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Play-Off bracket4


Group B

1.Fastlink 3-0
2.Al Jalaa 2-1
3.Al Qadsia 1-2
4.Y.Cagers 0-3

Group A

1.Al Ittihad 3-0
2.Al Rayyan 2-1
3.Saba Batri 1-2
4.Sagesse 0-3

Fastlink won Asian Club Championships 2006

All-Tournament 1st Team




Al Khas


Best Guard - American Marlon Parmer (191-G-80) of Al Ittihad Jeddah (KSA)
Best Center - Romanian Virgil Stanescu (207-C/F-77) of Al Qadsia (KUW)
Best Forward - American Johnson Nate (199-F-77) of Fastlink (JOR)
Best 3-pts Shooter - Jordanian Enver Soobzokov (193-G/F-78) of Fastlink (JOR)
Best Scorer of the Tournament - Johnson Nate (199-F-77) Fastlink (JOR) with 155 points

1st All-Stars Team
Virgil Stanescu (207-C/F-77) of Al Qadsia (KUW)
Zaid Al Khas (205-C-76) of Fastlink (JOR)
Johnson Nate (199-F-77) of Fastlink (JOR)
Michel Maadanli (191-G-81) of Al Jalaa Aleppo (SYR)
Marlon Parmer (191-G-80) of Al Ittihad Jeddah (KSA)

2nd All-Stars Team
Julius Nwosu (207-C-71) of Al Jalaa Aleppo (SYR)
Jaime Lloreda (203-F/C-80) of Al Ittihad Jeddah (KSA)
Ace Custis (202-F-74) of Al Jalaa Aleppo (SYR)
Yaseen Ismail (204-F-80) of Al Rayyan (QAT)
Enver Soobzokov (193-G/F-78) of Fastlink (JOR)
Sam Daghlas (197-G-79) of Fastlink (JOR)

Fastlink  2006


Al Khas






Johnson Nate 199 (6'6'') F 77


Al Khas Zaid 205 (6'9'') C 76


Daghlas Sam 197 (6'6'') G 79


Soobzokov Enver 193 (6'4'') G/F 78


Cantrell Damien 198 (6'6'') F 76


Samara Ashraf 205 (6'9'') F/C 76


Basheer Moussa 208 (6'10'') C 78


Ireifej Francis 186 (6'1'') G 82


Al Saqa Fadi 179 (5'11'') G 77


Kheir Faisal 204 (6'9'') C 85


Abbas Zeid 203 (6'8'') C 83


Abbas Islam 202 (6'7'') C 80


Al Awadi Moussa 190 (6'3'') G/F 85
Tech.Manager: Barakat Murad
Head Coach: Trakh Maz
Assistant: Abu Tayyeb Muntaser

  Fastlink the Champions of 17th Asian Clubs Championship
Jordan's Fastlink became the new winners of the title of the 17th Asian Clubs Championship for the 1st time in their history after winning over Al Jalaa' of Syria by 25 points 94-69, Al Rayyan from Qatar took 3rd place after winning over Ittihad Jeddah of Saudi Arabia 102-64, While Iranian Saba took 5th after beating the host team Al Qadisia of Kuwait 96-80, All those games were held in Fag'han Hilal Al Mutairi court in Kuwait.

Fastlink - Al Jalaa'
Fastlink were leading in the 1st two quarters 45-38. Both the teams were going extremely well & we can hope the finals to be very close. the margin was quite insignificant as Al Jalaa' could get on Fastlink at any moment in the forthcoming quarters, Al Jalaa's import Ace Custis and Julius Nwosu were doing well along side with Faslink's Nate Johnson, Damien Cantrell and Enver Soobzokov.
Fastlink guys had proved to be brilliant in the tournament. The Final score was 94-69, The team utilized Al Jalaa's situation after the bad luck from the team's star Michel Madanli and Sharif Al Sharif's injury, One interesting thing to be noted about Fastlink is that they have been victorious the Tournament & hence they deserve the cup. Al Jalaa was not even near to the points scored by Fastlink. They were leading in the initial minutes of the play but then Fastlink took over the game & didnt look back thereafter. Its the time for to perform celebrations for the Fast Link Team who well deserved the victory.
All Fastlink's 12 players took part in the game and deserved to be part from the celebrations of the club.
The post-match celebrations were on which was flashed with a wonderful & delightful presentation ceremony. The winning team member squad was felicitated after being called on the stage for their marvelous effort & outstanding performance. The winning team members showed expressed their rejoice with the foam spray followed by the overhead rolling flash lights sparkling across the court as the balloons showered from the top with the dazzling glitters & shimmers during the presentation along with the roars of the supporters of the winning team apart from fluttering their national flag & the local crowd as well who also gave an overwhelming response as a token of appreciation to the winners for their achievement. Finally the team rankings were: The First position is certainly for the champions being Fast Link(Jordan) followed by Al Jalaa(Syria),Al Rayyan(Qatar), Al Ittihad(Saudi Arabia), Saba(Iran), Qadsia(Kuwait),Sagesse(Lebanon) & finally Young Cagers (India) at the bottom.

