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Japan Internationally
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B Standings
 1. SeaHorses 28-8 
 2. Toyama Grouses 17-19 
 3. Nagoya DD 17-19 
 4. San-en 15-21 
 5. Niigata Albirex 14-22 
 6. Yokohama BC 11-25 
 1. Toyota Alvark 28-8 
 2. Chiba Jets 26-10 
 3. Toshiba BT 24-13 
 4. Hitachi SR 22-15 
 5. Tochigi Brex 19-17 
 6. Hokkaido L. 19-18 
 1. Ryukyu GK 29-8 
 2. Kyoto Hannar. 21-16 
 3. Osaka Evessa 12-24 
 4. Shiga L-Stars 11-25 
 5. Shimane SM 7-29 
 6. Nishinomiya S. 7-30 
Full Standings
B Standings
 1. Gunma 22-14 
 2. Toyotsu FE 22-14 
 3. Kanazawa Sam. 17-18 
 4. Cyberdyne IR 17-18 
 5. Shinshu BW 16-19 
 6. Tokyo Z 13-23 
 1. Akita NH 32-4 
 2. Fukushima 21-13 
 3. Yamagata 15-21 
 4. Sendai 89ers 14-22 
 5. Aomori Watts 9-27 
 6. Iwate Big Bulls 4-32 
 1. Fukuoka Rizing 29-7 
 2. Kumamoto V. 26-11 
 3. Ehime OV 22-15 
 4. Hiroshima D. 19-18 
 5. Kagawa FA 16-18 
 6. Bambitious Nara 8-28 
Full Standings
B League D3 Standings
 1. Tokyo HT 18-6 
 2. Saitama Bron. 18-6 
 3. Otsuka A. 18-6 
 4. Toyoda Gosei 15-9 
 5. Tokyo Excel. 11-11 
 6. Kagoshima 11-13 
 7. Aisin AW 8-14 
 8. Tokyo Cinq R. 3-19 
 9. Tokyo Big Blue 2-20 
Stage One Standings
Full Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Davante GARDNER
  Niigata .
  Avg: 28.9
 1. Gardner, Niigata .28.9 
 2. Fazekas, Toshiba BT25.4 
 3. Martin, San-en19.3 
 4. Trasolini, Hokkaido.18.7 
 5. Scott, Shimane SM17.8 
 6. Edwards, Chiba J.17.8 
 7. Uto, Toyama G.16.5 
 8. Kirk, Toyota Alvark16.5 
 9. Kanamaru, SeaHo.15.5 
 10. Sacre, Hitachi SR15.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Shimane SM
  Avg: 10.9
 1. Scott, Shimane SM10.9 
 2. Fazekas, Toshiba BT10.7 
 3. Rossiter, Tochigi .10.5 
 4. Gardner, Niigata .10.0 
 5. Butts, SeaHorses9.5 
 6. Fischer, Shiga L.9.2 
 7. Thabeet, Yokohama.9.1 
 8. Harrellson, Hitac.9.0 
 9. Lammert, Nishinom.8.9 
 10. Parker, Chiba Jets8.6 
Assists Per Game
 Naoki UTO
  Toyama G.
  Avg: 7
 1. Uto, Toyama G.7.0 
 2. Namizato, Shiga L.6.7 
 3. Togashi, Chiba Jets5.5 
 4. Igarashi, Niigata .5.3 
 5. Sakuragi, SeaHorses5.1 
 6. Tanaka, Toyota A.5.0 
 7. Suzuki, San-en4.9 
 8. Rossiter, Tochigi .4.7 
 9. Sasayama, Nagoya D.4.6 
 10. Burns, Nishinomiya S.4.5 
Steals Per Game
 Michael PARKER
  Chiba Jets
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Parker, Chiba Jets1.7 
 2. Parmer, Yokohama.1.7 
 3. Burns, Nishinomiya S.1.6 
 4. Hirose, Hitachi SR1.6 
 5. Vendrame, Hitac.1.5 
 6. Trasolini, Hokkaido.1.5 
 7. Brown, Ryukyu GK1.4 
 8. Dove, Kyoto Hannar.1.4 
 9. Douhara, Nishinom.1.3 
 10. Tani, Nishinomiya S.1.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Hasheem THABEET
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Thabeet, Yokohama.2.5 
 2. Fischer, Shiga L.2.4 
 3. Lammert, Nishinom.1.5 
 4. Edwards, Chiba J.1.3 
 5. Kirk, Toyota Alvark1.3 
 6. Trasolini, Hokkaido.1.3 
 7. Parker, Chiba Jets1.2 
 8. Martin, Ryukyu GK1.2 
 9. Lane, Shimane SM1.1 
 10. Pomare, Osaka E.1.0 
Player of the Week

 Julian Mavunga
  Kyoto Hannar.
  ( 203-PF-90 )

 Josh Duinker
  Kumamoto V.
  ( 209-F/C-89 )

 Eve Nyokozera
  Aisin AW
  ( 199-C-93 )


Japanese Basketball (Men)

