3. Kravtsov, Foshan2.2 
 4. Morgan, Chongqin.2.1 
 5. Zou, Bayi R.2.1 
 6. James, Dallas M.2.0 
 7. Singleton, Oklaho.1.9 
 8. Williams, TianJ.1.8 
 9. Holman, Al Riyadi1.8 
 10. Zhang, Shanghai1.8 

Beasley sets CBA All-Star scoring record in Souths win (Photo:
Season 2014-2015
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
#TeamGamesWonLostTotal Points
1Guangdong ST383445294:4640 (+654)
2Liaoning H.383355675:5099 (+576)
3Qingdao E.3828105028:4740 (+288)
4Beijing Ducks3827115629:5165 (+464)
5Jilin NE T.3827114699:4588 (+111)
6Shanxi Zh.3827114583:4547 (+36)
7Guangsha L.3827114597:4387 (+210)
8DongGuan L.3825134640:4473 (+167)
9Xinjiang FT3825134248:3893 (+355)
10Foshan LL3818204387:4368 (+19)
11Shandong FB3818203875:3853 (+22)
12Shanghai S.3817213810:3879 (-69)
13TianJin S.3813253935:4287 (-352)
14Jiangsu D.3811273989:4247 (-258)
15Zhejiang CB3811274410:4670 (-260)
16Fujian QB3810284095:4358 (-263)
17Jiangsu TX3810283992:4339 (-347)
18Sichuan BW388303838:4244 (-406)
19Bayi R.387313554:3933 (-379)
20Chongqing FD384343948:4516 (-568)

Shougang Beijing Ducks wins the Chinese CBA 2014-2015 title (Photo: CBA)

Shougang Beijing Ducks 2014-15
LuLei Min LuLei Min Min
Stephon Marbury
Songtao Zhang
Yue Sun
Xiaochuan Zhai
Zhe Ji
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
3  Marbury Stephon 188 (6'2'') G 77 USA
35  Zhang Songtao 213 (7'0'') C 85 China
9  Sun Yue 206 (6'9'') SF 85 China
20  Zhai Xiaochuan 205 (6'9'') F 93 China
51  Ji Zhe 202 (6'8'') F 89 China
32  Morris Randolph 211 (6'11'') F/C 86 USA
1  Li Gen 196 (6'5'') F 88 China
33  Wang Xiaohui 196 (6'5'') G 90 China
8  Fang Shuo 188 (6'2'') G 90 China
13  Zhu YanXi 209 (6'10'') C 90 China
5  Zhang Qingpeng 187 (6'2'') PG 81 China
12  Chen Lei 195 (6'5'') G/F 83 China
Head Coach: LuLei Min All-Chinese CBA Awards 2015 - Mar 26, 2015 All-Chinese CBA 1st Team 2015
Dominique Jones
Lester Hudson
Jianlian Yi
Andray Blatche
Hamed Haddadi

Finals MVP: Stephon Marbury (188-G-77) of Beijing Ducks
Player of the Year: Dominique Jones (193-G-88) of Jilin NE T.
Guard of the Year: Dominique Jones (193-G-88) of Jilin NE T.
Forward of the Year: Andray Blatche (211-F/C-86) of Xinjiang FT
Center of the Year: Hamed Haddadi (218-C-85) of Qingdao E.
Defensive Player of the Year: Qi Zhou (217-C-96) of Xinjiang FT
Import Player of the Year: Dominique Jones (193-G-88) of
Jilin NE T.
Domestic Player of the Year: Jianlian Yi (212-PF-87) of Guangdong ST
Coach of the Year: LuLei Min of Beijing Ducks

1st Team
G: Dominique Jones (193-G-88) of Jilin NE T.
SG: Lester Hudson (190-SG-84) of Liaoning H.
PF: Jianlian Yi (212-PF-87) of Guangdong ST
F/C: Andray Blatche (211-F/C-86) of Xinjiang FT
C: Hamed Haddadi (218-C-85) of Qingdao E.

2nd Team
PG: Errick McCollum (185-PG-88) of Zhejiang CB
G: Von Wafer (196-G-85) of Shanxi Zh.
F: Charles Gaines (201-F-81) of Zhejiang CB
F/C: Randolph Morris (211-F/C-86) of Beijing Ducks
F/C: Elijah Holman (208-F/C-89) of Guangsha L.

3rd Team
G: Michael Efevberha (193-G-84) of Sichuan BW
PG: Willie Warren (193-PG-89) of Chongqing FD
PG: Bobby Brown (188-PG-84) of DongGuan L.
F: Michael Beasley (6'10''-F-89) of Shanghai S.
C/F: Ikechukwu Diogu (204-C/F-83) of DongGuan L.

Honorable Mention
Will Bynum (183-PG-83) of Guangdong ST
FangYu Zhu (201-SF-83) of Guangdong ST
Dejun Han (215-C-89) of Liaoning H.
Gen Li (196-F-88) of Beijing Ducks
Jamaal Franklin (6'5''-SG-91) of Zhejiang CB
QuAn Gu (202-F-92) of DongGuan L.
Qi Zhou (217-C-96) of Xinjiang FT
Josh-Emmanuel Akognon (180-PG-86) of Foshan LL
Fadi Khatib (199-F/G-79) of Foshan LL
Eugene Jeter (180-PG-83) of Shandong FB
Earl Clark (208-F-88) of Shandong FB
Deon Thompson (203-F-88) of Liaoning H.
Lin Chang (206-F-88) of Jiangsu D.
Zhelin Wang (215-PF-94) of Fujian QB
Yuchen Zou (197-F-96) of Bayi R.

