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Kazakhstan Internationally
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D1 Standings
 1. Astana 10-0 
 2. Barsy Atyrau 4-4 
 3. Kaspiy Aktau 0-10 
Full Standings
Higher Standings
Places 1-4
 1. Kapshagay 7-2 
 2. Tobol 6-3 
 3. Almat.Legion 3-6 
 4. Kazygurt 2-7 
Places 5-10
 1. Bars 5-0 
 2. Barsy-2 4-1 
 3. Tigers Ast. 3-2 
 4. Okzetpes 2-3 
 5. Irtysh 1-4 
 6. Kaspiy-2 0-5 
Stage One Standings
Full Standings
VTB United League Standings
 1 CSKA 12-1 
 2 Lokomotiv 10-2 
 3 Unics 10-3 
 4 Zenit 9-3 
 5 Khimky 9-3 
 6 VEF Riga 6-5 
 7 Astana 6-6 
 8 Enisey 5-8 
 9 Avtodor 4-8 
 10 N.Novgorod 3-8 
 11 Tsmoki-Minsk 3-9 
 12 Kalev/Cramo 2-10 
 13 Parma 0-13 
FIBA Europe Cup Standings
Group K
 1 Chalon 4-0 
 2 Gaziantep 3-1 
 3 Sodertalje 1-3 
 4 Targu Mures 0-4 
Group L
 1 Antwerp 3-1 
 2 Demir IBB 3-1 
 3 Gravelines 1-3 
 4 Prievidza 1-3 
Group M
 1 Telekom Bsk 3-1 
 2 Vytautas 3-1 
 3 Oberwart 1-3 
 4 Apoel 1-3 
Group N
 1 Kormend 3-1 
 2 Nanterre 3-1 
 3 Tsmoki-Minsk 1-3 
 4 Bnei Hertzeliyya 1-3 
Group O
 1 Alba 3-1 
 2 UBT Cluj Napoca 2-2 
 3 Pau-Lacq-Orthez 2-2 
 4 BK Pardubice 1-3 
Group P
 1 Enisey 3-1 
 2 Lukoil Acad. 3-1 
 3 Groningen 3-2 
 4 Benfica 0-5 
Stage One Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Trevin PARKS
  Barsy Atyrau
  Avg: 24
 1. Parks, Barsy Atyrau24.0 
 2. Lowery, Astana21.4 
 3. Ilin, Barsy Atyrau14.4 
 4. Yargaliev, Astana14.3 
 5. Yagodkin, Kaspiy A.14.0 
 6. Yevstigneyev, Barsy A.13.8 
 7. Gavrilov, Astana10.6 
 8. Ponomaryov, Astana10.5 
 9. Lapchenko, Kaspiy A.9.4 
 10. Kazantcev, Kaspiy A.9.1 
Rebounds Per Game
 Robert LOWERY
  Avg: 7
 1. Lowery, Astana7.0 
 2. Yevstigneyev, Barsy A.6.9 
 3. Micheev, Barsy A.5.8 
 4. Ponomaryov, Astana5.4 
 5. Lapchenko, Kaspiy A.5.3 
 6. Kazantcev, Kaspiy A.5.0 
 7. Yagodkin, Kaspiy A.4.9 
 8. Gavrilov, Astana4.6 
 9. Parks, Barsy Atyrau4.5 
 10. Pan, Kaspiy Aktau4.4 
Assists Per Game
 Robert LOWERY
  Avg: 7
 1. Lowery, Astana7.0 
 2. Yagodkin, Kaspiy A.5.3 
 3. Parks, Barsy Atyrau4.1 
 4. Murzagaliyev, Ast.3.4 
 5. Savchenko, Barsy A.3.1 
 6. Yargaliev, Astana3.1 
 7. Marchuk, Kaspiy A.2.1 
 8. Kuanov, Kaspiy A.2.1 
 9. Yevstigneyev, Barsy A.2.0 
 10. Ilin, Barsy Atyrau1.9 
Steals Per Game
 Robert LOWERY
  Avg: 4.2
 1. Lowery, Astana4.2 
 2. Parks, Barsy Atyrau3.6 
 3. Yagodkin, Kaspiy A.2.7 
 4. Yargaliev, Astana2.1 
 5. Savchenko, Barsy A.1.8 
 6. Yevstigneyev, Barsy A.1.6 
 7. Pan, Kaspiy Aktau1.6 
 8. Bazhkin, Barsy A.1.6 
 9. Marchuk, Kaspiy A.1.6 
 10. Ilin, Barsy Atyrau1.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Barsy A.
  Avg: 0.5
 1. Yevstigneyev, Barsy A.0.5 
 2. Bazhkin, Barsy A.0.4 
 3. Matyukevych, Barsy A.0.3 
 4. Pan, Kaspiy Aktau0.3 
 5. Lowery, Astana0.2 
 6. Ponomaryov, Astana0.2 
 7. Kazantcev, Kaspiy A.0.2 
 8. Savchenko, Barsy A.0.1 
 9. Kurochkin, Kaspiy A.0.1 
 10. Yagodkin, Kaspiy A.0.1 
Player of the Week

