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KBL Standings
 1. KCC Egis 36-18 
 2. Mobis Phoebus 36-18 
 3. Goyang Orions 32-22 
 4. Anyang KGC 30-24 
 5. Samsung Th. 29-25 
 6. Dongbu Promy 26-28 
 7. Sonic Boom KT 23-31 
 8. LG Sakers 21-33 
 9. SK Knights 20-34 
 10. ET Land 17-37 
Points Per Game
  KCC Egis
  Avg: 26.2
 1. Emmett, KCC Egis26.2 
 2. Gillenwater, LG Sa.26.2 
 3. Haynes, Goyang O.23.1 
 4. Simon, Talk N Text20.5 
 5. McKines, Cocodrilos20.4 
 6. Ratliffe, Purefood.20.2 
 7. Powell, ET Land17.7 
 8. Rhodes, Anyang KGC17.5 
 9. Sims, Sonic B.17.2 
 10. Little, Anyang K.16.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.1
 1. Ratliffe, Purefood.12.1 
 2. Sims, Sonic B.11.1 
 3. Benson, Dongbu P.10.4 
 4. Simon, Talk N Text9.0 
 5. Gillenwater, LG Sa.9.0 
 6. McKines, Cocodrilos8.6 
 7. Victor, Arecibo8.6 
 8. Rhodes, Anyang KGC8.6 
 9. Clark, Mobis P.8.5 
 10. Haynes, Goyang O.8.4 
Assists Per Game
 Dong-Geun YANG
  Mobis P.
  Avg: 5.6
 1. Yang, Mobis P.5.6 
 2. Ham, Mobis Phoebus5.4 
 3. Kim, SK Knights5.4 
 4. Jackson, Goyang O.4.9 
 5. Kim, ET Land3.8 
 6. Lee, Sonic Boom KT3.8 
 7. Haynes, Goyang O.3.7 
 8. Johnson, Defensor3.7 
 9. Joo, Samsung Th.3.5 
 10. Yoo, LG Sakers3.5 
Steals Per Game
 Sun-Hyung KIM
  SK Knights
  Avg: 1.6
 1. Kim, SK Knights1.6 
 2. Lee, Anyang KGC1.6 
 3. Yang, Mobis P.1.5 
 4. Victor, Arecibo1.5 
 5. Douk, Dongbu Promy1.5 
 6. Blakely, Sonic B.1.5 
 7. Johnson, Defensor1.5 
 8. McKissic, LG Sa.1.4 
 9. Emmett, KCC Egis1.3 
 10. Ham, Mobis Phoeb.1.3 
Blocks Per Game
 David SIMON
  Talk N Text
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Simon, Talk N Text1.8 
 2. Rhodes, Anyang KGC1.6 
 3. Hill, KCC Egis1.5 
 4. Ratliffe, Purefood.1.1 
 5. Victor, Arecibo1.1 
 6. Blakely, Sonic B.1.1 
 7. Ha, KCC Egis1.0 
 8. Lyons, San German1.0 
 9. Sims, Sonic B.1.0 
 10. Clark, Mobis P.1.0 

Play-Off bracket4
1 on 1 with Courtney Sims "I am ready for the season" - Sep 6, 2012

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1 on 1 with Sims Courtney (211-C-83, agency: Pro Partner Sports Management, college: Michigan) "I am ready for the season"

1. You selected as the first overall pick at KBL draft. How are you feeling?

It is truly an honor to be the first overall pick in the draft. I am extremely thankful on this day and I absolutely cannot wait to get the season started.

2. Did you expect the first pick selection before the draft?

I honestly did not know what to expect. This is the first draft that I have really been a factor in. During the tryout we had, there were a lot of players telling me that they thought I would be the number one pick. After playing basketball my whole life I have learned to expect anything.

3. There are lots of expectations on you because you have chosen No.1 player. Do you feel any pressure about that?

I dont really feel any pressure right now. I always work extremely hard during the offseason, and I believe in my abilities on the court. Instead of pressure I feel that this is gratification for all the hard work I have put into my game over the past couple of years.

4. Would you introduce yourself to Korean Fans?

Yes, definitely! I look forward to meeting all the Korean fans. I have heard nothing but great things. My family and I are excited to get to South Korea and enjoy this experience. I have been told that KCC has the best fans in the KBL! We will need all of their support every game!

5. As a player, what is your strong and weak point?

Well, of course I'm not going to tell you my weaknesses. Thats for my opponents to figure out. But I believe any player can improve no matter how good they are. My versatility is definitely the strength of my game; I can play inside and outside, pass and shoot well, rebound with efficiency, and defend anyone I will face down low.