Fastlink 94 - Al Jalaa' 69 (22-19, 45-38, 72-50 & 94-69)
Scorers of Fastlink: Damien Cantrell 21 points, Enver Soobzokov 19 points, Nate Johnson 16 points, Zaid Al Khas 14 points, Sam Daghlas 10 points, Moussa Al Awadi 5 points, Islam Abbas 5 points, Francis Ireifej 2 points, Ashraf Samara 2 points, Zeid Abbas 1 point
Scorers of Al Jalaa': Ace Custis 21 points, Hikmat Haddad 15 points, Julius Nwosu 11 points, Shareef Al Shareef 10 points, Robert Bachayani 4 points, Michel Madanli 3 points, Radwan Hasaballah 2 points, Wissam Yakoub 1 point

Al Rayyan - Ittihad Jeddah
The gap was almost doubled at the end of the third quarter. Al Rayyan had suceeded to a very large extent in dictating Al Ittihad convincingly throughout the match so far.Now, it is almost certain about the winner the way they had performed in this quarter.
Al Rayyan recorded a comfortable victory over Al Ittihad 102-64 & places itself on the 3rd position in the Tournament. Al Ittihad performed very badly in the game which made them lose the game. The margin is quite significant.

Al Rayyan 102 - Ittihad Jeddah 64 (25-12, 53-31, 83-45 & 102-64)
Scorers of Al Rayyan: Yaseen Ismail 19 points, Erfan Al iSaeed 19 points, Eric Chatfield 19 points, Baker Ahmad 10 points, Mohammed Salim 10 points, Mohammed Orabi 6 points, William Knight 4 points, Hashem Zidan 4 points, Khaled Al Hajiri 3 points
Scorers of Ittihad Jeddah: Ali Al Maghribi 25 points, Marlon Parmer 9 points, Adel Al Juhani 9 points, Ahmad Al Muwalad 6 points, Jamie Lloreda 4 points, Haitham Hosawi 3 points, Hashem Al Fotawi 2 points, Jaber Al Shamrani 2 points

Saba Battery - Al Qadsia
Once again Qadsia failed to perform upto the mark. Saba boys proved to be better than Qadsia after winning 96-80. Though the match was played for determining the 5th & the 6th position in the tournament, Qadsia ranked as 6th in the Tournament next to Saba.

Saba Battery 96 - Al Qadsia 80 (25-21, 52-40, 70-57 & 96-80)
Scorers of Saba Battery: Andre Pitts 31 points, Garth Joseph 22 points, Hamed Afagh 15 points, Aidin Bahrami 13 points, Hamed Ahdadi 10 points, Karam Ahmadian 5 points
Scorers of Al Qadsia: Marijonas Petravicius 19 points, Virgil Stanescu 19 points, Abdalla Al Sarraf 16 points, Abdel Aziz Dari 7 points, Saqer Abdel Rida 6 points, Abdallah Al Ruwayeh 6 points, Abdel Aziz Al Rabee'a 2 points

  Sagesse 7th in 17th Asian Champs... - Jun 8, 2006
After the big drop for Sagesse in the 17th Clubs Asian Championship, Sagesse won over Young Cagers of India 111-71 in a one side game.
Young Cagers have proved performed at worst & have finally settled at the bottom in the tournament. The match was the deciding factor for the 7th & 8th position for the tournament. Sagesse proved to be better than Young Cagers.This time the margin is quite significant which is 40 points & the highest margin so far in the tournament.
Sagesse 111 - Young Cagers 71 (26-16, 47-38, 78-49 & 111-71)
Joe Ghattas (185-G-82) took the MVP of the game plus best scorer with 18 points

The final game of the 17th Asian Champs will be between Fastlink from Jordan and Syrian Al Jalaa', The two teams will try to win and be part of history for the 1st time, Each team got ready very well to show their best performance.

# Today's games:
-Final Game:
Fastlink (JOR) - Al Jalaa' Aleppo (SYR) - 7:30 PM
-3rd place Game:
Al Rayyan (QAT) - Ittihad Jeddah (KSA) - 3:30 PM
-5th place Game:
Saba (IRI) - Al Qadsia (KUW)

Nate Johnson

  Semi-Final of 17th Asian Champs games results - Jun 7, 2006
Fastlink of Jordan and Al Jalaa' Aleppo of Syria will be face to face in the final of 17th Asia Clubs Championship on Thursday, Al Jalaa' did it after beating Ittihad Jeddah of Saudi Arabia 86-83, While Fastlink succeded to win over the 16th edition Champion Al Rayyan of Qatar 108-103.

