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China claims the Asian Games title (Photo:
Points Per Game
 Yuko OGA
  Avg: 15.5
 1. Oga, JPN15.5 
 2. Jose, IND15.0 
 3. Beon, KOR14.8 
 4. Chen, CHN14.6 
 5. Ha, KOR13.5 
 6. Yoko, JPN13.3 
 7. Pauldurai, IND13.0 
 8. Wen, TAI13.0 
 9. Liu, TAI12.8 
 10. Mamiya, JPN12.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10
 1. Chen, CHN10.0 
 2. Liula, TAI10.0 
 3. Jose, IND9.3 
 4. Tsai, TAI7.3 
 5. Chiang, TAI7.3 
 6. Yoshida, JPN7.0 
 7. Shiura, MDV6.7 
 8. Guan, CHN5.8 
 9. Kaichaiyapoo., THA5.3 
 10. Zahir, MDV5.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.5
 1. Yoshida, JPN5.5 
 2. Oga, JPN4.3 
 3. Fujiyoshi, JPN4.0 
 4. Liula, TAI4.0 
 5. Chiang, TAI3.8 
 6. Miao, CHN3.8 
 7. Beon, KOR3.4 
 8. Park, KOR3.4 
 9. Lee, KOR2.8 
 10. Bian, CHN2.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 4.5
 1. Yoshida, JPN4.5 
 2. Fujiyoshi, JPN4.0 
 3. Beon, KOR2.6 
 4. Banmoo, THA2.5 
 5. Eiamsun-Ang, THA2.5 
 6. Kaichaiyapoo., THA2.5 
 7. Yoko, JPN2.5 
 8. Kim, KOR2.4 
 9. Tsai, TAI2.3 
 10. Suzuki, JPN2.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Feng Chun CHIANG
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Chiang, TAI2.3 
 2. Tsai, TAI1.8 
 3. Liula, TAI1.0 
 4. Jose, IND1.0 
 5. Takahashi, JPN1.0 
 6. Liu, TAI0.5 
 7. Chirdpetchar., THA0.5 
 8. Chang, TAI0.5 
 9. Chi-Wen, TAI0.5 
 10. Takada, JPN0.5 

Chinese National Team for Asian Games in Guangzhou (China)
Starting five
Yuan Ding
LiJie Miao
Fan Zhang
Song Gao
Nan Chen
4 Zhang Han lan 175-G-79 Shenyang ar. China
5 Bian Lan 185-F-86 Jiangsu China
6 Ding Yuan 185-F-91 Guangdong China
7 Zhang Wei 203-C-86 Zhejiang G.L. China
8 Miao LiJie 180-G-81 Shenyang ar. China
9 Guan Xin 196-C-87 Guangdong China
10 Zhang Fan 188-F-84 Beijing China
11 Ma Zheng-Yu 183-F-83 Liaoning China
12 Chen Xiaoli 193-F-82 Liaoning China
13 Gao Song 190-F-92 Heilongjiang China
14 Liu Dan 194-C-87 Shenyang ar. China
15 Chen Nan 197-C-83 Bayi China

Sun Fengwu Head Coach
Wei Zheng Assistant

Chinese National Team for World Championships in Czech Republic
Starting five
Han lan Zhang
LiJie Miao
Zheng-Yu Ma
Dan Liu
Nan Chen
4 Yang Banban 171-G-89 Liaoning China
5 Zhang Han lan 175-G-79 Shenyang ar. China
6 Chen Xiaojia 177-G-88 Jiangsu China
7 Song Liwei 190-F-85 Shenyang ar. China
8 Miao LiJie 180-G-81 Shenyang ar. China
9 Guan Xin 196-C-87 Guangdong China
10 Zhang Fan 188-F-84 Beijing China
11 Ma Zheng-Yu 183-F-83 Liaoning China
12 Chen Xiaoli 193-F-82 Liaoning China
13 Huang Hongpin 196-C-89 Guangdong China
14 Liu Dan 194-C-87 Shenyang ar. China
15 Chen Nan 197-C-83 Bayi China