All-Imports Team
G: Dominique Jones (193-G-88) of Jilin NE T.
SG: Lester Hudson (190-SG-84) of Liaoning H.
PG: Errick McCollum (185-PG-88) of Zhejiang CB
F/C: Andray Blatche (211-F/C-86) of Xinjiang FT
C: Hamed Haddadi (218-C-85) of Qingdao E.

All-Domestic Players Team
SF: FangYu Zhu (201-SF-83) of Guangdong ST
F: Yuchen Zou (197-F-96) of Bayi R.
PF: Zhelin Wang (215-PF-94) of Fujian QB
PF: Jianlian Yi (212-PF-87) of Guangdong ST
C: Qi Zhou (217-C-96) of Xinjiang FT

Beijing repeats as CBA Champions - Mar 22, 2015

In a stunning road victory, Beijing claims there 2nd consecutive CBA title, beating Liaoning 106-98. Beijing has now won 3 out of the last four, and Marbury Stephon (188-G-77, college: Georgia Tech) claims yet another CBA Finals MVP.

For Liaoning, which had the the best record throughout most of the 2014-15 CBA regular season, they lose another championship series, having lost to Guangdong in 2008-09. Regular season MVP, Hudson Lester (190-SG-84, college: Tenn-Martin) sees his bid for a second CBA title fall just short. Hudson has led three different clubs in to the championship round, and won back in his 1st season with Guangdong , and last season fell short with Xinjiang and now with Liaoning.

Beasley sets CBA All-Star scoring record in South's win - Jan 18, 2015

Beasley Michael (208-F-89, college: Kansas St.) from Shanghai scored 59 points, a new record in CBA All-Star history, to lead Team South win the 2015 version of CBA All-Star game by beating North 142-123 on Sunday. Beasley Michael, with 11 rebounds and five assists, took home the MVP award as well. The previous record belonged to Douby Quincy (190-G-84, college: Rutgers), who played for Tianjin this season, with 44 points. Team North started the game with a 7-2 run. Andray Blatche, who led North with 25 points, made a couple of baskets to help North set up a 29-21 advantage at the end of the first period. The second quarter began with a dunk from Beasley Michael, one of his four dunks in the quarter. Team South came back to the game after a 27-17 spurt. Team North struggled to find the basket in the later half of the second quarter, allowing South to come forward 62-59 in the first half. Team South controlled the game in the second half, setting a 10-point lead after a 9-2 run. North fought back to cut the gap to one point in the fourth quarter, but the unstoppable Beasley Michael kept scoring in the final quarter to help South win the game. Li Gen from Beijing scored 15 points for North. Hudson Lester (190-SG-84, agency: Priority Sports, college: Tenn-Martin) from Liaoning made four three-pointers to collect 14. Sun Yue (206-SF-85) and Guo Ailun added 13 points apiece for North. Errick McCollum bagged 22 point after hitting four three-pointers. Yi Jianlian (212-PF-87) from Guangdong added 18.
Beijing guard Fang Shuo won the Skills Challenge. Madanly Michel (194-G-81) took the champion on the Three-Point Shootout and Luo Kaiwen (198-F-95) from Bayi won the Dunking Contest.
Courtesy of:

Chinese CBA All-Star Game 2015 Rosters - Jan 17, 2015

North Team

Yanyuhang Ding

JiangPeng Duang

Lester Hudson

Stephon Marbury

Andray Blatche

Ding Yanyuhang (200-F-93) of Shandong
Duang JiangPeng (197-F-90) of Shanxi
Guo Ailun (192-SF-93) of Liaoning
Han Dejun (215-C-89) of Liaoning
He TianJu (206-F-90) of Liaoning
Hudson Lester (190-SG-84) of Liaoning
Li Gen (196-F-88) of Shougang
Liu Wei (210-C-89) of Xinjiang
Marbury Stephon (188-G-77) of Shoungang
Sun Yue (206-SF-85) of Shougang
Zhou Qi (217-C-96) of Xinjiang
Blatche Andray (211-F/C-86) of Xinjiang

Head Coach: Guo Shiqiang
Coach Assistant: Liu Qiuping

South Team

Will Bynum

Michael Beasley

QuAn Gu

Errick McCollum

Jianlian Yi

Bynum Will (183-PG-88) of Guangdong
Michael Beasley (208-F-89) of Shangai
Gu QuAn (202-F-92) of DongGuan
Lin Zhijie (192-G-82) of Zhejiang
Wang Zhelin (215-PF-94) of Fujian
Yi Jianlian (212-PF-87) of Guangdong
Zeng LingXu (193-G-87) of Foshan
Zhao TaiLong (193-G/F-90) of Fujian
Zhou Peng (210-F-89) of Guangdong
Zhu FangYu (201-SF-83) of Guangdong
McCollum Errick (185-PG-88) of Zhejiang

Head Coach: Du Feng
Coach Assistant: Li ChunJianga

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