Next Round Schedule

Round 25 (Regular Season)

Chiba Jets 63% Feb.18 Toyota Alvar
San-en Feb.18 Yokohama BC 54%
Niigata Albi 52% Feb.18 Nagoya DD
SeaHorses 80% Feb.18 Toyama Grous
Shiga L-Star 55% Feb.18 Osaka Evessa
Tochigi Brex 82% Feb.18 Shimane SM
Next Round Schedule

Round 39 (Regular Season)

Iwate Big Bu Feb.18 Tokyo Z 55%
Sendai 89ers 60% Feb.18 Aomori Watts
Fukushima 73% Feb.18 Yamagata
Cyberdyne I Feb.18 Fukuoka Rizi 71%
Kanazawa Sam 51% Feb.18 Bambitious N
Shinshu BW 63% Feb.18 Toyotsu FE
Kagawa FA Feb.18 Akita NH 78%
Next Round Schedule

Round 19 (Regular Season)

Aisin AW 64% Feb.18 Tokyo Excel
Tokyo Cinq R Feb.18 Kagoshima 68%
Otsuka A. 69% Feb.18 Toyoda Gosei
Tokyo Big Bl Feb.18 Tokyo HT 72%
Tokyo Cinq R Feb.17 Kagoshima 68%
Otsuka A. 69% Feb.17 Toyoda Gosei
Tokyo Big Bl Feb.17 Tokyo HT 72%
Aisin AW 64% Feb.17 Tokyo Excel
Toshiba trump Toyota in the JBL - Nov 3, 2012

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Don Beck
In the first of their weekend match-ups the league-leading Toyota Alvark went head-to-head with the second ranked Toshiba Brave Thunders Friday night in Yoyogi Gym, Tokyo.

Most in the crowd were expecting a home victory for the Alvark after their impressive demolition of the Aishin SeaHorses last Sunday.

Few would have predicted the eventual 49-71 thumping the hosts took at the hands of a Takuya Kita led Toshiba Brave Thunders.

Things started out on an even keel with the early headway made by Toyotas center Philip Ricci (202-F-80, college: Oregon St.), nipping in for four before the visitors found their footing to level the scores at 13 apiece come the end of the 1Q.

The second period saw Toshiba pull ahead, taking a 4-point lead into the half time break, much of their play centered on former Nevada University man Nick Fazekas (211-F-85, college: Nevada).

At this point things were, however, still being played out on a pretty even court.

And then Fazekas caught fire.

Dominating the third period under both baskets, at times almost scoring at will on his way to a rebound/points double double, 13 in the former, including 11 DRs, 19 in the latter, he even offered up a rather odd little dance after one successful penetration of a porous Toyota defence.

Naoto Tsujii added a further 10 points for Toshiba, pitching in a further 8 rebounds, 6 assists and a brace each in the turnover and steals columns.
For the hosts, as was the case against Aishin a week ago, Don Beck 's leading guards, Taishi Ito and Takeki Shonaka showed just how much their own performances affect the team overall, bagging just one field goal from 15 attempts combined!

Philip Ricci topped the score chart for the hosts at 14 but at times went almost single handedly against a Toshiba team looking to make it physical from the tip-off, Ricci drawing four of his teams 22 total fouls.

Josh Duinker
Japanese B League D2 round 37 best performance: Josh Duinker (by Interperformances) - 1 day ago
JOSH DUINKER Dutch-Australian Power forward Josh Duinker (209-F/C-89) put on an amazing game in the last round for second-ranked Kumamoto V., receiving a Interperformances B League D2 Player of the Week award for round 37. The 28-year old player was the main contributor (27 points, eight rebounds) to his team's victory, helping them to beat Shinshu BW (#5, 16-19) 76-67. Kumamoto V. maintains the 2nd position in their group in Japanese B League D2. They would have been even better if they...   [read more]

Josh Peppers
B2 League Round 37: Toyotsu FE loses the game and top position - 2 days ago
Here is the last round review presented by ESL. There was a change at the B League D2 leadership position after last games. The most important game of round 37 was a defeat of league's leader Toyotsu FE (22-14). They were crushed by first ranked Fukuoka Rizing (29-7) 107-84 on Sunday night. Fukuoka Rizing dominated down low during the game scoring 66 of its points in the paint compared to Toyotsu FE's 30. They outrebounded Toyotsu FE 33-21 including 23 on the defensive glass. Fukuoka Riz...   [read more]

Japanese B League round 24 best performance: Julian Mavunga (by Interperformances) - 4 days ago
JULIAN MAVUNGA Zimbabwean-American Power forward Julian Mavunga (203-PF-90, agency: Pensack Sports) had a great game in the last round for second-ranked Kyoto Hannar., receiving a Interperformances Player of the Week award for round 24. The 27-year old player was the main contributor (38 points, four rebounds and five assists) to his team's victory, helping them to edge out Niigata Albirex (#5, 14-22) 94-92. Kyoto Hannar. maintains the 2nd position in their group in Japanese B League. Th...   [read more]

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