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Group Eliminations
Group A
1.Iran 2-2
2.Qatar 1-1
3.Kuwait 1-2
Group B
1.Korea 3-3
2.Lebanon 2-1
3.Kazakhstan 2-1
4.S.Arabia 1-2
Group C
1.China. 3-3
2.Jordan 2-1
3.Malaysia 1-2
4.Philippines 0-3
Group D
1.Taiwan 3-3
2.Iraq 2-1
3.India 1-2
4.Japan 0-3

Iran team belongs to the tallest at the tournament
Kazakhstan - Saudi Arabia game (Photo: Ali Rafiei)
   Iran Defeats China to Win Asian Under-20 Tourney - Oct 8, 2004
Iran was crowned at the Asian Under-20 Basketball Championships on Friday, Iran's Mehr News Agency reported, according to .
The home team stunned the powerful China as it snatched a 75-50 victory on the court of Azadi Sports Complex in western Tehran.  China had beaten Iran 85-71 in the second round of the tournament, but seemed to be uninterested in this game, having clinched a spot in the 2005 world tournament in Argentina with a semifinal win over South Korea.
Earlier today, Qatar came from behind to defeat South Korea for third place, 67-65.
According to dashayu66 of the chinese news agency Sina reported that China beat South Korea yesterday 94-83 and to reach the finals and guarantee a spot in next year's world tournament.  Iran defeated Qatar 57-46 in the other semifinal.
Pryuen of yaomingmania, also translating from a source, states that Wang Lei  (200-F-86), China's outstanding young perimeter player, has been averaging over 20 points in the tournament.   But the star of the semifinal match was Chen Da Wei (203-F-85) . He had been playing this tournament with a fever, but excelled in the final 5 minutes of this match. South Korea got close, narrowing the Chinese lead to 69-67 with a 3-pointer, after being behind for most of the game.
Then Chen was sent in from the bench and scored 6 consecutive points, and led his team to eventual 11 point margin.  He was the top scorer with 25 points and also grabbed 5 rebounds in 28 minutes of play.

  Iran reached to the final - Oct 8, 2004 - by Mahin Gorgy
Iran 57        Qatar 46
Iran got a place in the world U20 in Argentina
Surprisingly Iran will fly to Argentina when the other 15 teams will be qualifying.
For the second time in a tournament Iran met Qatar in the semi final. Both have met already in the first round where Qatar bowed the Iranian giants 63-60 and it happen one more time when Hamed Ehdadi fired them by his 32 points.
Great Afternoon
It was 5 in the afternoon. No way for kidding. It was the last chance for reserving a place in the WU21. Who do you think may ignore this chance? Surely anyone. That’s why both side start the game seriously. But the question was that: who could stop giant Hamed Ehdadi? It’s the secret of the game. Hamed made head coach Ali Fakhroo speechless. Hamed got 32 points and showed his ability to every one in the Azadi gym.
Giant Hamed fired Qatar
The first 2 quarters was absolutely in control by him. He was the super star of the game. He earned all 12 points of the first quarter. The best moment was when he scored at the buzzer! 12-12 is the final result of the first quarter.
Ali Baheran; Star of the future
Without any doubt the future is belong to Ali Baheran, who plays as a guard in the Iran NT’s. When he came in the court, he changed the atmosphere of the game. He scored in the first minute of the 2-quarter and led Iran 41-38.His brilliant pass and steals helped Iran, by the way he defended really fine.
Second Quarter
In the second quarter the fight continued between Hamed and Malek Salem Abdulla who was the best player of the Qatar. But Hamed pushed him back easily.
The Qatari’s side tried the best and reduced the distance. In the 4:25 when they scored another 3 points shoot, Vladimir Bosnjak asked his second time out. The result was 26-21 at the end.
Third Quarter
Qatar backed to the game and put Iran under pressure. A 3 points shoots by Saad Abdul Rahman, let them feel better for a moment: 29-28 and a minute later, with a nice lay up he scored another valuable 2 points and equaled the score: 30-30.
When Khaled Suleyman scored 3 points shot, for the first time they lead Iran; 33-30. Then Hamed scored to close the gap; 32-33.
It was 2.54 to go in this quarter when Syavash Monavari scored a 3 points shot and exploded the gym; 35-33. With a great display of Mojtaba Bordbar and Ali Shamsedin Saeed Iran finished this quarter;39-35.
Forth quarter
Qatar put the pressure on the defense, but the Iranian giants who was on the right track, came back to the game and got the benefit of Qatar’s team fouls. In the 13:7 seconds Hamed did the slam-dunk and Eoshin Sahakian completed the celebration of going to the World U21 Basketball championship.
 in the second game of semi final, China defeated korea 94-83 and take a seat in the final.
The latest result:
Malaysia 74      Kazakhstan 88
Kuwait 60            Japan 79
Ch.Taipie 60            Iraq 52
Lebanon 62 Jordan 69
Qatar 46            Iran 57
China 94            Korea 82