Al Jalaa' - Ittihad Jeddah
After Al Jalaa' Aleppo of Syria's 1st participation in the Asian Champs, The team succeeded to qualify to the final for the 1st time of their History after winning after Saudis Ittihad Jeddah 86-83.
Al Jalaa' had set an example that even a substandard team can come back into the game at any moment if they will to win, In the first quarter, they dictated their rivals Ittihad with a margin of 7 points 28-21 after great effort from Sharif Al Sharif and Hikmat Haddad.
The Syrians were dominating Ittihad & were contuniously restricting to over take them. As the socre suggests Al Jalaa' is currently hot favourits for the odds,The 2nd quater ended 52-42.
Al Jalaa's players Michel Madanli, Ace Custis and Julius Nwosu gave a flash of exceptional win for them over Al Ittihad 86-83. Nonetheless, Al Ittihad fought bravely till the end, Jamie Lloreda and Marlon Parmer did their best to be back to the game but their local team-mates did'nt help esspecially at the last of the game as we can see the margin of meagre 3 points. It was really an exciting game to see.

Al Jalaa' 86 - Ittihad Jeddah 83 (28-21, 52-42, 71-66 & 86-83)
Scorers of Al Jalaa': Michel Madanli 23 points, Sharif Al Sharif 21 points, Ace Custis 20 points, Julius Nwosu 12 points, Hikmat Haddad 10 points
Scorers of Ittihad Jeddah: Marlon Parmer 23 points, Ali Al Maghribi 21 points, Jamie Lloreda 17 points, Adel Al Juhani 16 points, Jaber Al Shamrani 4 points, Yahia Ibrahim 2 points

Fastlink - Al Rayyan
The Final of 16th Asian Champs oponents met again last night, Fastlink took the revenge from their loose in Philippines and beated Al Rayyan of Qatar 108-103.
Al Rayyan seemed to be on fire as it has performed exceptionally well through out the tournament. The players seem to have a very energy levels, The box-and-one from Al Rayyan's coach Jamie Angeli over Fastlink's Nate Johnson (199-F-77, college: Louisville) (199-F-77, college: Louisville) succeded in the 1st two quarters. On the other side, Fastlink in the other group also has the same history for the tournament. So in short both the teams are strong enough to compete with each other & were going very well almost on par in the 1st half. The margin was also only 3 points in favour Al Rayyan after it was 12 for them in the 1st quarter.
Al Rayyan has again become a leader in the 3rd quarter 75-70. The game is not yet over. Even fastlink guys were too tough to ignore, 3-pts shooting machine from Enver Soobzokov and Zaid Al Khas were working greatly this quarter.
Fastlink players had proved that they are the real deserving team to go to finals after finishing the game 108-103. Enver Soobzokov made his best game ever in his carrer after making 9 3-pts shots plus the huge effort from Nate Johnson (199-F-77, college: Louisville) (199-F-77, college: Louisville) and Sam Daghlas with the defensive work from Damien Cantrell who grabbed 18 rebounds, On analysis it was found that Fastlink was lagging behind in first 3 quarters but eventually came back so strongly that they surpassed their rivals. Nevertheless, Yaseen Ismail tried his best at last to be back at the game for his team Al Rayyan who was hot favourite during the first 3 quarters but it was very uncertain about the winner of the 2nd semi finals. Full marks to Fastlink's players to perform brilliantly & to entertain the crowd present in the court esspacially that many Jordanian Fans comes to see the games everyday and they were big add to the team's strength.

Fastlink - Al Rayyan (20-32, 42-45, 70-75 & 108-103)
Scorers of Fastlink: Nate Johnson (199-F-77, college: Louisville) (199-F-77, college: Louisville)  38 points, Enver Soobzokov 31 points, Zaid Al Khas 18 points, Sam Daghlas 14 points, Damien Cantrell 7 points.
Scorers of Al Rayyan: Yaseen Ismail 34 points, William Knight 23 points, Eric Chatfield 22 points, Erfan Ali Saeed 20 points, Omar Abdgader 2 points, Baker Ahmad 2 points

The final game between Al Jalaa' and Faslink will be held on Thursday in Fag'han Bin Hilal Al Mutairi court in Al Qadsia club in Al Kuwait, Kuwait.

-5th to 8th places play-offs games results:
Al Qadsia will meet Saba Battery of Iran for the 5th place game, Al Qadsia of Kuwait made the lead over Sagesse of Lebanon 66-63, While Saba Battery made an easy win with their bench players over Young Cagers of India 118-91, The 7th place game will be between Sagesse and Young Cagers.

  Quarterfinals of 17th Asian Champs games results - Jun 5, 2006
4 games were held today in Quarter Finals of 17th Asian Clubs Championship in Fag'han Hilal Al Mutairi court in Al Qadisia club in Al Kuwait, Kuwait..........