6. This is your first time in Korea. There are many difficulties such as different culture, language and foods. How can you handle that?

I have played in many different places overthe course of my career. I have adjusted well to every place I have been.Everybody I have talked to that has been to Korea has loved it, so I'm sure Iwill, too!

7. What do you know about Koreanbasketball? And what is the first impression of Korean basketball?

From what I've seen and heard about Koreanbasketball the fans look very passionate, which I love. That's veryexciting. It is always so much better to play in front of fans that arecheering you on.

8. Do you know any specificAmerican player who is going to Korea this season?

I was able to watch some of the guys who weredrafted during the try out, so I have a little knowledge of who they are. Ihave also played against Rod Benson, Chris Alexander and a few other guys thatwere drafted in the NBA D League, as well.

9. Who is going to be yourbiggest rival among KBL players?

We will have to wait and see on that one. Someplayers improve over the summer and others don't. So you never know who willstep up. I am sure that I will develop some good rivalries as the season kicksoff.

10. People saying that Rod Benson whogot lots of experiences in Korea, is the best player in KBL. Do you agree? Howwill you play against Benson for the first time?

I know Rod has had a lot of success in the KBL,so the respect he gets from the media and fans is well deserved. I wouldn't beable to tell you if he is the best player in the KBL because the season hasn'tstarted yet and there are new players in the league. Rod is definitely avery talented player, though.

11. You had lots of experiences inabroad including Puerto Rico and Russia and so on. Which league was the mostcompetitive for you?

I always tell people the hardest league toplay in is the NBA D League. There are a lot of different challenges, but themain one is getting a group of ten guys that all have individual goals - to getcalled up to the NBA - to come together as a team. It is a lot harder than itlooks. I've been lucky with good teammates and great coaching, so my teams havealways been right at the top of the league. There are also a lot of guys in theD League that could easily be in the NBA. Its a very tough league.

12. How did you feel when you got aD-league of the year award in 2009?

I was very proud. It was a team effort.Without the teammates and coaches I had it wouldn't have been possible.

13. You tried to go to NBA severaltimes. But you could not play full season at there. What were difficulties tocompete with NBA players?

It isn't difficult to compete in the NBA. Ifeel like I am an NBA player, but a lot of other stuff goes into making the NBA.Two of the three teams I was on were over the salary cap and could not keep meon the roster. If they had kept me the whole year they would have had to paydouble my salary, so obviously they decided not to. Making the NBA is all abouthaving an opportunity and what you do with it. I never had a legitimateopportunity to make the NBA for the long term because I never played in gamesonce I made it up to the NBA

14. KBL has such a long season. Youhave to play 54 regular season games. Do you have a confidence with yourstamina?

Yes, I do. The NBA D League has a 50 gameseason and I have played two full seasons in that league. I have experienceplaying a lot of games in a short period of time, so I do not think that willbe an issue for me, personally.

15. A former Wolverin, DeShawn Simsplayed last season for KCC. You guys know each other?

Yes. DeShawn and I were teammates at Michiganfor a year. We hung out a little bit during the summer league but I haven'ttalk to him since I signed to KCC. I am looking forward to speaking to him andseeing what he has to say about KCC and Korean basketball, in general.

16. Hur Jae, a head coach of KCC, wasthe best Korean player ever. Now, He is one of the best coaches in KBL. How areyou feeling to play for him?

It's good to play for a coach that's beenthrough everything as a player and was successful. I'm excited to play for sucha well-respected and accomplished coach. It will be an opportunity that I willlook to take full advantage of.

17. You know, Coach Hur is a holyterror when he is angry during the game. How can you handle him?

Most of the coaches I had during my career hadthat type of intensity. It's not a problem at all. I know that when coaches getmad or angry they are just trying to make the team better. I take it as achallenge, not as an insult.

18. KCC has a great tradition with 5KBL championships. You should be very proud of that, right?

Most definitely! Hopefully our team this yearcan keep that great tradition going and get the sixth KBL championship. I amreally looking forward to getting out on the court with my teammates to try andget the sixth championship.

19. What is your personal goal forseason? For example, you can say that I am going to average 20 points and 10 rebounds per game

To win a championship. I've learned throughoutmy career that individual accolades come with winning. That's the mostimportant thing. When the team is winning, everything else seems to fall intoplace. I will simply do whatever I need to in order to help KCC win as manygames as possible.

20. Would you say hello to Korean fanswho waiting for you?

Hello to all of my fans, fans of KCC and fansof the KBL! All the fans that are waiting for me can follow my daily life on Twitterand Instagram at C_Sims44. Get to know me a little bit better. I am lookingforward to introducing myself to the fans.

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