  Deserved Kazakhstan ended by 10th - Oct 7, 2004 - by Mahin Gorgy
Although Kazakhstan was very good team, they didn't find better place than 10th. With the great performance of Roman Muravyov the blue side of central Asia won Malaysia today 88-74. He got 25 points while Anton Kotenko added 20.
In the game for 13th place Japan just disappointed Kuwait. They dominated from the first minutes. In the half time Japan was in front 39-30 and at the end they cheered by 79-60.
Let's talk about Chinese Taipei who defeated Jordan on Wednesday night 87-60 for playing in the qualification match. To day they crashed the aggressive Iraq. When Lee Hsueh Lin showed unstoppable, the Iraqis just raised their hand as he got 21. In the other court Mohammad DH was the best as usual. He got 20 points for Iraq while Rahman Soleeman added 11 and Sefan Yilda had 10.
For Jordan playing against Lebanon wasn't difficult.  They have a clever coach named Onika. Jordan who surprised Qatar 2 days ago, in the qualification match against Lebanon backed to the game and managed it up to end. 6-17, 23-13, 19-27 and 21-21 was the final result. When Roy Samaha put his ball in the Jordan Hoop the game was over, he got 2 more points for Lebanon to the locker room 62-69. Now they have to fight for place 7th with Iraq while Jordan should meet Chinese Taipei tomorrow. 
Here is the schedule of tomorrow's game.

  China Makes Semifinals of Asian U-20 Tourney - Oct 6, 2004 - by Arthur Volbert
China beat Iraq today 79-58 to win its second-round group in the Asian Under-20 tournament and advance to the semi-finals.  It will likely play South Korea which lost to Qatar today 74-68.  In the other semi-final Qatar will play host Iran.
This is all the information I could glean from the FIBA website.  If you read the FIBA site, its article states that China will be playing China.  But a look at the scores of the previous matches related by our Iranian correspondent Mahin Gorgy, indicating Korea's 77-55 defeat of Chinese Tapei, indicates that China will be playing South Korea.  But since I do not have all the scores in this group, and contradictory scores for the Jordan-Qatar match on our site,  I cannot be absolutely certain of China's opponent.