Fastlink - Sagesse
In a tough game between the two teams, Jordanian Fastlink finally succeded to beat Sagesse of Lebanon in the oppening game of quarter final, 1st Quarter was so equal in everything between the two teams, Jerod Word of Sagesse showed his real performance which did'nt apear before in the tournament, Same to Fadi El Khatib who played so well in this game, But Fastlink players began to manage the game as they want after a good leading from Sam Daghlas and good timing in scorong from Nate Johnson (199-F-77, college: Louisville), Enver Soobzokov & Zaid Al Khas.
Another magnificent session of excitment, as the initial game was in the hands of Sagesse. But as the game progressed Fastlink put their so called enormous effort & pulled the game to their favour. Sagesse too deserve a sort of appreciation as they performed brilliantly throughout the first two quarters especially after their debacle in the leagues. The bottomline says that Fastlink has made it again, Fastlink finished the game winning by 13 points 91-78.
Fastlink qualified now to the semi-final to meet Al Rayyan who won at the hosts Al Qadsia,

Fastlink 91 - Sagesse 78 (24-19, 48-40, 75-64 & 91-78)
Scorers of Fastlink: Nate Johnson (199-F-77, college: Louisville) 22 points, Damien Cantrell 19 points, Zaid Al Khas 18 points, Enver Soobzokov 14 points, Sam Daghlas 10 points, Islam Abbas 6 points, Moussa Basheer 2 points
Scorers of Sagesse: Jerod Ward 28 points, Alvin Sims 21 points, Fadi El Khatib 17 points, Yervant Avakian 6 points, Bassem Bal'aa 2 points, Maurice Bou Kanaan 2 points, Roderick Nakouzi 2 points

Ittihad Jeddah - Young Cagers
Indian Young Cagers after their dismal performance in the 1st round, have not yet re-energised themselves as they made some silly mistakes while passing the ball amongst themselves. Ittihad Jeddah of Saudi Arabia though leading but is too near to Young Cagers.
Ittihad is simply superb its approach as its busy piling up the margin to put the pressure on thier opponents. on the other side, Young Cagers are still struggling hard to get the points on the board. It seems if Ittihad Jeddah manages to increase the margin, they could take away the game from thier opponents.
Young Cagers have literally failed in their attempt to make it to the reasonable points as Al Ittihad is not only scoring points but also restricting Young Cagers from scoring points. On analysis 3rd quarter Vs. 2nd quarter, Young Cagers have scored merely 9 points extra while Ittihad reached to 81 from 59.
Finally, Al Ittihad emerged as a victorious for the Quarter Finals. The margin is really substantial. Further to take a note of, Young Cagers have constantly been consistent in pegging their score to 79 points through out the tournament again in their fourth consecutive game. They were unable to make it their leagues nor in the quarter finals. Offensive rebound was the area was the key to failure in this match.
Ittihad will meet Jalaa' of Syria in Semi-Final tomorrow.

Ittihad Jeddah 107 - Young Cagers 79 (28-24, 59-39, 81-48 & 107-79)

Al Rayyan - Al Qadsia
Al Rayyan is ahead of Qadsia in the 1st half of the quarter final's game against Al Qadisa the host of the tournament by a significant margin 37-20. Al Rayyan guys having very high energy levels are into the game with full confidence & were after bagging maximum number of points by William Knight and Eric Chatfield right from the initial stage of the first quarter.
Finally, Al Rayyan won 68-65. The game was really close till the last breath. Qadsia after lagging behind in the first round came back very strongly, fought very bravely till the end, Abdallah Al Sarraf with Abdel-Aziz Dari, Marijonas Petravicius and Virgil Stanescu But the day was in the favour of Al Rayyan who made it in their Qtr finals & thats, the reason why the match score & the margin is relatively less as compared to the scores of the other teams.
Al Rayyan now will be ready to meet Fastlink of Jordan in Semi-Final.

Al Rayyan 68 - Al Qadsia 65 (19-11, 37-20, 54-42 & 68-65)
Scorers of Al Rayyan: Eric Chatfield 25 points, William Knight 22 points, Erfan Ali Saeed 6 points, Yaseen Ismail 5 points, Mohammed Salim 5 points, Hashem Zidan 3 points, Mohammed Orabi 1 point, Omar Abdgader 1 point
Scorers of Al Qadsia: Abdallah Al Sarraf 18 points, Virgil Stanescu 16 points, Marijonas Petravicius 12 points, Abdel-Aziz Dari 10 points, Saqer Abdel Rida 5 points, Fahad Al Subaihi 3 points

Al Jalaa' - Saba Battery
Iranian Saba Battery's players were looking very confident on the floor after beating Sagesse in the last game of 1st round. Al Jalaa from syria need to focus more in the next two quarter to get over their rivals.
Al Jalaa' utilized Andre Pitts's injury and recorded an exceptional win against their rivals which is really worth noting in golden words. It was a strong come back after the 2nd round which helped Al Jalaa to dominate their contestants Saba with a substantial margin throughout out the last two sessions. They were ruling the court in true sense during the final session at every given point of time. Al Jalaa, after recording just a single victory in the league, struck back with a bang on their opponents.

