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CBA Standings
 1. Guandong 30-2 
 2. Xinjiang 27-5 
 3. Zhejiang G.L. 26-6 
 4. Shanghai 25-7 
 5. Liaoning 21-11 
 6. Jiangsu 20-13 
 7. Fujian 17-15 
 8. Bayi 15-17 
 9. Shandong 14-18 
 10. Zhejiang C. 14-18 
 11. DongGuan 13-19 
 12. TianJin R. 11-21 
 13. Jilin 10-21 
 14. Shanxi Zh. 10-22 
 15. Beijing 8-24 
 16. Qingdao DS 7-25 
 17. Shaanxi 4-28 

Stephon Marbury is named CBA All-Star Game MVP (
Season 2009-10
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List of Players
List of Imports
Chinese Abroad

Guangdong won the 2010 CBA championship (photo:
Points Per Game
  Avg: 32
 1. Emmett, Shandong32.0 
 2. Gaines, Xinjiang30.4 
 3. Pickett, Shaanxi29.8 
 4. Edwards, Shaanxi29.3 
 5. Rodgers, Jilin28.5 
 6. Lucas, Shanghai27.9 
 7. White, Zhejiang.27.5 
 8. Brown, Zhejiang C.26.1 
 9. Mays, Beijing26.0 
 10. Wang, Bayi25.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 15.4
 1. Collins, Jilin15.4 
 2. Mays, Beijing13.2 
 3. Ramos, Zhejiang.13.0 
 4. Oyedeji, Liaoning12.2 
 5. Harvey, Jiangsu12.0 
 6. Swift, Shandong11.8 
 7. Brown, Beijing11.6 
 8. Okosa, Qingdao DS11.4 
 9. Williams, Zhejiang C.11.2 
 10. Williams, Fujian11.1 
Assists Per Game
 Stephon MARBURY
  Shanxi Zh.
  Avg: 9.5
 1. Marbury, Shanxi Z.9.5 
 2. Lu, Fujian7.2 
 3. Parker, Guandong5.7 
 4. Hu, Jiangsu5.1 
 5. Fahed, TianJin R.4.9 
 6. Liu, Shanghai4.8 
 7. Lucas, Shanghai4.7 
 8. Kelley, DongGuan4.4 
 9. Allen, Xinjiang4.3 
 10. Carr, Jilin4.2 
Steals Per Game
  Qingdao DS
  Avg: 3.8
 1. Williams, Qingd.3.8 
 2. Hu, Jiangsu3.7 
 3. Parker, Guandong3.1 
 4. Allen, Xinjiang2.7 
 5. Pickett, Shaanxi2.6 
 6. Marbury, Shanxi Z.2.6 
 7. Emmett, Shandong2.4 
 8. Gaines, Xinjiang2.3 
 9. Lu, Fujian2.3 
 10. Okosa, Qingdao DS2.3 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 4.2
 1. Williams, Fujian4.2 
 2. Lamizana, TianJ.3.8 
 3. Swift, Shandong3.1 
 4. Collins, Jilin2.8 
 5. Steyn, Qingdao DS2.2 
 6. Xu, Bayi2.2 
 7. Wang, Bayi2.1 
 8. Simmons, DongGuan1.8 
 9. Watkins, Jiangsu1.8 
 10. McCoy, Fujian1.8 

Guandong Southern Tigers 2009-10
ChunJiang Li ChunJiang Li Li
ShiPeng Wang
Peng Zhou
XiaoYu Liu
Zheng Wang
Don Hanglin
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
7 Wang ShiPeng 197 (6'6'') F/G 83 CHN
11 Zhou Peng 207 (6'10'') F 89 CHN
10 Liu XiaoYu 191 (6'3'') G 89 CHN
22 Wang Zheng 216 (7'1'') C 90 CHN
32 Hanglin Don 207 (6'10'') F 91 CHN
34 Harrison David 213 (7'0'') C 82 USA
1 Parker Smush 193 (6'4'') G 81 USA
8 Zhu Fangyu 201 (6'7'') F 83 CHN
4 Du Feng 207 (6'10'') C/F 81 CHN
21 Chen Dawei 203 (6'8'') F 85 CHN
6 Chen Jianghua 188 (6'2'') G 89 CHN
13 Sui Yan 197 (6'6'') G 89 CHN
12 Su Wei 212 (7'0'') C 89 CHN
20 Ren JunFei 203 (6'8'') C 90 CHN
Head Coach: ChunJiang Li
Coach Assistant: BoYu Zhang
Coach Assistant: Feng Du All-Chinese CBA Awards 2009-10 - Apr 14, 2010 All-Chinese CBA 1st Team 2010
Charles Gaines
Stephon Marbury
Bateer Mengke
Smush Parker
Stromile Swift