Sun Fengwu Head Coach All-Asian Games Awards 2010 - Nov. 30, 2010 
All-Asian Games 1st Team
Nan Chen
Asami Yoshida
Yuko Oga
Yeon-Ha Beon
Dan-Bi Kim

MVP: Chen Nan (197-C-83) of Bayi China
Best Guard: Asami Yoshida (165-G-87) of JX Sunflowers Japan
Best Forward: Beon Yeon-Ha (180-F-80) of KB Savers South Korea
Best Center: Chen Nan (197-C-83) of Bayi China
Best Defensive Player: Chen Nan (197-C-83) of Bayi China

Best Coach: Sun Fengwu

1st Team
G: Asami Yoshida (165-87) of JX Sunflowers Japan
G: Yuko Oga (170-82) of JX Sunflowers Japan
F: Beon Yeon-Ha (180-80) of KB Savers South Korea
F: Kim Dan-Bi (180-90) of S-Birds South Korea
C: Chen Nan (197-83) of Bayi China

2nd Team
G: Peng Szu-chin (163-91) of
C: Zhang Wei (203-86) of Zhejiang G.L. China
C/F: Yuka Mamiya (183-90) of JX Sunflowers Japan
F: Chiang Feng Chun (184-81) of Ch.Telecom Taiwan
C: Ha Eun-Joo (200-83) of S-Birds South Korea

Honorable Mention:
Atchara Kaichaiyapoom (178-C-92) of Bangkok Thailand
Geethu Anna Jose (185-C-85) of Dandenong R. Australia
Ayumi Suzuki (180-C/F-85) of Fujitsu Japan

China triumph in Guangzhou - Nov. 25, 2010 
China - South Korea 70-64
China triumphed at the home Asian Games. They held off South Korea in the title decider tonight. China repeated 2006 Asian Games success. Chen Nan (197-C-83) tallied 17 points and 12 rebounds to pace the home side. China looked confident and determined early in the encounter. They posted an 11:6 lead after five minutes. South Korea however responded late in the period. They erased the deficit and posted a 16:15 lead at the first intermission. China regained the lead early in the second quarter. Chen Nan paced the hosts as they ensured a 39:28 lead at the interval. South Korea however did not allow their opponents to run away. The visitors kept close throughout the third quarter. South Korea trailed by only four points heading into the fourth period 47:51. China managed to boost the distance at 7 points midway through the final period. Fengwu Sun team showed their depth and experience in the final moments keeping South Korea at bay and clinching a difficult victory at the end. Guan Xin (196-C-87) scored 14 points for the winners. Bian Lan (185-F-86) and Miao LiJie (180-G-81) added 11 points each for China. Beon Yeon-Ha (180-F-80) replied with 23 points for South Korea. Park Jung-Eun (180-F-77) secured 14 points in the loss.

Places 3-4
Japan - Taiwan 73-61
Japan won Asian Games consolation final. They edged Taiwan earlier tonight to step on the pedestal. Nagi Yoko (175-F-82) fired 26 points to pace the winners. The first quarter belonged to Japan. They looked more aggressive at both ends of the floor and surged ahead. Japan posted a 20:10 lead ten minutes into the game. Taiwan however stepped up to slow their opponents down in the second quarter. Chien Ping Lin team tried to stay within reasonable distance. They trailed by 8 points at halftime 32:40. Japan increased the tempo in the third period. Nagi Yoko and Yuko Oga (170-G-82) helped the team to a 55:43 lead with ten minutes remaining. Taiwan answered with a 12:0 start to the final frame. They tied the score before Japan shook off sloppiness and raced back to a comfortable distance. Fumikazu Nakagawa team restored a double digit lead and prevented themselves from nervy final seconds. Yuko Oga netted 13 points for Japan. Yuka Mamiya (183-C/F-90) added 10 points in the victory. Wen Chi (170-G-84) and Liu Chun-Yi (180-F-81) replied with 21 points each for Taiwan. Tsai Pei-Chen (186-C-84) notched 9 points in the loss.