 Leonidas Kaselakis

 Ruslan Aitkali
Kazakhstan men teams in Asian cups 2016-2017
 FIBA Europe Cup:
 VTB League:
 Asia Cham.Cup:

Next Round Schedule

Round 8 (Regular Season)

Astana 98% Jan.26 Kaspiy Aktau
Astana 98% Jan.25 Kaspiy Aktau
Next Round Schedule

Round 3 (Second Stage)

Kazygurt Jan.27 Kapshagay 81%
Almat.Legion Jan.27 Tobol 76%
Tobol 74% Jan.26 Kazygurt
Kapshagay 87% Jan.26 Almat.Legion
Tobol Jan.25 Kapshagay 58%
Kazygurt 63% Jan.25 Almat.Legion
Next Round Schedule

Round 16 (Regular Season)

Avtodor 73% Jan.22 Tsmoki-Minsk
Enisey Jan.22 Lokomotiv 81%
Kalev/Cramo Jan.22 Khimky 87%
Astana Jan.22 Zenit 57%
N.Novgorod Jan.21 VEF Riga 57%
Next Round Schedule

Round 5 (Second Stage)

Group K
Gaziantep 95% Jan.18 Targu Mures
Chalon 91% Jan.18 Sodertalje
Group L
Gravelines Jan.18 Antwerp 80%
Demir IBB 88% Jan.18 Prievidza
Group M
Telekom Bsk 85% Jan.18 Oberwart
Vytautas 78% Jan.18 Apoel
Group N
Nanterre 86% Jan.18 Bnei Hertzel
Tsmoki-Minsk Jan.18 Kormend 85%
Group O
Pau-Lacq-Ort 52% Jan.18 UBT Cluj Na
BK Pardubice Jan.18 Alba 75%
Group P
Lukoil Acad 52% Jan.18 Enisey
BK Almaty Alma-Ata keep Kuznetsov, Nurlanur, Volk and Savchenko - Sep 26, 2012

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Sergey Volk
BK Almaty Alma-Ata keep Kuznetsov, Nurlanur, Volk and Savchenko for the upcoming season.
BK Almaty Alma-Ata (D1) re-signed 28-year old Russian guard Aleksandr Kuznetsov (192-G-84). Kuznetsov played there last season. He helped them to make it to the cup semifinals. A very good season in his career as he was awarded All-League Guard of the Year and voted to 1st Team and voted to All-Imports Team.
BK Almaty Alma-Ata (D1) added to their roster 27-year old Belarusian point guard Sergey Volk (186-PG-85) after he was tested there shortly. Volk played last season at SBK Osipovichi in Belarusian Premier League. In 11 Premier League games he recorded 9.5ppg, 3.5rpg and 3.0apg.
The team confirmed in their roster 20-year old domestic point guard Baurzhan Nurlanur (185-PG-92). Nurlanur played there last season.
BK Almaty Alma-Ata (D1) inked 25-year old point guard Vasili Savchenko (190-PG-87). Savchenko played most recently at BC Astana (D1). He helped them to win the title and the cup. Savchenko represented Kazakhstan at the World Military Championships in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) last year..

National League Round 7: Kaspiy Aktau lose to Astana twice - 4 days ago
Very significant was Astana's (#1, 10-0) victory against 3rd placed Kaspiy Aktau (0-10) 72-53. Astana made 26-of-29 free shots (89.7 percent) during the game, while Kaspiy Aktau only scored nine points from the stripe. Astana forced 22 Kaspiy Aktau turnovers. 25 personal fouls committed by Kaspiy Aktau helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. It was a great evening for Greek Leonidas Kaselakis (202-90) who led his team to a victory scoring 24 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assis...   [read more]

Kazakhstan Higher League round 2 (Second Stage) best performance: Konstantin Dvirniy - 21 days ago
Former international Swingman Konstantin Dvirniy (192-G/F-88) put on an amazing game in the last round for top-ranked Kapshagay, receiving a Higher League Player of the Week award for round 2 (Second Stage). The 28-year old player was the main contributor (38 points, nine rebounds and two assists) to his team's victory, helping them to beat Almat.Legion (#3, 3-6) 86-79. The game was between two of the league's top four teams. It allowed Kapshagay to consolidate first place...   [read more]

Higher League Round 2 (Second Stage): Kazygurt defeats Almat.Legion in the closest game of the week - 22 days ago
There were only 2 rounds played so far and it's still very beginning of the Second Stage in Higher League. There was no lack of excitement in the last round games. The round ended with favorites losing the games and games ending by tiny margin. The most exciting game of round 2 in the Higher League took place in Alma-Ata. This derby game ended with only three-point home defeat of Almat.Legion (3-6) to Kazygurt (2-7) 83-80 on Friday evening. Kazygurt forced 20 Almat.Legion turnovers. 24 p...   [read more]

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