Player of the Year: Gaines Charles (201-F-81) of Xinjiang
Guard of the Year: Marbury Stephon (187-G-77) of Shaanxi
Forward of the Year: Gaines Charles of Xinjiang
Center of the Year: Mengke Bateer (210-C-75) of Xinjiang Gyang
Co-Newcomer of the Year: Yu Shulong (185-G-90) of JiLin and Dong Hanlin (206-F-91) of Guangdong
Most Improved Player of the Year: Xu ZhongHao (212-C-90) of Bayi Fubang
Import Player of the Year: Gaines Charles of Xinjiang
Domestic Player of the Year: Zhu FangYu (201-F-83) of GuanDong
Defensive Player of the Year: Williams Chris (199-F/G-80) of QingDao
Coach of the Year: Donewald Bob Jr. of Shanghai

1st Team
Gaines Charles (201-F-81) of Xinjiang
Marbury Stephon (187-G-77) of Shaanxi
Mengke Bateer (210-C-75) of Xinjiang Gyang
Parker Smush (193-G-81) of Guandong
Swift Stromile (206-F-79) of Shandong

2nd Team
Lucas John (180-G-82) of Shanghai Dongfang
Zhu FangYu of GuanDong
Williams Chris of Qingdao
Oyedeji Olumide (208-C/F-81) of Liaoning
Marcus Williams (201-F-86) of Zhejiang

Honorable Mention
Wang ZhiZhi (214-C-79) of BaYi
White Rodney (206-F-80) of Zhejiang
Ramos Peter John (222-C-85) of Zhejiang
Liu Wei (190-G-80) of Shanghai
Zhang QingPeng (189-G-81) of Liaoning
Xu GuoChong (198-F/G-81) of Xinjiang
Li Xiaoxu (207-C-90) of Liaoning
Harrison David (213-C-82) of Guandong
Allen Myron (180-G-79) of Xinjiang
Harvey Donnell (203-C-80) of Jiangsu
McCoy Jelani (208-C-77) of Fujian

All-Imports Team
Gaines Charles of Xinjiang Gyang
Marbury Stephon of ShanXi
Parker Smush of Guandong
Swift Stromile of Shandong
Lucas John of Shangha

All-Domestic Players Team
Mengke Bateer of Xinjiang Gyang
Zhu FangYu of GuanDong
Liu Wei of Shanghai
Zhang QingPeng of Liaoning
Xu GuoChong Of Xinjiang

All-Defensive Team
Tang ZhengDong (213-C-84) of JiangSu
Han Dejun (215-C-89) of Liaoning
Maurice Taylor (206-F-76) of ShanXi
Williams Chris of QingDao
Brown Ernest (213-C-79) of Beijing

All-Newcomers Team
Yu Shulong of Ji Lin
Duan JiangPeng (197-F-90) of Shaanxi
Zhang Kai (211-C-82) of DongGuan
Xirelijiang Muhetaer (G-91) of Xinjiang
Xu ZhongHao of Bayi

Guangdong Gains CBA Championship with 103-94 Win Over Xinjiang - Apr 25, 2010
Guangdong won the CBA championship with a 103-94 victory over Xinjiang in a game that was not as close as the final score indicated.

After leading 26-20 after one quarter and 49-45 at the half, Guangdong broke the game open in the third quarter to take an 81-60 lead. Zhu FangYu (201-F-83) led the way with 29 points and 4 rebounds. Wang Zheng had an excellent game with 14 points on 6 of 7 shooting and 10 rebounds, but he fouled out in 15 minutes. David Harrison had 12 points and 15 rebounds. Zhou Peng had 12 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Du Feng had 11 points and 3 rebounds. Wang Shipeng scored 8 and Smush Parker had 6 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.

Charles Gaines had 30 points and 11 rebounds for Xinjiang. Myron Allen had 17 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists and 6 steals. Xirelijiang had 17 points, 4 rebounds and 4 steals. This young Uighur guard, listed as born in 1991, right now looks like the most promising of China's young guards, surpassing Guangdong's Liu Xiaoyu and the oft-injured Chen Jianghua. Xu Guozhong had 13 points and 5 rebounds for Xinjiang. Mengke Bateer had 9 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists.