Round: 4 (Semi-Finals) - Nov. 24, 2010 

China - Taiwan 84-58

China earned the spot in the Asian Games Final. They overcame Taiwan today to set up an exciting battle against South Korea for the tournaments Gold. Zhang Wei (184-G/F-86) fired 25 points to lead China to the semifinal victory. Taiwan and China stayed close throughout the opening frame. The lead changed for several times before China ensured a 16:14 advantage after ten minutes. The hosts tipped off the second frame on a 10:2 run to clear off. Taiwan finished the period with only 5 points as China grabbed a comfortable 38:19 advantage. The third term turned disastrous for Taiwan. China dominated all over the court boosting their lead to as many as 30 points at the final intermission. Taiwan never recovered from the blow and had to surrender at the end. Gao Song (190-F-92) and Chen Xiaoli (193-F-82) produced 15 points each for China. Bian Lan (185-F-86) added 10 points in the win. Peng Szu-chin (163-G-91) replied with 13 points for Taiwan. Wen Chi (170-G-84) notched 8 points in the loss.

Japan - South Korea 78-93
South Korea defeated Japan in a highly-anticipated semifinal battle at Asian Games. Beon Yeon-Ha (180-F-80) scored 24 points to lead the Korean side into the championship game. They will take on the winner of China vs. Taiwan clash. The teams stayed very close in the first 15 minutes of the encounter. South Korea led by just two points at the first break 24:22. They maintained a narrow lead midway through the second period. But then South Korea went on a 9:4 rally to secure a 41:34 halftime advantage. South Korea quickly stretched the gap to 10 points in the third frame. They were up by 10 points heading into the final period 71:61. Japan made a desperate attempt to erase the deficit. They narrowed the gap to 5 points but South Korea bounced back immediately. They capped the game on a 14:4 rally to seal the victory. Ha Eun-Joo (200-C-83) delivered 19 points and 6 boards for South Korea. Lee Kyung-Eun (176-G-87) finished with 13 points in the victory. Yuko Oga (170-G-82) answered with game-high 26 points for Japan. Yuka Mamiya (183-C/F-90) netted 18 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in defeat.

Place 5-6
Thailand - Maldives 93-47
Thailand finished their Asian Games campaign on a high note. They rolled past Maldives to occupy the fifth overall position. Maldives finished winless at the sixth spot. Juthamas Jantakan (174-G-85) paced Thailand with 20 points in this one. Thailand opened the game with 11:0 run to set the tone. Maldives however managed to unload 11 points in the first quarter to trail by 12 points. The Thai side cleared off in the second quarter. They fired 25 points and established a confident 48:23 halftime advantage. Thailand stayed in charge in the third frame. They arrived at the final pause up by 32 points 67:35. Xuanmin Zhao team tipped off the fourth frame on a 14:1 run and never looked back again. Naruemol Banmoo (185-C-87) accounted for 16 points and 9 rebounds for Thailand. Atchara Kaichaiyapoom (178-C-92) added 14 points, 9 rebounds and 7 steals in the win. Aminath Shiura (176-C-87) replied with 15 points and 6 boards for Maldives. Fadhuwa Zahir (161-F-86) had 12 points and 7 caroms in the loss.

Round: 3 (Qualifying Round) - Nov. 22, 2010 
Group A
China - South Korea 72-64
China remains perfect in Asian Games and won the top game so far of the competition. The hosts of the tournament rout South Korea 72:64 for 3-0 record on top. South Korea meanwhile dropped to 2-1 and suffered their first loss. The game was expected long time ago and brought too much interest in the country. The hosts opened the game with 21-20 and managed to take 41:35 halftime advantage. Moreover China also won the third frame 19-17, while both teams nailed 12 points each in the last frame. Chen Nan (197-C-83) exploded with 29 points and 15 rebounds for the perfect record. Guan Xin (196-C-87) collected 9 points and 13 rebounds, while Bian Lan and Ma Zheng-Yu netted 7 each. Kim Dan-Bi (180-F-90) ended up with 17 points in the losing effort. Park Jung-Eun (180-F-77) scored 9 and Lee Kyung-Eun brought 7. In the Semifinals China will face now Taiwan that finished second in Group B. South Korea meanwhile will take on Japan that won the other group. The games are scheduled for November 24th.