  Iran won Lebanon, this time with the U20 - Oct 5, 2004 - by Mahin Gorgy
Once more Iran crashed the Lebanese this time in the Asian U20; 82-52.
It is the third time in a year that the Iranian giants passed the traditional rival. For making a good day, Hamed Ehdadi did his best when he got 25. In the other court Roy Samaha was the best scorer although he took early 4 personal fouls.
1 Quarter: Lebanon played aggressively and led the game. In the 7:23 Michel Hakim put his ball in the Iran's hoop and led his team 6-2. 20 seconds late jabber scored and then it was Hamed turn's to score for Iran: 6-6. The real fight starts between Hamed and Roy Samaha. 2 big guys tried to control each other. At last the fight was finished by a slam-dunk of Hamed.
2 Quarter: the fight continued this time by Jabber. He got 2 points and received a foul from Roy Sama, which let Iran to lead the game 18-15. In this quarter surprisingly Syavash Monavari found the way of hoop and scored his first 3 points shoot:  23-22 and one minute later Ali Baheran got a very valuable 3 points that led Iran: 26-22.
In the 3:37 Ali Shamsedin Saeed grabbed a ball and put it in the basket; 31-23.And again Hamed end to the fight by his nice lay up: 35-24
3Quarter: A long distance shoot by Syavash Monavari was a good start in the third period. He scored his second 3 points shoot.  Although Lebanon played strongly, they couldn't put the ball in Iran hoop. They hardly lost the road of victory. Even giant Roy Samaha who is the most experienced player in the Lebanon camp. When he received his 4th personal foul in the 2 minutes of this quarter
he stayed at back. Let say Ali Baheran and Eoshin Sahakian was the best star of Iran in this 10 minutes.
4Quarter: Again Hamed was the starter of the battle. He scored a 2 points shoot and led Iran 64-39. Head coach Vladimir Bosnjak was so lucky this night as he had a sharp player like Ali Baheran. He played very well and Iran a lot. In the Lebanon side Alain Boustani and Samer Anouti but they didn't save enough to rescue the country.
Team Statistics: Iran: 12 TO, 7 ST, 2 AS, 3 BS, 17 OR, 31 DR, 6 3P, 26 2P, 11 FT, 26 PF
Lebanon: 10 TO, 8 ST, 2 AS, 3 BS, 10 OR, 19 DR, 2 3P, 16 2P, 14 FT, 18 PF
Best Scorer: Hamed Ehadadi 25, Syavash Monavari 15, Ali Baheran 7, Eoshin  Sahakian 8 (Iran)
Roy samaha16, Roubert Bou Dagher 9, Rached habil 9

Latest Result:
Japan 70 Kazakhstan 89
Kuwait 64 Saudi Arabia 70
Jordan 58 Qatar 71
Korea 77 Taipei 55

  Jordan defeated the Champion - Oct 5, 2004 - by Mahin Gorgy
In a shocking day, the motivated Jordanian side just made Qatar to respect them when they won 81-78.
At the beginning it was a normal game and Qatar was in front as it was expected. They won the first 2 quarters easily but Fredrik Onika's side backed to the game in the last minute of the 3rd quarter, when Hamza Al Khalil put his 3 points shoot in the hoop: 29-32 Jordan.
While the 5 players were trying really hard in the court, the rest 7 on the bench shouted DEFENSE…DEFENSE. This word worked for the last 10 minutes. Then Musa Al Awadi scored another 3 points for Jordan; 56-59. Later on Saad Abdul Rahman scored another sensitive 3points shoot; 59-60. Without any words Jordan was dominated to the game up to the end. By the time the Jordanian side was in the right way, Musa Al Awadi got 2 points by his penetration. All the Iranian
 Were cheering for Jordan.
Finally Jordan could make the champion of Asia to respect them by the best performance of Omar Oliver.
Best Scorer:
Musa Al Awadi 24, Mohammad Hadrab 22, Omar Oliver 15(Jordan)
Mohammad Salaheldin 28, Saad Abdul Rahman 20, Baker Ahmad Mohammad 11(Qatar)
Team Statistics:
Jordan: 13 TO, 11 ST, 2 AS, 8 OR, 18 DR, 9 3P, 20 2P, 14 FT
Qatar:  19 TO, 11 ST, 7 AS, 19 OR, 17 DR, 6 3P, 26 2P, 8 FT

  China Defeats Lebanon and Iran in U-20 Second Round - Oct 4, 2004 - by Arthur Volbert
China today beat Iran 85-71in the second round of the Asian Under-20 Championships, according to .  The box score is not yet available.
According to dashayu66 of China beat Lebanon 100-83 yesterday in what describes as their "worst game of the tournament". Head coach Zhang Yongjun blasted his team after the game for lack of concentration as the players committed 17 turnovers and gave up many easy baskets on defense.
The score of this game is not available on the Iranian site, even though it was played yesterday.  Nothing about either game is currently available on, which is inexcusable.
China will play Iraq on October 5.