Al Jalaa' 87 - Saba Battery 68 (12-19, 30-36, 57-49 & 87-68)
Scorers of Al Jalaa': Michel Madanli 23 points, Julius Nwosu 18 points, Ace Custis 16 points, Sharif Al Sharif 16 points, Hikmat Haddad 7 points, Radwan Hasaballah 7 points
Scorers of Saba: Hamed Afagh 18 points, Garth Joseph 12 points, Babak Nizafat 11 points, Behzad Afradi 10 points, Andre Pitts 6 points, Karam Ahmadian 5 points, Aidin Bahrami 2 points, Kamran Jamshidvend 2 points, Behnam Afradi 2 points

  Day 3 of 17th Asian Champs games results - Jun 3, 2006
In the 3rd Day of 17th Asian Clubs Championship, 4 games were held in Fag'han Hilal Al Mutairi in Al Qadisia club in Al Kuwait, Kuwait..........

Saba Battery - Sagesse
Saba Battery of Iran after being defeated against Ittihad Jeddah yesterday, came back vey strongly & have taken the lead of 42-34 against Lebanese Sagesse. Both the 1sr and 2nd quarters were full of excitement as Saba were literally becoming heavier on thier rivals.
Saba players have fired their opponents by bagging 75 points, Most likely they would take the game away from Sagesse unless the Sagesse bang with vigour.
Saba had rocked the floor finally by dictating Sagesse through out the game, They have not only put a whooping number 103 on the board but also a restricted Sagesse to 75. This was another signicant margin win by one more team in a league match so far..
Andre Pitts (185-G-73, college: Huston-Tillotson) was the big title of the game after helping his team with his big effort and his leadership gave that margin, Sagesse now will be pressed to meet Fastlink the quarter final as Sagesse took 4th of Group B, Saba Battery will meet Al Jalaa' after they took the 3rd place.

Saba Battery 103 - Sagesse 75 (17-13, 40-33, 75-53 & 103-75)
Scorers of Saba Battery: Andre Pitts (185-G-73, college: Huston-Tillotson) 38 points, Garth Joseph 22 points, Aidin Bahrami 16 points, Karam Ahmadian 10 points, Asghar Kardost 3 points, Kamran Jamshidvend 2 points, Hamed Ahdadi 2 points, Behzad Afradi 2 points
Scorers of Sagesse: Alvin Sims 25 points, Jerod Ward 17 points, Fadi El Khatib 15 points, Basem Bal'aa 6 points, Joe Ghattas 5 points, Roderick Nakouzi 4 points, Elie Estephan 3 points

Al Rayyan - Ittihad Jeddah
Al Rayyan from Qatar were looking extremely consistent in their approach as they they havent yet lost any match so far in the tounament. No doubt, Ittihad Jeddah of Saudi Arabia had done a wonderful job by gaining 27 points but its Al Rayyan again who is head. The game seemed to be very close.
Ittihad surprised everybody by outperforming their rivals in the 2nd quarter after leading 51-44, The game was going very close before the Ittihad Jeddah bagged maximum points at the end of the 2nd quarter after huge performance from Marlon Parmer and Ali Al Mughrabi. The Position looks quite oscillatory as the game is becoming unpredictable.
Ittihad Jeddah was brilliantly playing as the again take the lead by 6 points, Al Rayyan have to not only restrict Al Ittihad from gainning addiltional points but also they need to bag some points to defeat their rivals who are Ittihad, Still the game seems to be very close at the 3rd quarter.
Finally Al Ittihad pulled away the game from Al Rayyan at the end of the final quarter, Al Rayyan fought very bravely till the end especially form Yaseen Ismail and Eric Chatfield but were overshadowed completely by their opponents, Al Ittihad Jeddah deserves the victory as they came back very strongly in the second quarter & never looked back thereafter.

Ittihad Jeddah 87 - Al Rayyan 83 (27-29, 51-44, 72-66, 87-83)
Scorers of Ittihad Jeddah: Marlon Parmer 24 points, Ali Al Maghribi 22 points, Adel Al Juhani 15 points, Jamie Lloreda 13 points, Jaber Al Shamrani 3 points
Scorers of Al Rayyan: Eric Chatfield 26 points, Yaseen Ismail 21 points, Erfan Ali Saeed 13 points, William Knight 10 points, Omar Abdgader 6 points, Mohammed Orabi 4 points, Baker Ahmad 2 points, Mohammed Salim 1 point

Fastlink - Al Qadsia
The game looked quite close as both the teams were perfoming extremely well, The supporters were also enjoying the game alot. Fastlink of Jordan after recording two consecutive victories, are trying extremely hard against the hosts Kuwaiti Al Qadsia. Both the teams with high energy levels have managed to fight with vigour, The match is too close to predict.
Fastlink came back very strongly during the third quarter as they bagged maximum number of points from American Nate Johnson, Enver Soobzokov and American Damien Cantrell, Al Qadsia, after doing so well during the earlier quarter, was struggling hard to move the scoreboard, Romanian Virgil Stanescu were making a big effort for the team.
Al Qadsia who did extremely well in the first quarter started deteriorating its performance in the subsequent quarters, At every given point time they were laggiing behind their opponents. Fastlink recorded their 3rd consecutive win during the entire tournament. But the effort of Qadsia players cannot be disregarded.