India - Thailand 54-62
Thailand won their first game at the Asian Games to face Maldives ion the last game for the 5/6 places on November 24th. The team overcame India 62:54 in the last game of Group A. India started with 17-14 and actually they looked better in the first period. The second quarter however belonged to Thailand as they erupted with 22-3 in it. The board showed 36:20 when both teams disappeared in the lockers. The game was like a carousel as the teams exchanged the lead again. India needed 27-12 in the third period to trail 47:48 after 30 minutes. Thailand however finished the game with 14-7 for the initial victory. Atchara Kaichaiyapoom (178-C-92) paced all the winners with 13 points and Suksomwong Charothai added 11. Penphan Yothanan (169-C-83) scored 9, while Banmoo Naruemol added 8. Geethu Anna Jose (185-C-85) collected 20 points and 12 rebounds in defeat as India finished the tournament winless. Pauldurai Anitha posted 15, while Kaur Harjeet notched 9 points.

Group B
Maldives - Japan 19-143
Japan destroyed Maldives to win Group B of the Asian Games. The leader of the group smashed the opponent 143:19 for 2-0 record. It was an easy start for the favorites that opened the game with 33-4 in the first period., Moreover Japan added 37-4 in the second frame for 70:8 at the halftime. In the third quarter Maldives scored their high 7 points and got 37from Japan. The latter also added 36-4 in the last frame to triumph in the group. Yuka Mamiya (183-C/F-90) paced all the winners with 21 points and Yoko Nagi as well as Yoshie Sakurada (170-G/F-84) posted 19 each. Takada Maki nailed 18, while Suzuki Ayumi followed them with 17. Aminath Shiura (176-C-87) ended up with 8 points in the losing effort, while Fadhuwa Zahir (161-F-86) and Risma Aishath had 4 each. In the Semifinals Japan will face South Korea that finished second in Group A. China will face now Taiwan that finished second in Group B. The games are scheduled for November 24th. Maldives will play with Thailand in the game for the 5th place at the Ying Dong Gymnasium.

Round: 2 (Qualifying Round) - Nov. 21, 2010 
Group A
Thailand - China 43-98
China recorded the second straight win at the Asian Games. The hosts of the tournament toppled Thailand for 2-0 record in Group A. Miao LiJie (180-G-81) and Liu Dan (194-C-87) produced 12 points each to lead the charge. Thailand slipped at 0-2 record after the loss. It was all over for Thailand in the first term already. China went on a stunning rally to take a 29:9 advantage at the first intermission. China kept on increasing the lead in the second frame. The hosts enjoyed a confident 56:27 advantage at the main break. China tipped off the third term with a 12:4 run to open a 37-point cushion. Thailand had nothing to answer with in the reminder of the contest and had to face a bitter defeat. Bian Lan (185-F-86) knocked down 11 points for Fengwu Sun team. Chen Nan (197-C-83) accounted for 9 points in the win. Charothai Suksomwong (169-F-84) responded with 16 points for Thailand. Penphan Yothanan (169-C-83) netted 9 in the losing effort.

India - South Korea 44-98
South Korea celebrated the second consecutive win at the Asian Games in China. They romped past India for 2-0 record on top of Group A. India in the meantime slipped at 0-2 record. Kim Dan-Bi (180-F-90) knocked down 21 points and grabbed 6 boards to lead the effort. South Korea took the lead early. They established a 14:4 lead midway through the opening stanza. South Korea increased the advantage at many as 14 points at the first intermission. They maintained the advantage throughout the second quarter. Dalshik Lim team piled up a comfortable 42:23 cushion at the interval. The third term also belonged to the South Korean team. They cleared off to a massive 34-point distance. India did not manage to respond equally as they surrendered at the end. Ha Eun-Joo (200-C-83) provided 17 points for the winning team. Kim Bomi (178-G-86) added 11 points for South Korea. Geethu Anna Jose (185-C-85) and Anitha Pauldurai (170-G-85) responded with 13 points each for India. Raspreet Sidhu (169-F-89) delivered 6 points in the loss.