  China pushed back Iran - Oct 4, 2004 - by Mahin Gorgy
China 85 Iran 71
In a day that non of the Iranian forward couldn't do their job correctly, the veteran China just passed the host easily and take a big step to the final four.
For Iran Amir Amini (185-G-84) did his best but it wasn't enough to rescue Iran of a defeat but in the other side of the court well-known Yi Jian Lian (186-C/F-87) played very well and scored 21.
Iran was happy in the first 2 quarters because they played in the right way. They were in front from the first minute and dominated the game by Hamed Ehdadi (217-C-85) and Amir Amini. A wrong decision from the Iran staff made Zhang Yong Jun the head coach of China happy. Iran head coach sent his twin tower to the game and it was the best time for China to use counter attack. The trick was effective and let them back to the game and at the end passed Iran in front of his spectators.
This victory let Chin to think seriously about going to the final as the first team of the group but Iran have to fight so hard tomorrow against Lebanon.
Team Statistics:
Iran: 16 TO, 13 ST, 4 AS, 4 BS, 19 OR, 19 DR, 2 3P, 25 2P, 15 AF
China: 21 TO, 13 ST, 7 AS, 5 BS, 10 OR, 27 DR, 5 3P, 25 2P, 20 FT
Other results:
Kazakhstan 74 Philippines 60
Malaysia 78 Kuwait 61
India 72 S.Arabia 86
Iraq 40 Lebanon 62

  Asian U-20: Taiwan tops Group D after 75-67 win over Iraq - Oct 3, 2004 - by Chris Wang
Taiwan U-20 NT used 2-3 zone defense to frustrate Iraq from outside shooting and emerged with a 75-67 victory in the final prelim. Taiwan finished as Group D leader with three wins and advanced to the second round.
Quarter score:
Taiwan-Iraq: 24-14/17-21/19-16/15-16
Second round bracket:
Group I – Iran, Lebanon, China, Iraq
Group II – Qatar, Korea, Jordan, Taiwan