Fastlink 71 - Al Qadsia 61 (13-17, 25-27, 52-44 & 71-61)
Scorers of Fastlink: Nate Johnson 26 points, Enver Soobzokov 17 points, Damien Cantrell 14 points, Sam Daghlas 8 points, Fadi Al Saqa 6 points
Scorers of Al Qadsia: Virgil Stanescu 23 points, Marijonas Petravicius  16 points, Saqer Abdel Rida 14 points, Abdallah Al Sarraf 5 points, Abdallah Al Ruwayeh 3 points

Al Jalaa' - Young Cagers
Despite that Syrian Al Jalaa's Head Coach Egyption Sherif Azmi played with the bench players, Young Cagers were unable to make it even in their last game. So full marks to Al Jalaa team as they performed brilliantly through out & were in dominant position in the game. Young Cagers were unfortunate this time as well as they failed to restrict their opponents from scoring the required goals. Young Cagers scored 79 in all the three leagues which is an interesting note.

Al Jalaa' 87 - Young Cagers 79 (18-16, 40-37, 62-58 & 87-79)

  Day 2 of 17th Asian Champs games results - Jun 2, 2006

In the 2nd Day of 17th Asian Clubs Championship, 4 games were held in Fag'han Hilal Al Mutairi in Al Qadisia club in Al Kuwait, Kuwait.....

Al Rayyan - Sagesse
Al Rayyan of Qatar gave Sagesse from Lebanon a big lesson in basketball after beating them by 11 points 75-64, The range were more than 20 points during the game but Sagesse at last make the gap closer, The lebanese received their 2nd consecutive lost in 24 hours, That will make them out from either 1st or 2nd in their group (Group B).
1st quarter was one side game from Al Rayyan, William "Billy" Knight and Eric Gatfield were staring in shooting and in penetration under the baskets.
Al Rayyan continued to dominate Sagesse during the 2nd quarter of the game. The Al Rayyan were leading the game by 39-24.
As the game was progressing, Al Rayyan was gaining complete control over their rivalries. The result was becoming more evident in favour of Al Rayyan during the 3rd quarter. The final score at the end of this session was again led by AlRayyan 55 & Sagesse 37. It looks like the winning margin will be substantially high.
Looking at the earlier session odds, it almost certain that Al Rayyan would take away the game. But it wasnt so easy especially when referred to the 3rd round odds. Sagesse came back very strongly & were very quick & expeditious in bagging maximum points. No doubt in the end it was Al Rayyan who stole the match & recorded their second consecutive win in the league games but the effort of the Sagesse men shouldnt' be ignored. The margin was shrinked to a very high extent towards the end of the 4th session which was clearly evident from the points scored at end of the 3rd session vis a vis the final ones scored by Sagesse. The final score was 75-64

Al Rayyan 75 - Sagesse 64 (22-11, 39-24, 55-37 & 75-46)
Scorers of Al Rayyan: William Knight 20 points, Eric Chatfield 17 points, Erfan Ali Saeed 15 points, Yaseen Ismail 12 points, Baker Ahmad 4 points, Mohammed Orabi 3 points
Scorers of Sagesse: Alvin Sims 23 points, Fadi El Khatib 12 points, Jerod Ward 12 points, Maurice Bou Kanaan 9 points, Elie Estephan 4 points, Roderick Nakouzi 2 points.

Ittihad Jeddah - Saba Battery
After the yesterdays' defeat Iranian Saba started collecting the points right from the initial moments. But thereafter Ittihad Jeddah levelled the score by scoring exactly equal number of points which was 21-21.
The levelled score continued for sometime but it Ittihad Jeddah who accelerated progressively. The scoring rate was almost the same by both the teams but only during the end of the quarter Ittihad overtook their opponents Saba . However, Saba is still in the game as the odds were 43-36 with a small margin of mere 7 points, Ittihad's Marlon Parmer and Jamie Lloreda were doing a good game, While Andre Pitts and Garth Joseph were staring in Saba's side.
Great going by both the teams. The situation is quite oscillatory. Both the teams have managed to chase each other to be in the game. The scores were 63-58 led by Ittihad again which showed a very small margin of 5 points in the 3rd quarter.
Finally it was the end of an exciting nerve holding game till the last minute of the final quarter. Full credit to both the teams who managed to retain the interest of the spectators up to the neck with their thriving performance through out the game. A situation arrived when there was a tie between both the teams at 80-80 at the end of 4th quarter & an overtime were given for breking the tie. Since it was Al Ittihad who snatched the game in the end as they had even this day in their favour consecutively for the second time after defeating Sagesse of Lebanon in their last league. The final odds at the closing bell were extremely close which was led by Ittihad at 90-87.