Group B
Japan - Taiwan 69-59
Japan ensured the winning start of their Asian Games campaign. They rallied past Taiwan for 1-0 record in Group B. Taiwan in the meantime fell at 1-1 record. Yuko Oga (170-G-82) stepped up with 16 points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds to lead the winners. Japan and Taiwan stayed close in the opening frame. The teams traded baskets with Japan eking out a narrow 23:19 lead after ten minutes. Japan used an 8:4 run early in the second quarter to open an 8-point advantage. Fumikazu Nakagawa team established a 7-point lead at halftime. Taiwan raised the tempo in the third term. They got as close as four points with one quarter remaining in this one. But an 8:2 start to the fourth quarter from Japan gave them the needed boost. They never loosened the grasp and rolled to the win at the end. Hiromi Suwa (183-C-85) and Maki Takada (183-C-89) netted 12 points each for Japan. Yoshie Sakurada (170-G/F-84) chipped in 9 points for the winning team. Chiang Feng Chun (184-F-81) replied with 16 points and 12 rebounds for Taiwan. Wen Chi (170-G-84) had 14 points in the loss.

Round: 1 (Qualifying Round) - Nov. 18, 2010 
Group A
China - India 107-39
China opened their Asian Games campaign with victory. The hosts took care of India in Group A. Guan Xin scored 16 points to lead all scorers. China did not waste time as they surged ahead right away. The home team piled up a comfortable 29:8 lead ten minutes into the encounter. China opened the second term on a 16:5 run to enlarge the distance at 32 points. The dominance was obvious as China enjoyed a 56:21 lead at halftime. Things hardly changed after the long break. China mounted the pressure as the margin kept on increasing. The home team rallied to an 84:36 lead with one quarter to go. China spurred ahead with a 12:2 rally at the beginning of the final quarter and never looked back again. Gao Song (190-F-92) netted 14 points for the winners. Zhang Wei (184-G/F-86) contributed 13 points for China. Geethu Anna Jose (185-C-85) replied with 12 points for India. Raspreet Sidhu (89) and Anitha Pauldurai (170-G-85) produced 11 points each in defeat.

South Korea - Thailand 93-55
South Korea recorded the first win at the Asian Games in Guangzhou. They fired past Thailand in Group A opener. Beon Yeon-Ha (180-F-80) came up with 21 points to lead the effort. South Korea stormed into this one. They erupted for 31 points in the starting period to take a confident 21-point lead. South Korea kept Thailand scoreless for more than five minutes in the second period to boost the lead. The scoreboard read 46:23 for the Korean team at halftime. A one-way traffic continued in the third stanza. South Korea dominated on every spot of the floor as they enjoyed a 72:39 lead at the final break. Thailand tipped off the final term strongly as they cut the margin but not enough to threat the deficit. South Korea stayed confident and rolled to the win at the end. Kim Kwe-Ryong (192-C-79) contributed 15 points for the Korean side. Ha Eun-Joo (200-C-83) had 14 points in the win. Atchara Kaichaiyapoom (178-C-92) responded with 11 points for Thailand. Naruemol Banmoo (185-C-87) netted 8 points in the loss.

Group B
Taiwan - Maldives 127-23
Taiwan had no problems en route to the win in their Asian Games opener. Chien Ping Lin team crushed Maldives by impressive 104 points. Seven players scored in double figures for Taiwan. Peng Szu-chin (163-G-91) stepped up with 20 points to lead the charge. Maldives accounted for 3 points in the opening 15 minutes of the encounter allowing Taiwan to run away. The Taiwanese team actually piled up an insurmountable 57:3 lead at this point. They finished the first half leading by as many as 61 points 71:10. Taiwan have already passed 100-point mark in the third stanza. They coasted easily and played for fun en route to the first victory in Group B. Chang Shih-Chieh (172-G-86) delivered 15 points for Taiwan. Tsai Pei-Chen (186-C-84), Ma Yi Hung (80) and Liu Yi Chun (183-C-86) netted 13 points apiece for the winners. Aminath Shiura (176-C-87) replied with 8 points and 7 rebounds for Maldives. Fadhuwa Zahir (161-F-86) chipped in 6 points in the loss. Taiwan had much more serious test on Saturday when they take on Japan.

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