4 Li Gang Feng (188-G-84) of Tienjin Peace Bay
5 Yao Kai Fu (196-G-85) of ShenYang Army
6 Zhang Qing Peng (188-G-85) of Liaoning
7 Meng Da (197-F/G-84) of Jiangsu
8 Yang Li (196-F/G-85) of Jangsu
9 Chen Da Wei (203-F-85) of Guandong
10 Wang Lei (200-F-86) of Shanshi Dongshen
11 Yi Li (202-F/G-87) of Jangsu Dragons
12 Gu Li Ye (208-C/F-86) of Liaoning
13 Hu Ke (209-F/C-86) of Bayi Army
14 Tang Zhengdong (215-C-84) of Jangsu
15 Yi Jian Lian (216-C/F-87) of Guandong
Head Coach: Zhang Yong Jun
Coach Assistant: Yang Xue Zeng
Coach Assistant: Fan Jin
4 Hanuman Singh (182-G-85)
5 Talvinderjeet Singh (180-F-86)
6 M Anoop (196-C-86)
7 Birender Singh (181-F-85)
8 Amit Prasar (184-F-84)
9 Shiv Kumar (187-F-85)
10 Yuduinder Singh (196-C-86)
11 Vineeth Mathew (204-C-84)
12 Vijobi Vakachan (187-G-86)
13 Rahul Tyagi (195-G-86)
14 Binod Choudhary (194-C-84)
15 Jandeep Singh (196-G-86)
Head Coach: Mukhtiar Singh
Assistant: Ram Kumar
4 Navid Zamani (190-F-84)
5 Mohamed Reza Khabazan (190-G-85)
6 Amir Amini (185-G-84) of Peykan Tehran
7 Ali Zarin Taj (192-F-85)
8 Ali Saeed Shamsaldin (188-F-84)
9 Ali Baheran (184-G-86) of Hesa Esfahan
10 Siyavash Monavari (190-F-84)
11 Oshin Sahakian (194-F-86) of Zob Ahan Esfahan
12 Mojtaba Bordbar (202-F-84)
13 Ali Doraghi (208-F-84)
14 Jaber Rouzbahani (221-C-86) of Zob Ahan
15 Hamed Ehdadi (217-C-85)
Head Coach: Vladimir Bosnjak
Assistant: Abbas Agha Koochaki
Assistant: Kazem Movaghati
4 Ibrahim Sarkis (186-G-87)
5 Talal Nassif (170-G-86)
6 Bilal Nassef (180-G-84 )
7 Mustafa Hamza (187-G-87)
8 Ali Hamad (193-G-86)
9 Karar Abed (198-F-86)
10 Frans Mikael (196-F-86)
11 Rahmaan Soleeman (198-C-87)
12 Sefan Yilda (192-F-84)
13 Hussen Abd (202-C-88)
14 Ahmad Monshed (198-F-86)
15 Mohammed  Dh. (202-C-84)
Head Coach: Munther Ali Shnawa
Assistant: Jamal Faraj
4 Hirohiko Nakamura (177-G-84)
5 Takashi Iwaguma (185-G-84)
6 Go Negishi (185-G-85)
7 Yuya Tanaka (192-F-85)
8 Toshiyuki Tomita (180-G-85)
9 Akihiko Fuchinoue (197-C-85)
10 Yuta Kimura (192-F-85)
11 Kenji Himoto (182-G-85)
12 Takafumi Asano (190-F-85)
13 Daisuke Fukuda (187-G-85)
14 Taishi Iwashita (190-F-85)
15 Takayuki Kumagai (190-F-85)
Head Coach: Hisashi Kagaya
Coach Assistant: Tomoya Higashino
4 Fadel Najjar (194-G-85) of Orthodox
5 Hamza Al Khalil (187-G-84)
6 Malek Khashan (185-G-85)
7 Mohammed Abedl Hadi (182-G-85) of Wehdat
8 Moussa Awadi (184-G-84) of Al Wehdat
9 Omar Olivier Bilbeisi (192-G-86)
10 Yousef Al Najjar (200-C-85)
11 Arafat Abukhadra (187-G-85)
12 Taher Awawdeh (204-C-84) of of Wehdat
13 Shadi Flaifel (190-F-84) of Orthodox
14 Mohammad Hadras (202-C-84)
15 Faisal Khair (200-C-85)
Head Coach: Fredrick Oniga
Coach Assistant: Mountasser Kassem
Aleksandr Tsyurenko (180-G-84)
Vasili Konnov (180-G-85)
Yegor Birioulin (183-G-84)
Vadim Zhukov (192-F-84)
Anton Kotenko (185-G-84)
Roman Muravev (192-G-86)
10  Maxim Voyeikov (195-F-88)
11  Anton Ponomarev (209-C-88)
12  Ruslan Gilyazutdinov (202-C-84)
13  Rustam Yargaliyev (193-F-86)
14  Ivan Volkov (200-F-85)
15  Sergei Firsov (204-F/C-84)
Head Coach: Alexey Yeropkin
Assistant: Stanislav Bobryka
4 Tae Sul Kim (180-G-84)
5 Young Sam Jung (188-G-84)
6 Jae Heung Choi (185-G-85)
7 Byung Hyun Kang (192-G-85)
8 Jae Young Cha (196-F-84)
9 Yong Hwan Kim (195-F-84)
10 Jae Rok Shin (191-G-84)
11 Hee Jong Yang (193-F-84)
12 Bong Su Kim (197-C-84)