CBA All-star Game - Mar 21, 2010 
CBA all-star game of season 2009-2010 was on last night in Bei Jing. Northern team beat Southern team at 133:121. Zhang Qing Peng from Liao Ning team scored 29 points with 7 3-points. Stephon Marbury received 30 points, 10 assists, 6 3-points and 3 steals. Yang Ming got 6 points, Li Xiao Xu got 11 points, Ba ter got 2 points. From South team, rodney White lead the team with 32 points and 9 boards. John Lucas got 30 points, 6 3-points and 6 rebounds. Wang Zhi Zhi got 12 points and Yi Li got 4 points. Liu Wei got 11 points and Gong Song Lin got 16 points. The headcoach from north team is Jiang Xing Quan and assist coach is Guo Shi Qiang, but the whole game was coached by Guo. Headcoach from South team is Li Chun Jiang and assist coach is Wang Fei. North team recieved the score at each quator is 28points, 29points, 33points, 43 points and south team got at 31points, 27points, 28points, 35points.

Southern All Stars:
Center: Wang ZhiZhi (214-C-79) -Bayi
Power Forward: Zhang Kai (211-C-82) -Dongguan
Small Forward: Zhu Fangyu (201-F-83) -Guangdong
Shooting guard: Lucas John (180-G-82, college: Oklahoma St.) -Shanghai
Point Guard: Hu XueFeng (185-G-80) -Jiangsu.

Wang ShiPeng (197-F/G-83) -Guangdong
White Rodney (206-F-80, college: Charlotte) -Zhejiang Lions
Lin Chih-Chieh (192-F/G-82) -Zhejiang Lions
Liu Wei (190-G-80) -Shanghai
Yi Li (203-F/G-85) -Jiangsu
Gong SongLin (195-G/F-81) -Fujian
Ding Jinhui (204-C-90) -Zhejiang

Northern All Stars:
Center: Mengke Bateer (210-C-75) -Xinjiang
Power Forward: Li Xiaoxu (207-C-90) -Liaoning
Small Forward: Zhang Nan (197-F-81) -Tianjin
Shooting Guard: Yang Ming (193-G-85) -Liaoning
Point Guard: Zhang QingPeng (189-G-81) -Liaoning.

Marbury Stephon (187-G-77, agency: Scenic Sports Group, LLC., college: Georgia Tech) -Shanxi Zhongyu
Swift Stromile (206-F-79, college: LSU) -Shandong
Duan JiangPeng (197-F-90) -Shanxi Zhongyu
Chen Lei (195-G/F-83) -Beijing
Zheng Jia (208-C-83) -Beijing
Zheng Zhun (214-C-92) -Shaanxi

Hu XueFeng has broken the index finger in his left hand, and announced that he will sit out the rest of this season, so he will need to be replaced. This also hurts Jiangsu's prospects in the playoffs.
The coaches of the 17 CBA teams also voted to pick their teams for the Rookie Challenge, to be played March 19.

Northern Rookies
Sui Ran (193-G-92) Shandong
Tao HanLin (206-C-91) Shandong
Yu Shulong (185-G-90) Jilin
Zhong Cheng (206-F-89) Jilin
Zhang Biao (201-F-90) Jilin
Yang Wenbo (196-F/G-90) Shaanxi
Sun Shengyue (198-F-89) Qingdao
Zhang Zhihan (199-F/G-91) Tianjin
Zhang Ji (207-C-88) Tianjin

Southern Rookies
Cao Fei (194-F-91) Zhejiang
Xu ZhongHao (212-C-90) Hao Bayi
Chang Cheng-yu (193-G-89) Bayi
Feng Qi (190-G-91) Dongguan
He ZhongMian (198-F-91) Dongguan
Sun Zhe (220-C-90) Dongguan
Dong Hanlin (206-F-91) Guangdong
Li Gen (196-F-88) Shanghai
Liu Yahui (206-F-88) Jiangsu
Wu Nan (196-G/F-89) Jiangsu.

The players for the Skills Challenge, 3-pointer Shootout and Dunking Contest, to be played March 19, are as follows:

Skills Challenge
Marbury Stephon (Shanxi Zhongyu)
Lin Chih-Chieh (Zhejiang Lions)
Liu Wei (Shanghai)
Xie LiBin (190-G-88) (Beijing);

3-pointer Shootout:
Lucas John (Shanghai)
Wang Ligang (204-F/C-85) (Shanghai)
Zhang QingPeng (Liaoning)
Xu ZhongHao (Xinjiang)
Jin Lipeng (190-G-78) (Zhejiang Lions)
Wei MingLiang (195-F-82) (Shanxi Zhongyu)

Dunking Contest:
Wu Nan (Jiangsu)
Li Cai (201-F-91) (Jiangsu)
Wang Fei (190-G-88) (Zhejiang Lions)
Swift Stromile (Shandong)
Williams Sean (208-F-86, college: Boston Coll.) (Fujian)
Abbaas Zaid (203-F-83) (Shanghai)
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