Ittihad Jeddah 90 - Saba Battery 86 (21-21, 43-36, 63-58, 80-80 & OT: 90-86)
Scorers of Ittihad Jeddah: Marlon Parmer 23 points, Jamie Lloreda 20 points, Ali Al Maghribi 13 points, Adel Al Junahi 12 points, Jaber Al Shamrani 11 points, Yahia Ibrahim 8 points, Jaber Kaabi 3 points
Scorers of Saba: Garth Joseph 31 points, Andre Pitts 23 points, Karam Ahmadian 13 points, Aidin Bahrami 9 points, Hamed Afagh 5 points, Behzad Afradi 3 points, Hamed Ahdadi 1 point, Kamran Jamshidvend 1 point.

Fastlink - Al Jalaa'
Fastlink guys after defeating Young Cagers of India yesterday lead the initial stages of the game with full confidence but as the game progressed the differential margin started shrinking considerably, particularly in the second quarter. Nevertheless, Sam Daghlas, Enver Soobzokov, Nate Johnson with Damien Cantrell and Zaid Al Khas helped Fastlink to manage and take the lead of 48-44 in the second quarter which is certainly sufficient enough to keep a very high confidence levels for both the teams. This would mainly apply to Al Jalaa especially after their exceptionally victorious response to Kuwaiti Al Qadsia in the last league. Both the teams are still in the game so far as per their scoring levels.
Fastlink dominated Al Jalaa convincingly by the lead of 71-59. Al Jalaa have reenergise themselves very soon to be like a boomerang., Zaid Al Khas were starring in 3-pts shooting with Nate Johnson who was a big leader for Fastlink in this game.
Winning Team did a commendable job & deserves to be victorious. They have taken a lead of 96-72, The Loosing team did not meet the expected levels & failed perform up to the mark. It was a very close game & the interests of the spectators were held right through the entire game as both the teams were chasing each other at regular intervals. Winning team thrashed out the losers in the final quarter bagging the maximum number of points. Winners were fortunate enough to be back in the game during the final few minutes before the closing bell. Winners were very consistent in their approach as they seemingly believed in attacking to defend themselves in better way.

Fastlink 96 - Al Jalaa' 72 (29-20, 48-44, 73-61 & 96-72)
Scorers of Fastlink: Nate Johnson 27 points, Zaid Al Khas 24 points (6 3-pts), Damien Cantrell 16 points (11 rebounds), Sam Daghlas 14 points (11 assists), Enver Soobzokov 8 points, Islam Abbas 5 points, Moussa Basheer 2 points
Scorers of Al Jalaa': Ace Custis 24 points, Julius Nwosu 20 points (11 rebounds), Michel Madanli 16 points (6 assists), Radwan Hasaballah 5 points, Sharif Al Sharif 4 points, Wissam Yakoub 3 points

Al Qadsia - Young Cagers
Qadsia came with a bang after beaten by Al Jalaa' in the last game, They dictated Young Cagers throughout in the 1st quarter & took a lead by 38-15 after a big effort from Saqer Abdel Rida, Virgil Staescu and Abdallah Al Sarraf.
Right through the first quarter, Al Qadsia men perpetually continued to be in a commanding position, Their energy levels were high enough to keep the scoring rate at almost double than that scored by Young Cagers which was maintained right through both the quarter, The 2nd quarter ended with huge lead by Qadsia at 68 & Young Cagers with meagre 32 points.
Finally, Al Qadsia men made it, & that to had a very convincing victory. Young cagers were lagging behind with an almost 100% margin in the first two quarters, But eventually, they had to settle to shrink the margin to a very little extent & pegged their final score at 79 with Qadsia at a whooping 107 points (highest so far). This game would a morale booster of the winners considerably to look forward the forthcoming games.

Al Qadsia 107 - Young Cagers 79 (31-15, 68-32, 91-52 & 107-79)
Scorers of Al Qadsia: Abdallah Al Sarraf 25 points, Virgil Stanescu 22 points (14 rebounds), Marijonas Petravicius 14 points (10 rebounds), Saqer Abdel Rida 8 points, Sulaiman Al Tabaiekh 8 points, Fahed Al Rejeebah 7 points, Fahad Al Subaihi 6 points, Abdallah Al Ruwaieh 5 points, Abdel Aziz Al Rabee'a 5 points, Abdel Aziz Barjas 4 points, Ahmad Suood 2 points

  Day 1 of 17th Asian Champs games results - Jun 1, 2006
In the 1st Day of 17th Asian Clubs Championship, 4 games were held in Fag'han Hilal Al Mutairi in Al Qadisia club in Al Kuwait, Kuwait.....