13 Ji Hoon Ham (200-C-84)
14 Seung Youn Woo (194-F-84)
15 Jae Hoen Kim (195-C-85)
Head Coach: Eul Jun Kang
Coach Assistant: Seung Hwan Kim
Coach Assistant: Hyo-Sang Lee
4 Ghanem Al Theyab (177-F-88)
5 Shayee Saeed (174-G-86)
6 Bader Al Mutairi (180-F-86)
7 Ahmad Al Brahim (191-C-84)
8 Abdallah Ibrahim (192-F-84) of Al Arabi
9 Rashed Al Rabbah (188-G-87) of Al Kuwait
10 Abdul Moshin Abdullah (182-F-85)
11 Muhammad Ashkanani (193-F-84) of Kazma
13 Hussain Al Khabbaz (190-F-87)
14 Mohammad Al Atiq (185-G-85)
15 Mohammad Al Ajmi (188-C-84)
12 Abdul Aziz Mohammad (186-F-87)
Head Coach: Zoran Prelevic
4 Jad Bachour (195-F-85)
5 Hany Zakaria (195-F-84)
6 Roland Amoury (190-G-85) of Champville
7 Rached Habli (190-G-84)
8 Michel Hakim (192-F-84)
9 Alain Boustany (182-G-84)
10 Roy Samaha (205-C-84) of Sagesse
11 Badih Souaid (200-F-84) of Antranik
12 Yehia Sabra (196-F-85)
13 Nassim Farjallah (204-C-84) of Blue Stars
14 Robert Bou Dagher (203-C-84) of Champville
15 Samer Anouti (186-G-85)
Head Coach: Ivan Yedeshko (Russia)
Coach Assistant: Sarkis Kurdjian
4 Wai Cheong Phang (179-G-84)
5 Eng Heng Soo (179-G-84)
6 Yow Keen Cheong (176-G-84)
7 Chuan Chin Wee (180-G-84)
8 Kader Yusoff Abdul (183-F-84)
9 Chen Jye Koo (185-G-84)
10 Bin Ahmad Yasier (185-F-85)
11 Chai Teck Yiek (188-F-85)
12 Kim Hoong Chai (190-F/C-84)
13 Tun Kaw Ang (192-F-84)
14 Eng Choong Khor (193-C-84)
15 Kek Thal Chan (194-C-84)
Head Coach: Sim Sin Heng
Goh Cheng Huat
Lewis Alfred Tenorio (186-G) of Ateneo
Johann Uichico of Ateneo
Ken Joseph Barracoso (190-F-85) of Ateneo
Macky Escalona of Ateneo
Jojo Canceran of University of Cebu
Regine Raneses of Holy Cross Davao
Rey Guevarra of Letran
Jonathan Fernandez of NU
Edwin Asoro of NU
Jervy del Rosario of Mapua
Kelvin del Pena of Mapua
Paul Chua
Head Coach: Joe Lipa
Coach Assistant: Frederick Oliver Dandan
Coach Assistant: Ronualdo Dizon
Coach Assistant: Joe Silva
4 Khalid Al Hajri (181-G-84)
5 Mohammed Abdulla Ali (192-G-87)
6 Moutalga Ousama Adel (186-G-85) of Al Arabi
7 Malek Salem Abdullaa (195-F-85)
8 Samer Mohammed (186-G-85)
9 Baker Ahmad Mohammed (198-F-86) of Al Ittihad
10 Khaled Suleyman (196-F-87) of As Sadd
11 Saad Abdul Rahman Ali
12 Omar Khamis Marzouk (203-F-86)
13 Elbaj Ali Saleh (202-F-86)
14 Mohammed Salaheldiu (205-C-85)
15 Younes Mohammed Ali (205-C-85)
4 Adel Al Muwalled (196-F/C-86) of Al Ansar
5 Hassan Al Zawad (178-G-84)
6 Jabber Al Kaabi (180-G-85)
7 Mahmoud Al Tawwal (186-F-86) of Al Ahli
8 Khaled Fallata (178-G-86) of Al Ahli
9 Saleh Takrooni (194-C-85) of Al Wahda
10 Haitham Husawi (184-F-85) of Al Ansar
11 Hashim Fatari (196-F-85) of Al Ansar
12 Mohammad Al Howaifi (187-F-86)
13 Zuhair Al Emorod (177-G-85) of Al Qadsia
14 Mohammad Al Saqr (178-G-85)
15 Fahd Al Qobaic (200-C-86)
Head Coach: Dejan Tomic
Coach: Mansour Al Ibrahim
4 Teng An Cheng (185-G-85)
5 Tseng Wen Ting (202-C-84)
6 Lee Hsaeh Lin (176-G-84)
7 Chen Shi Nian (181-G-84) of Taiwan Beer
8 Wang Chuan Chien (193-F-85)
9 Hsu Shi Ching (192-F-84) of Dacin
10 Chen Shih Chieh (173-G-84)
11 Yang Chin Min (187-G-84) of Bank of Taiwan
12 Lin Hwan Chao (202-C-85) of Dacin
13 Chen Tse Wei (198-F-85) of Dacin
14 Wu Jung Hsiung (198-F-84) of Taiwan Beer
15 Hsu Wei Sheng (198-F-85) of Yulon
Head Coach: Liu Jia Fa
Assistant: Han Yee Ding
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