Ittihad Jeddah - Sagesse
Ittihad (KSA) won the first league match over Sagesse (lebanon) 78-58 in the oppening game of the tournament, No one expected this big result for Ittihad Jeddah as Sagesse has a big experience in Asian Basketbal, Ittihad Jeddah's coach Ricardo Daniel Maffei knew how to use the box and one defense on Fadi Al Khatib who apeared in a poor performance despite his big skills.
Ameican Marlon Parmer and the Panamian Jamie Lloreda were doing a big game, While Alvin Sims was finding himself alone to help his team to be back to the game but that was'nt done to encrease the score to 20 points range at last 78-58.

Ittihad Jeddah 78 - Sagesse 58 (23-16, 44-22, 63-39 & 78-58)
Scorers of Ittihad Jeddah: Marlon Pamer 20 points, Adel Juhani 18 points (4 3-pts), Jamie Lloreda 18 points, Ali Maughrabi 17 points
Scorers of Sagesse: Alvin Sims 22 points, Jerod Ward 10 points, Joe Ghattas 9 points, Bassem Bala'a 7 points, Maurice Bou Kanaan 2 points, Elie Estephan 2 points, Yervant Avakian 2 points, Roderick Nakouzi 2 points, Fadi El Khatib 2 points

Al Rayyan - Saba
Finally it was Al Rayyan (QAT) who won the game over Saba (IRI) with a lead of 78 - 61. Al Rayyan dominated Saba right through the second quarter and finally they got the game with a margin of 17 points. Saba was dominating in the first quarter. But later on from second quarter onwards Al Rayyan men outperformed and got the match into their hands.
Mehran Shahintab the iranian coach tried to make man to man defense but William Knight and Eric Chatfield were so effective from Al Rayyan's side, Andre Pitts was making a big effort under and inside the basket, But the experience of Yaseen Ismail and his team-mates gave them the win with good range of points.

Al Rayyan 78 - Saba 61 (15-20, 41-32, 59-47 & 78-61)
Best scorer in Al Rayyan was William Knight with 22 points (5 3-pts)
Best scorer in Saba was Andre Pitts with 28 points

Al Jalaa' - Al Qadisia
The match seemed to be quiet close. Al Jalaa (SYR) was leading over Al Qadsia (KUW) in the first quarter. In the second quarter Qadsia players picked up and by the end of second quarter both the teams are very close and the both the teams are almost on par. Qadsia was lagging behind Al Jalaa with a small margin of 6 points. The score by the end of second session was Qadsia 42 and Al Jalaa 48.
Despite Al Qadsia boys' enormous effort esspecially from the imports duo Romanian Virgil Stanescu and the Lithuanian Marijonas Petravicius , the game went away from their hands. Consequently, Al Jalaa became the victorious after hige effort from Michel Madanli and Ace Custis with Julius Nwosu. The match was almost close as Qadsia boys were struggling hard to achieve the target, but proved to be relatively less effective at the end. Although the margin was small (8 points), the final score put up was 74 points by Qadsia and 82 by Al Jalaa which is the highest score so far. Hopefully, Qadsia emerges successfully with their rocking spirit in the subsequent league matches to make it to the semi finals. Conlusively Al Jalaa boys performed very well and scored the highest so far and hence they deserve the victory.

Al Jalaa' 82 - Al Qadisia 74 (20-16, 48-42, 68-56 & 82-74)
Best scorers of Al Jalaa': Michel Madanli 27 points, Ace Custis 18 points, Julius Nwosu 12 points
Best scorers of Al Qadisia: Marijonas Petravicius 23 points, Virgil Stanescu 12 points, Abdallah Al Sarraf 12 points.

Fastlink - Young Cagers
Fast Link (JOR) made the highest score for the day against Young Cagers (IND) 104-79. The young boys of Young Cagers unfortunately could not withstand the pressure put up by FastLink men. Though the score was at its peak for the day, Young cagers managed to fight bravely till the end. Ultimately, the Fast Link guys are the deserving candidates who became victorious by a significant margin of 25 points by taking a lead of 104-79.
Damien Cantrell and Nate Johonson were doing a good job in defense and offense with the help from Zaid Al Khas and Enver Soobzokov.

Fastlink 104 - Young Cagers 79 (34-20, 53-44, 75-38 & 104-79)
Scorers of Fastlink: Damien Cantrell 35 points, Nate Johnson 25 points, Zaid Al Khas 10 points, Enver Soobzokov 10 points, Fadi Al Saqa 6 points, Islam Abbas 5 points, Moussa Basheer 4 points, Sam Daghlas 4 points, Moussa Al Awadi 3 points, Zeid Abbas 2 points.

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